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With the housing market recovering from difficult times, many homeowners are looking for ways to improve their current homes. Loft spaces are now crucial in the home, as we can use the space to create better infrastructure. The main reason that homeowners opt to convert their lofts is added space. By utilising existing rooms within the home, families can obtain far more usable space without going through the time-consuming and expensive process of moving home. Here we are discussing ten ways to design your empty loft space, which could be helpful if you consider using your loft spaces. 

Loft Design Ideas For London Homes!

 In the past decade, loft designs have extensively developed as more attractive options are popping up. Whether it be an additional living room, home office, bedroom, or bathroom when done well, it can provide financial rewards should you ever sell your property. However, rather than following the same pattern, you should always think of some innovations that could be useful. So here we are listing out some Loft Storage Ideas to convert your empty loft space, which you may love. 

1. Go For A Wardrobe With Shoe Storage

Mostly we don’t have a separate space to keep our shoes. If you have a vacant space inside your loft, you can convert it into a wardrobe with shoe storage. Bring the loft walk-in wardrobe with a bespoke shoe storage space to keep your favourite sneakers and boots in one place. The wardrobe has a shoe storage unit, an island, glass-fitted shelving, LED lighting, and small drawers. The glass-fitted shelving with the lighting makes the wardrobe look enchanting.

Fitted Attic Loft angled Wardrobe
Fitted Attic Loft angled Wardrobe

2. Loft Space To Office

Space constraints often pull us back from having a home office space. However, you can transform it into a home office if you have extra space in your loft. To maximise productivity, a home office requires plenty of natural light, so steer clear of black-out blinds and heavy materials. This space would be perfect if you have children at home or you find yourself working at home regularly. You can use the small loft space to create a small home office table to keep your laptop, and we can place a chair near that for work. Beneath the table, you can have a minimal storage option for keeping your files and records.

3. Dressing Space

We all wish to have a customised Dressing Table with Storage in our room to try on our outfits and get ready for daily work. The issue comes when there is no separate space for creating such an area inside the house. Now you can convert your loft space into a beautiful dressing unit space, which we can create without taking any valuable spaces from your home. You can go for a minimalistic design with sleek drawers, a circular mirror and a simple chair for your dressing table. There are other models like wooden, all white and more luxury variants, which you can try out in the loft space.

loft wooden bookcase unit in Kenton
loft wooden bookcase unit in Kenton

4. The Loft Library

The key to having a better home library is to have good library shelves. If you love your book collection and want to keep them secure, you should have a perfect library bookshelf. Don’t worry about the space; you can design a great home library in your loft space. You can go for floor-to-ceiling bookshelves or industrial-style bookshelves in the loft spaces for your library. Inspired Elements has a great collection of vintage wooden bookshelves that we can customise according to your space. 

5. A Home Gym

Nowadays, people are becoming more health conscious and are trying to have a customised space inside their house for exercise. We could convert the loft space into a gym by keeping space for exercise systems like dumbells, workout cycles or a treadmill. The home gym won’t take much space from your home, but multiple people can work out simultaneously.

6. A Guest Bedroom

When guests come to your home, there always exists a problem with where to accommodate them. If you have a loft and are willing to convert it, you can change it into a guest room. You can get into the space to keep a bed and a wardrobe for your guests to keep their essentials. Your Small Bedroom Ideas will have all the necessary features to accomadate your guests, and you can ultimately make use of the available space, which otherwise is left behind.

If you are willing to accommodate multiple guests simultaneously, you can go for a twin bed setup. The twin bed setup is created with top-notch oak, enhancing the bedroom’s aesthetics. You can also add a small wardrobe to the space with solid oak doors to keep the essentials.

7. Minimal Loft Wardrobes

The minimal loft wardrobes are perfect for modern homes. The design is created based on the space by utilising less floor space. Sloping ceilings and angled alcoves bring out the shape of the loft. Here sliding doors are used to save space. Even though the design is compact, the storage space is adequate.

8. Kid’s Study Space

A dedicated kids’ study space could be a game changer! You don’t have to take an entire space for this, as you can convert the loft into a kid’s study space. The loft kids’ study spaces allow you to concentrate on your studies and obtain better results. In addition, the home studies space allows you to be more organised than before to have a dedicated space for everything. You can have a customised wooden desk and comfy chair in the room. You can opt for small cabinets to keep books and other essentials if you have more space.

Fitted Loft Storage wardrobe dark walnut and white finish
Fitted Loft Storage wardrobe dark walnut and white finish

9. Loft Entertainment Space

Many homeowners dream of a home theatre or an entertainment area. Mostly space will be an issue but not anymore! Convert your empty loft spaces to create excellent entertainment rooms that show class. You can customise the entertainment area with a luxurious TV Unit with Storage. You can also add a fancy shelf along with the tv units to keep your essentials. You can have wooden wall shelves to keep the speakers, go for a comfy sofa, better lighting features and more for your loft entertainment space. 

10. Open Out Balcony With A View

If you have a loft space you need to make creative; you can choose an open-out balcony. The open-out balcony will give you a peaceful place to relax in your day-to-day life. In addition, you can bring small free-standing cupboards near the open balcony to keep your essentials. How about enjoying the view outside with a coffee table, comfy chairs, and your family? 

Bottom Line

Loft spaces are a bonus to homeowners, as they can often solve space queries. Having a professional team helping you in loft conversions could be a game-changer. You must opt for a highly qualified and experienced team to help you create and install the perfect loft conversions from scratch. You can trust Inspired Elements for creating the most delicate loft conversion designs for your home. You can book your free design visit with our team and start transforming your empty loft space today.

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