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People who love to read wish to have a space for their favourite books. A personalised bookshelf is often the focal point of a room. A bookshelf defines your personality and style. It helps to showcase your book collection to the world proudly. Every bookshelf has a story to tell! Modern times need modern solutions as innovative bookshelves and bookcases are now ruling the market. Modern design options come with better storage options and a unique space to keep your gifts, family photos, souvenirs and much more. Our Fitted Bookshelf Designs come customised for different regions like offices, libraries, living rooms and even bedrooms.

They can come in all shades and multiple design options from which you can choose the one which suits your tastes. If you plan to have a new bookshelf or bookcase for your home or office, you should go through this.

Study Office Finished in Light Woodgrain Fleetwood Finish and White Matt
Study Office Finished in Light Woodgrain Fleetwood Finish and White Matt

Why Should You Have a Customised Bookshelf in Your Home?

Bookshelves have been an integral part of every home for generations. We all have seen all those Wooden Bookcases in our homes in childhood. Nowadays, more innovative design options come up in bookshelf designs that you may find helpful in your daily life. But what are the benefits of having a bookshelf in your home? Let’s have a look.

1. Display Your Personality

A Modern Corner Bookcases defines the personality of the individual who uses it. They provide you with the space to display items that reflect your interests. Seeing how you arrange the books and present them has the spark of how a person you are. It also shows your interest in the genre to others who could understand what type of a person you are.

2. Easier Access

Bookshelves make life easy. They are so flexible that they can be created according to your lifestyle. You can have open layouts, customised spaces of various genres or even the space for your gaming CDs. The comfort levels of each person are different, and all you have to do is to choose the one which suits your tastes.

3. Saves Space

Bookshelves are effective ways to save your space, especially if you are in a modern apartment where space is premium. The bookshelves contain cabinets and dividers to keep adding things like photo frames, gifts and even your television. Order from our new collection of Oak Home Office Set with Sliding Wardrobes & get your bespoke designer home office space with Inspired Elements.

Bookshelves & Bookcases
Wooden Bookshelves & Bookcases

4. Great Aesthetics

How about a Bespoke Floating Bookshelf in your bedroom? The aesthetics of the bookshelves transform the look and feel of your room. Nowadays, We create modern bookshelf options according to the layout you have. We also provide you with the opportunity to choose Stylish Bookshelves with TV Storage for your interior. 

5. Better Organisation

Usually, we don’t like a mess! Especially those who give importance to books they love. A bookshelf is a perfect way to keep your books in an orderly manner. The design options are unlimited, which helps you to organise your books in the way you need. The possibilities include understairs, hallways and even bay windows spaces converted into bookshelves of your choice.

Things You Should Keep in Mind Before Choosing a Bookshelf 

When listing out the furniture you wish to include in your new home, you should also have Fitted Wardrobe Storage with Study Area bookshelves. A well-organised room is always incomplete without a bookshelf. You can choose the perfect bookshelf according to you, your space and your book collection. So what could be the things that you should keep in mind while having a new bookshelf? Let’s have a look!

1. Size of the Bookshelves

A bookshelf can come in different sizes. From the vintage style bulky Freestanding Bookshelves to the minimalist corner bookshelf, there are many options to choose from. Before thinking of a bookshelf, you must analyse the available space and then run to conclusions. For example, if you buy a bookshelf of extra size, that may diminish the room’s overall beauty. By taking proper measurements and analysing the type of layout, you can choose the size of the bookshelves.

Open Book shelf in matt white and grey finish
Open Bookshelf in matt white and grey finish

2. Functionality

Each bookshelf has different functionalities and may not be similar. You can select the bookcases according to the use you have. For example, you can use a sturdy bookcase, library bookcase or even a Small Bookshelf with wheels according to the functionality. 

3. Material Used

In modern furniture designs, we use a range of materials according to your choice. You can have wooden options from oak, pine, and maple to even plywood. You also have the opportunity to use glass or mirrors in bookcases too. The finish and gloss of the material can also affect the overall look and feel of the bookcases; materials like solid wood and metals have a different fan base. At the same time, the newest edition of elegant glass bookshelves is also getting broad appreciation.

4. Design Styles 

As you know, bookshelves are available in different styles and colour options; it’s often confusing to choose one. You can select the types according to the layout and shades of your room, or it may give a contrasting feeling. Even if you wish to try some unique colours and shades, they will match your interiors. Book Your Free Design Visit today and order your favourite bookshelf with bespoke design requirements with our team. You can have sliding door type bookcases for easy daily use. You have other unique options like fireplace bookshelves, industrial bookshelves and even tree-shaped bookshelves to choose from.

5. Budget

Even before thinking of the design, you should keep the budget you can use for the Floating Bookcases, which come in all variants, from luxurious ones to budget variants, and all you have to do is select one that fits your budget. For example, if you opt for oak bookshelves that stand the test of time, the initial cost may be high, whereas as a long term investment, it would be effective. If you don’t have that much budget, you can avoid the luxury ones.

Desk & bookshelf Unit Storage in Dust Grey and Dark Iberian Olive
Desk & bookshelf Unit Storage in Dust Grey and Dark Iberian Olive

6. Shelves and Doors Used

Shelves and doors used in the Bespoke Home Bookshelves define the daily usage. You can have different shelving options available, from open shelving to adjustable shelves within different sizes and shapes. The door options are also a lot from sliding, hinged, or even shaker style doors. While choosing these, you must be careful as the bookcases are a long term investment and should be easy to use.

7. Selecting a Perfect Designer

In London, you will have a large number of Wooden Living Room Unit With Floating Bookcases designers to choose from. You should go through their portfolio and, if necessary, visit the showroom to verify their options. You can also go online to check reviews about the company too. 

Why Should You Choose Inspired Elements?

Bookcases are versatile pieces of furniture ideal for every home. When choosing the best bespoke bookshelves and bookcases in the UK, Inspired elements always come on the top of the list with Bespoke Bookshelves Furniture, including made to measure bookcases. All our custom made bookshelves are built to be solid, functional and stylish and make effective use of space, making us the favourites when choosing bespoke Modular Bookcases in London. Want to know everything about your favourite bookcase designs? Visit our London showroom now or book a free design visit.

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