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Home offices are getting a lot of attention nowadays, especially in this time of the pandemic. More people are searching for practical solutions that can help them do their work from the comforts of their home itself. Having a dedicated space to work by avoiding the distractions in the home has become the need of the hour. New innovative work-friendly home office designs have come up during this period, and more people are looking for a change. With costs rising, many small businesses have become dependent on home office space. Renting and furnishing a professional office space has become costly, especially in large metropolitan cities, including London. The comfort levels in your Fitted Home Office can greatly influence your productivity. If you are thinking of having a bespoke home office, we suggest you go through this article.

Study, Office finished with Graphite Matt and Natural Oak Woodgrain
Study, Office finished with Graphite Matt and Natural Oak Woodgrain

Things to Keep in Mind Before Starting a Home Office

Setting up a home office gives you a lot of choices and freedom. Usually, many temptations and distractions may arise if you don’t have a specific space to work. Each Home Study Room Furniture should be designed carefully by considering the layout of your room. You should keep certain things in mind before you start thinking of having a customised home office space with bespoke furniture. Let’s have a look.

1. Keep an Eye on the Space

Space has always been a problem for modern homes. Therefore, we should be careful in choosing the space for the home offices. The home office furniture should be made bespoke just according to the space you have. If you have a small space, you should go for our Small Home Office Set. You can even use the space under the stairs or convert your loft to create a home office.

Study Office finished in Glacier White
Study Office finished in Glacier White

2. Natural Light

Natural light has to play a role while designing a home office. The right amount of natural light falling into the room will create a more productive space. Studies reveal that a better natural light level in a room could be favourable for working a long time. Therefore, the design should be made so that more natural light falls on the interior.

3. Ergonomics

Ergonomics may be a factor for working for long hours; your seating position, your monitor etc., should be clear for working. We introduce furniture with useful ergonomic features to your working space. The sitting chair has relevance as you should be careful in getting better quality seating as it would help you work long hours.

4. Mirrors and Glass

Well-positioned mirrors that reflect an outside view can add a perception of size and extra space and create the effect of bringing nature inside your office. You can opt for mirrored furniture in your room for a bright appearance, like mirror door Cabinets and Cupboards. The presence of glass or mirrors enhances the visual beauty of the room.

Study Office in Natural Oak Woodgrain in Natural Oak Woodgrain and White Matt finish
Study Office in Natural Oak Woodgrain in Natural Oak Woodgrain and White Matt finish

5. Have Some Space for Indoor Plants

This may be a simple thing! For example, if you have customised Storage Space Inside your Study Room for plants, you may have a pleasant feeling inside. For this, you can choose your window space also.

6. Flexibility

Most employees suffer from bad posture because they tend to work in one position for an extended period. Any item with low flexibility will only add to this dilemma. The purchased commodities must be flexible and functional enough for daily use. Check out our Contemporary Home Office Collection and order your bespoke office furniture today!

7. Keep an Eye on the Budget

The most important thing to keep in mind while thinking of having Customised Office Furniture is the budget. Office furniture can come from all variants, from budget to luxurious ones. You may have to think of the amount you can spend on a particular piece of furniture and plan. If you don’t have much budget, don’t go for unnecessary furniture options.

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8. Go Creative

Not every office needs to be professional. You can go creative in the furniture designs. Based on your profession, you can choose stylish designs. Instead of a typical office setup, you can go out of the box with work from home couches, attractive window treatments and other DIY decor options.

9. Better Storage Options

Even if we spend too much time thinking of style and seating, we may forget storage options. It would help if you had better storage options, including office wardrobes, cupboards and even tables with drawers. This allows you have a customised space for your office files and other essential things to keep organised. Get Your Free Brochure Here and book your free design visit with our team today and get your no-obligation home design visit with our interior designers.

10. Find a Perfect Designer

 Even if you have a small area or are trying to use a part of your living room, a good furniture designer company could help you with this. So when you are looking for fitted study furniture or fitted office furniture designed to suit all tastes, look for the best in business. Being a long term investment, always choose an experienced professional for creating your home office.

Small Living Room and Home Office Area
Small Living Room and Home Office Area

Latest Designs to Keep an Eye On

The transition from dreaming about your home office ideas to designing them is a whole lot of fun. Space won’t be an issue for you as attractive design options are now creating an impact. Here we are discussing some unique, stylish and space-saving Home Office Designs that you may find interesting.

1. Mid Century Loft Office

Mid Century office designs have always been a favourite for modern homes. How about converting your loft into a retro-style mid-century home office? Mid-century designs focus on comfort, practicality and artistic touch. The contemporary patterns bring in natural materials and create a seamless flow between indoors and outdoors.

2. Creative Workspace

If you think out of the box, you can bring in creative style office room designs. For example, you can have oak cabinetry, pendant lamps and sleek Contemporary Bookshelves in the room. The room will have more space and more miniature furniture making it more work-friendly.

3. Bold and Blue Workspace

If you have an all-white room, we can have a blue office setup for that space. Here the walls will be painted blue. You can have a modular table along with a comfy chair. We will also use a small storage cabinet here for your storage provisions. The bold blue finish will give the rooms a unique look creating an impression.

Fitted home office with corner bookcases in white matt finish
Fitted home office with corner bookcases in white matt finish

4. Go Green 

How about a green, environmentally friendly workspace with unique places for your plants. You can have a wooden office structure with other eco-friendly accessories. You can also have dedicated spaces or racks to keep your plants. If you have a window, you can have these racks near them. Instead of closed storage spaces, you can have open wooden storage spaces. This enhances the aesthetic feel as well as gives you a positive vibe while working.

5. Vintage Style Oak Office Spaces

If you try to bring in vintage style in your office room, you must try out the Traditional Oak Style Office Designs. The oak tables will take you back to vintage times. They are strong as well as have elegant looks too. Along with oak tables, you have full-length oak bookshelves, which you can use to keep all your office files and books.

6. Pop up Colour

If you love to express yourself, you can go for funky colour options in your office room. You can have a yellow, pink or even a lemongrass shade inside the room, along with some funky furniture. Instead of a standard office setup, you can have a comfy sofa or a floor bed to work. The furniture designs could match the interiors, making it look more stylish and innovative.

7. Multi-Office Setup

If you have multiple people working from home and have a large room, you can try out the multi-office setup. Here you can have a large office desk with multiple charging ports along with ergonomic chairs. If you have a large window, you may have a storage option there. You can also have separate Office Bookshelves for them to avoid clutter.

Study Office Finished With a Combination of Oper Walnut Woodgrain and Cashmere High Gloss
Study Office Finished With a Combination of Oper Walnut Woodgrain and Cashmere High Gloss

8. Small Alcove Office Nook

If you have a small space in your home, especially an alcove space, you can convert the space into a Small Office nook. For example, you can have a set of wall shelves with the base shelf wide enough to situate a laptop on, along with a small office chair.

Final Thoughts

The current work from home scenario made an impact on the office furniture industry. Everyone is looking for ideal home office designs that could be an asset to their home. When your furniture provides you comfort while working, that will increase your productivity. So when you are looking for fitted office furniture designed to suit all tastes, choose our Small Study Office in Opera Walnut & get your Bespoke office furniture in the UK. We offer endless types of design where colours will be very nicely and smoothly finished, that the plan will reach your comfort to do work, and store your stuff which suits your needs. If you are looking for home office inspiration, book a free design visit now.

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