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Living rooms are those spaces in your home which you would like to see more arranged and beautiful. The living room always remains the centre of attraction in a home. One can judge your design sense by just looking at your living room. The living room is one place that entertains your guests and your family spends the most time. As times change, Modern Living Room Designs are getting broad appreciation from people across the globe. More people are looking for innovative and intelligent furniture designs to bring to their living rooms. People’s spending on living room furniture has drastically increased in the last decade. Your living room deserves high-quality furniture from sofa to bespoke tv units to make them look more stunning. If you are looking for a stylish and functional living room furniture design for your home, we suggest you go through this blog.

Gloss Living room alcove Design with floating shelves in Onyx grey finish
Gloss Living room alcove Design with floating shelves in Onyx grey finish

Why Should You Have Bespoke Lounge Unit Furniture?

Aesthetically pleasing Modern Living Room Alcove is the need of this generation. From time to time, more innovative living room furniture High Gloss Sliding Door Wardrobe, is getting attention. Every Living room storage feature is made by considering the needs of the individuals in the room. For example, some may wish to have storage options to display their crockeries and antiques, while some wish to have storage in the living room to keep their musical instruments. But is that the only benefit of living room furniture? Let’s have a look!

1. Matching According to Your Layout

The layout and decor of each living room would be unique. There is no guarantee that standard living room furniture would fit. A bespoke living room could be custom-made according to the layout you have. If you have a small space, you can go for minimal designs with our Small Living Room Set. If you want a more bright-looking interior, you can opt for white or glass-fitted living room furniture. Traditional design options are available for conventional layouts, and contemporary designs are available for modern apartments. 

Library bookshelf living room cabinet with Woodgrain finish (1)
Library bookshelf living room cabinet with Woodgrain finish Carcass finished with Beige Grey Oak

2. Organised Living Rooms

We usually won’t like clutter in our living rooms, and we need customisable living room furniture for that. For example, you may need a fully bespoke and stunning entertainment unit in your living room. You can also have a customised bookshelf or a Wall Mounted TV Unit for your favourite books or cabinet storage. A comfy sofa would be an excellent option for those who love to relax. All these living room furniture designs would make the room look more organised.

3. Unlimited Options

You won’t be short of options in bespoke living room furniture. The designer options are unlimited; all you have to do is choose the one that fits your personality. You can have luxurious glass living room designs or minimalist wooden living room furniture. How about a glossy finished entertainment unit in your living room? Every option could be custom-made for you, from entertainment units to Floating Bookshelves. The finishes are also unique, as you can choose from Matt Finish Lounge Units for your living room. The colour options can range from white to funky, according to your interest. 

4. Comfort

Generally, if we choose standard living room furniture, we can’t customise them according to our comfort levels. Bespoke Living Room Furniture provides you with the provision of adding comfort features according to your choice. For example, you can add cushions or leather to your sofa or chair. You can also ask the designer to make the furniture with sophisticated materials based on your comfort.

5. More Durability and Less Maintenance

Bespoke living room furniture has more durability and only less maintenance. The high-quality furniture for the living rooms could stand the test of time irrespective of the materials used. The durability of this furniture makes it a profitable investment. Due to the use of high-quality materials, you won’t need much maintenance for the furniture. It would take less time to clean the furniture as they are created bespoke according to your space. 

6. It Comes in All Budget Ranges

The budget is an important thing that comes into mind when considering bespoke living room Mirrored Display Storage furniture. Luckily nowadays the living room furniture comes in all budget ranges. So you won’t have to spend a hefty amount on your living room furniture now, as the market has a lot of budget-oriented options.

Living Room With Mirrored Display Storage
Living Room With Mirrored Display Storage

2023 Top Fitted Lounge Room Furniture Designs

Modern living rooms are always the talk of the town. New designs are constantly coming in. With unlimited themes and colours, one can get flustered in all the arrangements. Here we are discussing some latest living room furniture designs that interest you.

1. Blue Living Room Designs

Modern blue-shaded living rooms have created quite a buzz. The chairs and sofa would be made with warm blue cushions making them look stunning. This design is ideal for modern apartments and layouts as it can enhance the aesthetic feeling of the respective space. Also, check out our Glass Lounge Units and book your free design visit with Inspired Elements today!

2. Rustic Living Room Furniture

Rustic living room furniture brings in a quality feel inside the room. They are highly functional and match more with traditional layouts. For those who think of standard interiors, rustic living room furniture could be a great option. Wooden beams and decorative pieces can add texture to the interior to make it more beautiful.

3. Oriental Style Living Room Furniture

Who doesn’t like living room furniture finished with a clean line? The modern Oriental Style Living Room Furniture comes in a sophisticated finish with stylish, clean lines providing a relaxing interior.

Wardrobes Living Room With Display Shelving
Living Room with display shelving

4. Bohemian Modern Living Room Design

If you are a fan of bohemian designs, you should try out the ultra-modern bohemian living room furniture designs. They are a combination of bohemian accents and chic modern elements. The finish is unique and style perfect for modern layouts.

5. All White Living Room Designs

If you are a fan of white, you should try out the Silver White Wooden Living Room Designs. Here the wardrobes, sofa, chair and even the tv unit would be shades of white. This is an effective style for small rooms as white reflects light to give a spacious-looking interior.

6. Mid-Century Modern Living Rooms

Mid-century designs are the retro version of ethnic designs from the 1950s. People around the globe have got a lot of love for these designs. From lightweight wooden furniture to luxurious mid-century models, a range of designs will be perfect for everyone. Mid-century designs focus on a lot of airy rather than congested space. You can also have a customised Silver White Living Room With Bookshelves.

7. Industrial Style Living Rooms

When you think of the most significant styles, industry styles permeate an industrial aesthetic in every nuke of your house. The Industrial Living Rooms are ultra-modern and have less maintenance. From exposed finishes to custom elements, industrial living rooms have changed how living rooms are seen. Industrial interiors often have visible metal beams, ducts, and pipes, bringing a warehouse feeling inside the room.

Gloss Living & Dining Room
Gloss Living & Dining Room

8. Eclectic Living Rooms

Eclectic design is a mixture of many different styles and patterns. The mixing will not have any particular order or nature. Eclectic Living Rooms are highly curated and created according to your layout. You can have a lounge chair, a high gloss table, and a throw-in sofa in the living room with pillows. You can have an entire wooden living room interior with some space for plants. For those who wish to experiment, you can have funky colours in the interior.

9. Coastal Style Living Room

Whether looking for a vintage-style beach living room or a contemporary coastal-style living room, you have the perfect selection for all these. Modern coastal living room designs focus on soothing colours. The colour options from sandy tans, light grey, soft blue, and off-white give you a relaxing feeling, and your guests will feel more inviting. In addition, modern coastal layouts differ from traditional layouts and focus on simplicity and more space. 

10. Scandinavian Living Room Furniture

Scandinavian designs have become prominent when looking for stylish and elegant living room designs. The design has been so popular since the 1970s. They give you the feeling of open and uncluttered space. They are now available in a wide range of colour plates from black, white, and grey to shades of pink. You can try the Scandinavian open space concept in your living rooms if you like more open space. We will customise all the furniture and accessories according to the open space layout.

Final Thoughts

Every living room furniture set is made by considering the needs of the individuals in the room. The purpose of the living room furniture sets is to avoid clutters and make the room look beautiful. For example, you can opt for vertical storage if you have space concerns, and we will customise the living room layouts according to it. Are you looking for living room furniture packages that will fit your budget? Book Your Free Design Visit with Inspired Elements, and our team will help you redesign your living rooms with fitted living room furniture that will make your life easy and organised. Our designs are imperative that the correct size, style, colour and material are selected to ensure that it perfectly sits within the style and decor of the living room it occupies. From bespoke tv units to high-end Modular Bookcases, we have a range of modern living room furniture that would be an asset to your living room. Get in touch with us to know more about our stunning living room furniture designs.

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