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Modern-day space has become so premium, and everyone is facing the lack of proper space in our home. We primarily are checking for innovative techniques that can help to solve our storage queries. While doing all these, we forget about some unused spaces, which we can use positively. The areas in our corners, hallways, ceiling and understairs are often not fully utilised or left behind. We can convert these spaces into generous Awkward Space Solutions and furniture, which could be an asset to your home. Nowadays, it’s possible to bring in built-in furniture that could be specifically suited to the needs of your room and would utilise each inch of the available space in your room. Here we are discussing the top 5 solutions to renovate your awkward spaces. If you are thinking of remodelling your kitchen, you should have a look at it.

Fitted Bay Window Seating Storage Solution in Dust Grey Finish
Bay window with Cushion seating with a base arranged in drawers with push to open in Grey finish.

What Are Awkward Spaces in a Home?

Everyone has some spot in their homes, which may have an irregular shape or are not used for any purpose. These unused spaces are often left behind, called awkward spaces. They can come in all sizes and shapes, depending upon the layout of the room. The awkward spaces never arrive consistently inside a home and will be entirely different from other homes. However, We will utilise them to create practical storage solutions and built-in furniture, making your daily life easy. But what are the ordinary awkward spaces in a home? Let’s have a look.


Every room, regardless of a bedroom, living room or even kitchen, has corners. Often these corner spaces are neglected. The area in corners can be utilised as a storage space, space for furniture, entertainment purpose and much more. Modern corner designs have corner cabinets & cupboards for storage, corner wardrobes for keeping your essentials like clothes and corner tv units for entertainment. Since a lot of innovation has come, we won’t waste this space.


Hallways are typically space just inside the front door, into which some of the other rooms open. Some homes have significant passages or even a tiny room type structure as a hallway. These spaces usually are not utilised properly. From shoe racks, cupboards, Hallway Corner Cabinets to hallway benches with storage, there are creative and modern Hallway Storage Ideas that could serve your purpose. You can have a reading room, or even a small library set up in the hallways if you like.

Hallway unit with storage, hangers and cushion seating finished in Cashmere Grey and Dark wood
Hallway unit with storage, hangers and cushion seating finished in Cashmere Grey and Dark wood


Alcove is a small recessed section of a room. Vertical elements as walls and pillars enclose the area. If you have an alcove space in your bedroom, we can make it a customised alcove cupboard to keep your blankets or towel. If you have a room in your home office, we can bring in a small alcove wardrobes storage facility. Alcove shelves and cupboards are getting broad appreciation nowadays due to optimal space utilisation. 

Under Stairs 

Even if we use the space under the stairs to keep something, we often forget about creating furniture there. You can have Under Stairs Cabinets & Cupboards for storage options. Nowadays under stairs wardrobes have come into the picture in customisable design options. There are several ways that you can use the area underneath the stairs, from under stairs bookcases to under stairs offices to even bathrooms and laundry space.

Fitted Folding door wardrobe under staircase area
Fitted Folding door wardrobe under staircase area

Bay Windows

A Bay window, a window formed as the outward expression of a bay within a structure, is an interior recess made by the outward projection in this context. Most people consider bay windows cost as an unwanted expense, but it enhances the storage space. You can have a walk-in closet with Grey & White Bay Window Storage With Cabinets, a reading nook or even a bay window storage bench with cosy seating according to your choices.

Fitted Bay Window Seating Storage Solution in Glacier White
Fitted Bay Window Seating Storage Solution in Glacier White


A ceiling is an overhead interior surface that covers the upper limits of a room. Nowadays, ceiling storage options are so standard. For example, ceiling cabinets can be an option to keep things that you are not using daily. Other wardrobe options like Sloped Ceiling Wardrobes, the floor-to-ceiling and top hung ceiling wardrobes also help you use the ceilings.

Top hung Frame less sliding wardrobe in dark walnut finish
Top hung Frameless sliding wardrobe in dark walnut finish

5 Key Solutions to Renovate Your Awkward Space

For effectively utilising the available space in your awkward areas, a customised solution is needed. As every room is unique, these bespoke options help you to utilise the open space. Here we are discussing five critical solutions that can help you to make use of your awkward spaces. Whether you’re struggling to fill an awkward space or looking to create more room in your home, these solutions might be helpful to you.

  1. Personalised Home Library/ Study Room in Hallways

Everyone needs to have some space in-home, which helps you to read something and keep your books. Modern apartments usually lack this space, but luckily you have hallways. Hallways space may be small but can be utilised to make yourself a small home library. How about a bespoke hallway unit with Personalised Freestanding Bookcases in white premium wood? There are different hallway storage furniture styles like traditional and country cottage styles like hallway units in solid white wood. There is also a provision to add an open library to keep your books and store your essentials in the hallway cabinet. A small seating can also be made here, and a customisable long bench to do some writing work.

2. Multi-Functional Under Stair Storage

The under-stair space can be utilised as a multi-storage solution to keep a range of things inside your home. You can have short understairs shoe racks for your shoes, personalised under stairs cupboards to keep your dress and sports gadgets. You can even have a built-in stairs cabinet for a home bar with stairs pull out storage for all your cocktail hour essentials. The area under stairs could be converted into a pet shelter with under stairs cabinets and other under stairs units. You can also create a hidden sliding drawer as a stairs unit with some Personalised Under Stairs Cabinets inside to keep your essentials.

3. Wooden Corner Entertainment Unit

Entertainment units have great relevance in your daily life, and your corners could be a perfect spot for your entertainment. The classic wooden corner tv units have been creating a buzz in recent times. The wooden corner tv unit is highly durable and stands the test of time. The units come in customisable variants, so even if you have an unusual space, the corner tv units can do the magic. The viewing angles will be adjusted according to your tastes. These wooden corner tv units have four drawers that we can use to keep your essentials, including books,ps4 or other gaming consoles or much more. You can even have a small space to keep your small indoor plants.

4. Angled Attic Shelving

The storage options in steeply angled attic rooms are often limited. However, we can use these spaces to create customised storage spaces that we can use to store the things you use occasionally. You can also have hidden storage inside this to keep your secret files or even ornaments. The shape of the storage option may be unusual according to your space, but the good thing is that you have an extra storage option. To know more, read our latest blog on Loft Wardrobes Vs Under Stairs and select your bespoke interior furniture with Inspired Elements.

5. Home Office in Bay Window Area

Having a customisable and calm space to do your office work is often less in modern homes. If you have a bay window space, we could solve this problem. Bay windows are one space through which natural light falls into the room. The angled area inside bay windows is a prime location for placing a small piece of furniture, such as a desk. You can have a customisable small wooden office desk with two drawers and an office chair which helps you work from the space. The natural light falling through the window will give you a pleasant experience.

Why should you choose Inspired Elements for renovating your awkward spaces?

Awkward spaces need creative design solutions, and we have quite an expertise in the same. So whether you’re struggling to fill an awkward space or looking to create more room in your home, we have clever space-saving Built-in Storage Ideas that will help combat tricky areas. We can make full use of your empty spaces, nooks, undersides, hallways with our latest and innovative techniques just as in the way you need. In addition, we can bring in built-in furniture that could specifically suit the needs of your room and would utilise each inch of the available space in your room. So if you are looking for the best space-saving built-in storage solutions for awkward spaces in your home, we are here to help you. 

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