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Kitchen design ideas keep changing from year to year. Everyone is looking for that unique design option to bring into their home. With more kitchen brands entering the market, we must make sure that we always choose the best. Small apartments and houses are gorgeous, but they often lack the space to have the perfect space for the kitchens. Proper storage space may be vital in modern conditions, which could be affected by your area.

Luckily modern Small Kitchen Designs are now getting immense popularity these days. Unique designer options are now getting attention with efficient storage options and fine detailing. However, just because you have a small cooking space doesn’t mean you have to de-prioritise the decor in your kitchen to make it functional. Here we discuss some unique small kitchen ideas that you may find interesting.

Fitted Handleless Kitchen in White Tobacco Gladstone Oak
Fitted Handleless Small Kitchen in White Tobacco Gladstone Oak

Redo Your Small Kitchen Units The Inspired Way!

Are you anxious about the small space that you have in your kitchen? Don’t worry, as convenient small kitchen designs are now in the market, which we can create just as in the way you wanted. It may not matter how small your space is with the proper design selection. We have gathered some unique small kitchen design ideas that could be perfect for you. So, if you are looking for a convenient small kitchen design for your home, you may go on reading.

1. Space-Saving I Shaped Kitchens

I-shaped Kitchens, earlier known as Pullmans, were popular in the 1950s. Their style has been a talk of the town among homeowners in the last few years, especially among small-sized homeowners. I-shaped kitchens are designed to fit along the length of the wall. If you have a small space in your home or a small apartment, I shaped kitchens could be a great option. I-shaped kitchen diner designs are built with the idea of providing maximum space in the kitchen within your space constraints. You can bring in glass or ceramic cabinets inside the I shaped kitchen to give a premium look.

10ft Easyline kitchen with handle in dark grey matt finish
Easyline small kitchen with handle in dark grey matt finish

Kitchen With Modular Shelving

Kitchens with modular shelving options would be perfect for keeping things organised. If you have a smaller space, you will maximise the available space. Here, you can go for floating shelves on the top for better storage and lower cabinets that we can use to keep daily using stuff.

Premiumline Kitchen With Brass Handleless Profile in Cashmere Gloss Finish
Premiumline Kitchen With Brass Handleless Profile in Cashmere Gloss Finish

Handleless Kitchen Designs

Handleless kitchens are part of the current trend, and more homeowners are trying to bring these kitchen ranges for their convenience. Whether you go for a push-open design or a routed pull on your kitchen unit doors, a handleless kitchen can look streamlined, minimal and stylish. If you have modern appliances in your kitchen that have been integrated into its layout, a Handleless Kitchen Set is the best pick for you.

The best thing with handleless kitchens is that you can considerably reduce space usage if you have a small space due to the lack of handles. If you have younger children at home, handleless kitchens could be a safer option. Handleless kitchens are pretty practical, and there is no need to spend time choosing and matching handles. Instead, you can bring in any modern accessory, including a toaster or a coffee machine, to perfectly fit the design.

Simplistic Open Kitchen Design

If you are looking for a simplistic yet practical small-sized kitchen design, you could go for open kitchen designs. Open shelving helps in creating a better space inside the kitchen. The benefit of an open kitchen is that it’s pretty flexible and easy to use. Open shelving is also a good option if you have some odd, unusable space in your kitchen as it reduces the wastage in the area. If you have a smaller budget, an open kitchen is just the one for you as it reduces the price of cabinetry considerably.

L-Shaped Kitchens

The L-shaped kitchens method is unique and perfectly works for small or medium-sized kitchens. If you have an open layout, L-shaped kitchen designs are just the thing for you. Usually, the L-shaped Kitchens use only two walls to use the remaining open spaces to create better storage spaces or even a tiny dining space. This design would allow your family members to spend some time in the kitchen and even help in meal preparation times. The wooden L shaped kitchens, acrylic and polyester countertops could be a fine addition.

Handless cashmere white kitchen
L-shaped Handleless cashmere white kitchen

Hybrid Kitchen Islands

Hybrid kitchen islands have been popping up in kitchens, looking like tables with extended legs rather than places for food preparation. These hybrid designs allow for better seating in the room, which could be a casual space for dining too. Even if your kitchen is small, a counter extension into the adjacent room can be an island.

Shaker Kitchen Style

Shaker Style Kitchens have never stayed out of trend. Shaker cabinets are sleek, simplistic, and versatile. Shaker cabinet designs are often symmetrical and shy away from intricate carvings and ornamentation. Contemporary shaker kitchens come in a large selection of colours from white, blues, greys and woodgrain finishes, allowing you to find your perfect shade. Shaker style kitchens can come in small sizes for modern apartments. The timeless design of shaker kitchens suits the traditional spaces and the modern ones alike.

Minimal White Kitchens

Whenever you think of renovating your kitchen or creating a new one, you will always focus on interiors. White Kitchen Design Ideas go well with every interior regardless of grey, beige or even black. White kitchens stand the test of time and will never go out of trend. White small kitchens can create more space to reflect the natural light falling on them. You could also go for glass worktops here to have a better look. In addition, you can try matte, glossy and woody textures along with shades like off-white and ivory.

Vertical Storage Options in Kitchens

Kitchens with vertical storage options could be a great pick considering the conditions. For example, instead of just using the floor space for the kitchen crockery storage, you could also use the wall space. The vertical storage options, including floating kitchen shelves and drawers, are space-saving options. But, despite saving space, they provide a stylish look for the room and an organised feel.

Wooden Kitchen Units in Grey Beige Gladstone Oak & Dust Grey Finish
Wooden Kitchen Units in Grey Beige Gladstone Oak & Dust Grey Finish

Stainless Steel Kitchen Island on Wheels 

You may have known about rolling kitchen carts and may have wished to try out one. You can have a stainless steel Grey Kitchen Design with an island on wheels. They are ideal for small spaces and can be easily used in daily life. Instead of just being a space-saving option, they are brilliant too. You can conveniently move this to the store if not in use, which could save a lot of space. 

Final Thoughts

That time has gone where you only have limited options for creating small kitchens. However, just because you have a small cooking space doesn’t mean you have to de-prioritise the decor in your kitchen to make it functional. Inspired Elements could be an ideal option for you, as we can help you with every range of trim kitchen options from budget range to luxurious ones. Our approach to small modern kitchen design combines clean lines with thoughtful detail. Every kitchen we produce is designed just for you with a bespoke feel and a personal touch that reflects your home design. Feel free to visit our London showroom to know more about our designs.

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