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We are probably unsure whether it’s better to have storage near the windows. We have unique set bay window ideas that would solve your confusion. Typically, a bay window allows you to have an excellent outside view. The better thing, along with the cosy feeling, is that it could be used as a space to keep your essentials. Nowadays, every home faces space issues, so bay windows could be a perfect option to solve these issues. The unique configuration of the bay windows makes it ideal for every home. What benefits could add bespoke Bay Window Ideas to your home? Let’s have a look at them.

Bay Windows with Cabinets in Grey Vicenza Oak & Alpine White Finish

Why Go For Bay Window Storage Options?

Most homeowners often forget the space in the bay windows, which can be the perfect storage option. The space in the bay window might be rectangular, polygonal, or arc-shaped so that you can make storage options. Here we can discuss the benefits of having bay window storage options in your home.

1. Adds More Natural Light

The bay window space allows you to get a beautiful view from the outside. In addition, the view allows natural light to fall into the room, creating a bright interior. During the daytime, this natural light allows you to have energy savings. Also, if you have a white or Mirrored Wardrobe or other appliances in your home, you can get a more positive interior as the incident natural light will give them a vibe.

2. Enhances The Value Of The Home

Bay windows can act as extra storage spaces along with the aesthetic feel. The option of extra storage space will enhance the value of the home.

3. More Storage Space

Bay windows are said to be functional as they add extra space and dimension to your home. They are spaces from walls which gives you more physical space. 

4. Better Ventilation

Having moveable window space will allow you to have proper ventilation inside the room. In addition, this window option allows pure air to circulate into your Fitted Bedroom Furniture, creating a better space inside. 

Fitted Bay Window Seating Storage Solution in Glacier White
Fitted Bay Window Seating Storage Solution in Glacier White

Bay Window Design Ideas That You Love To Tryout

A Bay Window, formed as the outward expression of a bay within a structure, is an interior recess made by the outward projection in this context. Most people consider bay windows cost as an unwanted expense, but it enhances the storage space. You can have a walk-in closet bay window storage, a reading nook or even a bay window storage bench with cosy seating according to your choices. You can check out some of the design ideas.

1. The Reading Nook

We all wish to have a reading nook inside our home, and often you may find it difficult due to the unavailability of space. The reading nook could have a small storage space too! You can have more than one chair if you have ample space here. You can customise the nook according to the space you have inside and add the necessary accessories. 

2. All White Window Seat

Imagine having a cloud-like window seat with cushions and pillows on your windows! You can have a cosy Bay Window Seat made with white fur pillows and drawers for storing the essentials.

fitted wardrobe with tv unit, bay window set, & bookshelves in platinum white finish
fitted wardrobe with tv unit, bay window set, & bookshelves in platinum white finish

3. Miniature Workspace

You can go for a small workspace in a bay window by bringing a small desk with dual drawers and an ergonomic chair. Then, when you are bored working from other spaces in the home, you can use this space to do your work. The space won’t be ample, but enough to keep your laptop. 

4. Bedroom Bay Window Storage

If you have a bay window space in your bedroom, you can convert the space into a storage option. For multiple window spaces, you can have built-in seats with drawer storage. Based on the colour of the interior, you can choose the colour for the storage unit.

5. The Vintage Coat Hanger

Creating a vintage style coat hanger could be a great option to make your bay window space look more adorable. The coat hanger can help you hang your coat in the living room when you come from outside, especially during the wintertime. It could also benefit your guests as they can hang their hats, coats, umbrellas, or sling bags on the coat hanger.

Bay Window Sitting Cabinets & Cushion in Dust Grey Finish
Bay Window Sitting Cabinets & Cushion in Dust Grey Finish

6. The Small Bookshelf

You can design a bookshelf in the available space in your bay window. You can create Wall Mounted Bookshelves in your nooks and artistically arrange them to keep your books organised. It’s possible to alter the design of the frames according to the layout you have. A small seating can also be made here, and a customisable long bench to do some writing work.

7. Reading Space with Headboard

You can relax in your free time, reading your favourite comics or watching your much-awaited series in the bay window space. The space comes with a headboard, which helps you to lean towards the wall and relax.

8. Traditional Living Room Window Seat

You can create a window seat in your traditional living room. You can use small drawers under the bay window seating to keep your essentials. You can have decorative pillows and cushions in the sitting area, White Units for Living Room, etc. The storage options will have a vintage wooden finish, giving you the vibe from the 90s.

Bay Windows Set with Cabinets & Cushion in Dust Grey Finish
Bay Windows Set with Cabinets & Cushion in Dust Grey Finish

Final Thoughts

Bay windows are associated historically with mansions of the early English Renaissance. In modern times, it has become a practical storage option that enhances every home’s aesthetics. Regarding the bay window storage, we can guarantee that you will never be short on styles to complement your home perfectly. Before designing each bay window storage, we ensure that your ideas are incorporated. Furthermore, storage is carefully examined before installing each bay window, and we ensure there are zero chances of error. You can visit our portfolio to know more about our bay window storage options.

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