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People love to decorate their houses in unique ways. Some may bring in fancy furniture, while some would focus on paintings. Most people wish to have a bedroom with all the essential accessories. Nowadays, many homeowners wish to have a bookshelf in their bedroom. Imagine a shelf full of books organised according to your tastes inside your bedroom? A well-organised bookshelf shows the person’s personality and gives a positive outlook to someone who’s entering your living room.

Bookshelves are not just the place to store books in modern times; we can use them to store gifts, family photos, souvenirs and much more. The options are now endless as you can choose from floating bookshelves to vintage style bookshelves. However, before choosing a bookshelf for your bedroom, you must keep certain things in mind. Let’s start with them.

Cosy cottage bedroom set with wood & glass hinged wardrobe, leaning bookshelf, wooden small cupboard/sideboard, small in Dark Select Walnut & Grey Mirror finish
leaning bookshelf in small in Dark Select Walnut & Grey Mirror finish

Things To Keep In Mind Before Choosing Bedroom Bookshelves

When you think of important furniture inside your bedroom, you should consider opting for a bookshelf. If you wish to keep your books organised, a bookshelf is necessary. You can choose the perfect Bedroom Bookshelf according to your space and book collection. Let’s look at some parameters that you must consider while choosing a bookshelf.

1. Functionality

When choosing the bookshelves, you have to consider their functionality of that. According to the functionality, you can choose a sturdy bookcase, library bookcase or even a bookcase with wheels. 

2. Size Of Bookshelves

While designing a bookshelf, size could be a parameter that should be considered. Bringing in a bulky bookshelf could diminish the beauty of your interior if you don’t have a suitable space. You don’t have to run to a conclusion before analysing your space.

Library Bookshelf Living Room Cabinet With Woodgrain Finish
Library Bookshelf Living Room Cabinet With Woodgrain Finish

3. Budget

Bookcases come in all variants, from luxurious ones to budget variants, and all you have to do is select one that fits your budget. You can go for the luxury ones if your budget permits or you have to stick in with the normal ones. You can also add a Wooden Desk Set to the bedroom with the bookshelf set and make it personalised.

4. Designer Options

Based on your tastes and preferences, you can have a lot of designer options to choose from. Make sure that the design you choose matches the decor you have. Don’t go for too many fancy options, as they would be contrasting.

5. Choose A Perfect Designer

You must carefully select the perfect bookshelf designer as this is a long term investment, and you should not regret it later. You should go through their portfolio and, if necessary, visit the showroom to verify their options. You can also go online to check reviews about the company too. 

Bespoke Bookshelves Ideas For 2022

Bedroom bookshelves shouldn’t be boring. From those traditional bookcases, a lot has changed in the past decade with the arrival of new materials and new shades. So naturally, the preferences of every individual would be different, and so be the bookshelves too. Now you can choose from luxury bookshelf designs to minimalistic ones. Let’s look at some of the designs that you may find interesting.

Bookcases in Dust Grey Dark Select Walnut
Bookcases in Dust Grey Dark Select Walnut

1. Bright and Bold Bookcases

How about bright red bookcases that would give an attractive look. This design is ideal for large bedrooms as it has a distinctive look. In addition, the red bespoke bookcases would fit in light backgrounded interiors, which could give a unique interior. You can also opt for lighting features for better looks.

2. Bedroom Floating Bookshelves

If you don’t have much space in your bedroom and can utilise the space in walls, you can go for Personalised Floating Bookshelves. The ceiling space could also be used where floor space is not available. The colours and shades used would match the living room interiors. You can even have the freedom to keep your hanging plants on the bookshelves, which will enhance the beauty of living rooms.

3. Rustic Bookshelves

Many of us like the plain or straightforward type of bookcases. If you are a fan of such bookcases, rustic bookcases could be the best pick. Using the rustic bookcases, you can stack your books in a neat pile against the wall. Moreover, you won’t need to make much effort in cleaning and maintaining the rustic bookcases. The best thing about rustic bookcases is that they can come in budget-friendly options. 

Wardrobe With Study Table Open Shelves
Bedroom With Study Table Open Shelves

4. Corner Floating Bookshelves

Space may be an issue in modern bedrooms when thinking of a bookshelf. For such conditions, Modern Fitted Bookshelves could be a great pick. We can alter the designs of the corner floating bookshelves in the bedroom according to the room’s layout. You can have multiple small corner bookshelves if you have numerous free corners. While we keep the books in corners, it would help them be free from moisture and dust. The colour and decor of each living room would be different, and We will customise corner floating bookshelves in the way you need.

5. Bookshelf Over Bed

Bookshelves over the bed have been a trend for some time. Those who don’t have extra space inside your bedroom can surely try out this. You can go for the same oak over bed designs to bring a vintage feel inside the bedroom.

6. Symmetrical Box Bookshelves

If you love to see symmetric boxes on bookshelves, you can opt for wooden symmetrical box bookshelves. These balanced boxes would be fixed on the walls within a distance to make them look uniform. Above these boxes, you can keep your indoor plants to make them look more beautiful.

7. Pine Board Bookshelf

For unique looking bedrooms, you can try out the pine board bookshelves. Pine board creates a gorgeous “naked” look that works in traditional and contemporary spaces. The board looks plain and is ideal for any interior. In addition, we can customise the pine board bookshelves according to the size of the room you have. 

8. Industrial Bookshelf

If you are looking for a budget option, Bespoke Industrial Bookshelves can be an option. The industrial bookshelf is made with high-quality plywood and pipe. Unfortunately, they are not aesthetically pleasing but cheap compared to others.

9. Floor To Ceiling Bookshelves

The size of the room could define the type of bookshelves you may choose. A floor-to-ceiling bookshelf would be lovely if you have ample space inside your bedroom. The design can incorporate many books, and the arrangement brings the feeling of a sound library. You can create bookshelves on either side of the room to get maximum storage options. Most people choose wooden finishes, which provide a traditional feel inside the bedrooms. 

10. The Trolly Bookshelf

How about a moving bookshelf in your bedroom? You may find this a crazy idea, but this has been quite a success. We could make the trolly bookshelves with fine wood, which we can move anywhere in Kids’ Bedrooms. You can take it to your bedroom, living room or office space, making it more convenient. The best part about trolly bookcases is that they won’t take any of your valuable space inside your bedrooms.

Children room fitted wardrobe storage with study and alcoves in cashmere grey finish
Children room fitted wardrobe storage with study and alcoves in cashmere grey finish

Bottom Line

Bookshelves for bedrooms are the best way that one would guess your personality. Ensure that you arrange them in an exemplary manner, or else it would create a lousy expression among others. Finding the right bookshelf for your bedroom may be a daunting task. Inspired Elements can help you in creating the finest bedroom bookshelves in London. Our expert panel of designers would analyse the space and develop ideal bedroom bookshelf options that you would exactly fit in your room. We know your needs! Visit our London showroom to know more. 

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