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Even before thinking summer is here! This is the time when family and friends visit your home to share the happiness of summer with you. When you maintain a beautiful bedroom, friends and family feel welcome, even when they are far from home. The guest bedroom should be inviting and comfortable. Most of them may be searching for ideas to transform their guest rooms. Even if you don’t have a customised room as a guest bedroom, you can convert your available room into our high-end collection of Modern Bedroom Designs. Preparing a guest bedroom may not always be stressful. Here we are coming up with the seven best interior design ideas to help you design your guest bedroom this summer.

If you want to be a perfect host, you should always consider providing better hospitality. You should consider yourselves in the position of the guests while designing each bedroom. The guest bedroom should be organised, and you have to pull in all essential elements into the room. You can make some simple changes to create an attractive guest bedroom. Here we are discussing 7 such ideas that would help you get your guest bedroom ready for summer.

Bedroom Storage With Hinged Wardrobes and Bookshelf Unit Finished in Cashmere Grey Gloss and Beige Woodgrain
Modern Bedroom Storage With Hinged Wardrobes and Bookshelf Unit Finished in Cashmere Grey Gloss and Beige Woodgrain

Create An Attractive Bedside

An attractive and stylish bedside table can make all the difference in a guest room where accent furniture tends to be wholly functional. Some simple guest bedroom decor touches we love for the nightstand include a Bespoke Dressing Table Set, a tray for a book for a phone, a water carafe, and a decorative storage box for jewellery. The bed should have a high-quality mattress and a clean bed sheet. If you have a plug point near to the be, that would be an additional advantage. A pleasant-looking bedsheet will grab the attention of the guest and give them a positive feel.

Provide Better Lighting Facilities

The lighting in a bedroom can make or break the ambient feeling you want to create. When someone enters the bedroom, the first thing they would notice would be the lighting in the room. If the lighting is better, it will enhance the aesthetic of the room. So, check out our exclusive collection of Bedroom Accessories at Inspired Elements and order today!

Mini-chandeliers: According to the size of the room, you can fit Mini-chandeliers on the top of the room

Table Lamp: A fancy table lamp will not be that much costly. You can choose from a wide range of designs available in the market.

Wall sconces: They can be placed on either side of the bed can make nighttime reading all the more enjoyable

Standing lamp: This is an excellent choice for a bedroom reading nook. Choose one that is focused downward to provide the best task light.

Make The Space Unique For Your Kids

Bring in some creativity into your Kids’ bedroom. You can add attractive wallpaper to the room. Don’t go for too fancy ones and instead choose some style ones. You can introduce a gallery wall also. A gallery wall will give the space character and make it feel like a home without taking up valuable surface space. An alarm clock and radio are also nice touches. Check out our collection of Children’s Bedroom Set and order exclusive home furniture for your kids.

Children Room Fitted Wardrobe Storage With Study and Alcoves in Alpine White and Danim Blue Finish

Creative Bedroom Furniture

If your guests stay for more than a day or so, they’ll need somewhere to store clothes and personal items. A bed plopped in the middle of the room, and nothing else, simply won’t cut it! At the bare minimum, your guests will expect a bedside table which is an ideal spot for a mobile phone, tablet or a good old-fashioned book, a chest of drawers for foldable clothing and a wardrobe with hanging space for those all-important party outfits. You don’t need to buy a new wardrobe, especially for your guests, and if you want to keep one permanently in that room, that’s also fine.

Bring In Some Entertainment

How about bringing a television to your guest bedroom? You can also choose a music system or even a PS4. The entertainment systems will be appreciated when guests want to unwind alone or if they can’t fall asleep. You can also keep some books in the room that the guest would find helpful. You can even give some board games if they are interested in helping them stay away from boredom.

Add Some Luxury

Once you have your guest room essentials established, there are several niceties you can add to make this bedroom perfect. How about a pair of comfortable chairs for TV viewing or a chaise lounge for reading or tablet use are ideal, but bed-rests are an excellent choice for a smaller room. You can provide at least two down pillows and two fibre-fill pillows to give your guests sleeping options. Some of these luxuries wouldn’t cost that much, but it will be a better thing that you can do for your guests.

Sliding Wardrobe With Bedroom Bed Bridging Unit
Sliding Wardrobe With Bedroom Bed Bridging Unit

Use All Available Space

In a smaller guest bedroom, don’t overlook any space as an opportunity to add a functional touch. Convert the available space to create something best for your guests. For storage options, you can choose a Small Walk-in Wardrobe as it would certainly save a lot of room for sure. If you arrange it correctly, you can use the entire available space without making a mess.

Final Thoughts

Summer is that time in the year when your family and friends are visiting your home. You must make sure that each and everything in the guest bedroom should be useful to them. Providing your guest with all of their favourite home comforts, beautiful bedding, plenty of storage and even a light to read by at night will all add up to a beautiful experience for your loved ones. The best thing to do is get in touch with someone with experience in bringing out the best bedroom furniture for you to solve many queries. Inspired Elements is well known across London as the top-rated designers of bedroom furniture. As part of the summer offer, we give out an impressive 50% off all bedroom furniture. Get in touch with us to know more. 

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