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Modern homes are not just about bedrooms, kitchens or living rooms. Every homeowner now needs a home library in their space. Home libraries always provide more intimacy and comfort to everyone. You won’t need an entire room to create a dream library. Modern Library Designs depend on the space you have. You can choose a new room or a portion of your spacious room to build a home library. A personal library is that space we wish to keep personalised according to our tastes.

Everything inside the library, from shelves to reading chairs, we’ll create just as in the way you need. In modern times, more convenient and ergonomic Home Library Designs have come to the market. Look at some modern library designs you may love to bring to your home.

Home study and Bespoke office furniture
Home Library and Bespoke office furniture

New Home Library Furniture Designs for 2021

If you love your book collection and want to keep them secure, you should have a perfect library bookshelf. However r, instead of traditional bookshelves, people are now looking for innovative Floating Bookshelves that are beautiful with better storage features that could be helpful for their home library. Here we have gathered some unique library design ideas that you may find interesting. 

1. The All-White Shelving

Everyone likes white designs in their living rooms. An all-white Bookshelves Library has been in trend for so many years but now has come with many updations. You can now opt for multiple shades and lines in plain white designs. The design effortlessly blends in with every interior, and you can add glass doors to make it more stylish.

Book shelving for Library area in woodgrain and white finish (1)
Book shelving for Library area in woodgrain and white finish

2. Take t to the Hallways

You can create Small Bookshelves in your hallways and artistically arrange them to keep your books organised. It’s possible to alter the design of the frames according to the layout you have. The wall shelves can have separations according to the genre. You c n keep your kid’s books below, so it’s easy to pick them up.

3. High loss Finish

We often raise our eyebrows when we hear about Corner Bookcases in High Gloss and doubt whether it’s apt for the library. However, you can have unique high gloss finishes from blue, white, grey, and even brown, customising your interiors. In addition, the high gloss variants are aesthetically pleasing, which enhances the feel inside your living rooms.

4. Go Vintage

The legacy of oak libraries has been prominent across Europe for more than 100 years. Vintage style Classic Fitted Libraries have always been in trend for their classy and elegant looks. You can opt for large oak built-in shelves for your home library if you have space. The built-in shelves will give you a true library-like feeling inside your home.

Study Office with bookshelves finished in Beige and Alpine White
Study Office with bookshelves finished in Beige and Alpine White

5. Bedside Library

Having a library beside your bed would be a dream of many. Children’s Bedside Libraries are less bulky, and we’ll create matching the exact decor of your bedroom. In addition, you can opt for small-sized light-coloured shaded library designs, which we can make in your bedroom corners. 

6. The Golden Touch

Gold home library decor keeps your colour palette neutral while adding shimmer to a room. If your bookshelves feature a metallic hue, incorporate the same colour into your decor items to balance the look. This Luxury Library Set provides a luxurious feeling inside the living rooms.

7. Library With a View

You can create a library with a view if you have a large window in your room. You can build the library on the two sides of the window in wood along with a space to sit. You can also create a small library setup near your bay windows if you wish.

8. Libra y Shelf With a Media Unit

A custom library option with a media unit for entertainment is always a good option. We can have a customised space to arrange the books, and the remaining space we can dedicate to the television or similar media units. 

9. Fireside Home Library

If you have some space left at the fireside, you can transform it into a library. Having such a library setup helps to read, especially during the wintertime, giving you more warmth. You can have a small library shelf and an oak wood chair near the fireplace to spend your free time. Also, check out our Freestanding Bookcases and order fitted furniture according to your home library.

Study Office and Library Finished With Combination of Grey Beige Woodgrain and Cashmere Grey Matt
Study Office and Library Finished With Combination of Grey Beige Woodgrain and Cashmere Grey Matt

10. Symmetrical Box Library Shelves 

If you love to see symmetric boxes on bookshelves, you can opt for wooden symmetrical box bookshelves. The height of the bespoke bookshelves can increase to the ceiling to allow space for maximum storage. In addition, the boxes can be arranged based on the genres of books that you love.

11. Woode Crate Shelves

Wooden crate shelves are primarily used to keep fewer books or if you have a minimum space. However, wooden shelves could also be used as a Kid’s Bespoke Bookshelf as it’s easy to manage. These shelves we’ll make of pine or oak according to your preferences.

12. The Unique Book Tree

If you want to try something genuinely unique, you can go for a book tree design. As the name indicates, the shelf will have the shape of a tree, and books we can arrange in the branches.

13. Children’s Library

From seating to storage, you can go unconventional. For e ample, you can come up with stuffed seats to bean bag designs for seating inside the library. Typically for Children’s Libraries Furniture, we use lighter colour palettes, while here, we can opt for bright colours, including green, pink or even yellow. You can have space for academic books along with regular readers. The Library Furniture Wood will be made with sophisticated and kid-friendly materials. 

14. Bring in a Lacquered Finish

The most popular with adequate finish and durability, the lacquered finish is an excellent choice for designing Library Furniture. You can choose cream, grey, cherry red lacquer, or even bright cobalt blue finishes, creating a new impression in the living rooms. 

Study Office in White Matt and Cashmere Grey Matt finish
Study & Library in White Matt and Cashmere Grey Matt finish

15. Make use of the Corners

By bringing in a bespoke corner bookshelf along with a small comfy chair, you can transform your space in corners into a library. This will be a perfect choice if you don’t have much space in your home. Alongside, our Corner Cabinets can also be custom-made according to your library set at home.

Final Thoughts

Feeling a book in hand is always exceptional! For those who are looking to create their dream home library, we are here to help you. All our furniture for libraries is made with premium quality materials, and you won’t see a pinch of substandard materials. While designing a home library, we constantly evaluate the available space, and no matter how unique the space is, we will bring in the perfect furniture for your library. Visit our portfolio to know more about our designs. To explore a home office set, read our latest blog on Small Home Office Set For Apartments & know all the ins and outs of a home office before buying.

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