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“A bookshelf is as particular to its owner as are his or her clothes.” A person who loves to read a book always wishes to have a good bookshelf in their home. A well-organised Bespoke Book Shelves shows the person’s personality and gives a positive outlook to someone who’s entering your living room. Bookshelves are part of the home for a long time. Instead of the traditional bookshelves, people are now looking for innovative bookshelves that are beautiful with better storage features. The bookcases allow you to store books which also helps to keep personal gifts, family photos, souvenirs and much more. Here we are discussing some book shelving ideas that you can incorporate in your home. This article is for you if you are looking to bring home a new Fitted Bookcases and Bookshelves Collection.

Why Should You Need Bookshelves In Your Home?

Bookshelves provide a sense of organisation for books of all shapes and sizes and provide space for other items like picture frames or gifts that you wish to show off to guests. Moreover, they are readily available in different shapes and sizes, which could be customised just in the way we need. But what are the advantages? Let’s have a look.

Saves space: A Modern Bookshelves certainly is a perfect option to save space. Even if you have an unusual room in your home, a bookshelf could be a real-life saviour as we could customise it just in the way you need. We can include cabinets and dividers to keep adding things like photo frames, gifts and even your television. 

Easy access: Bookshelves are easy to access due to their flexible characteristics. You can arrange your favourite books on racks alphabetically or by number to choose the right one for you. 

Great appeal: When someone randomly enters your living room and sees your Bookshelf Cabinet, they will have an overall positive feel. You can choose from many available designs, including the traditional wooden bookshelf that would enhance the room’s beauty.

Display your personality: Do Floating Bookshelves display your personality? The answer is yes. Bookshelves show your interests and hobbies to others. The display and arrangement of the books could make them guess what type of person you are. 

Bespoke Book Shelving Ideas For 2023

When listing out the furniture, you wish to include in your new home, you should also have bookshelves. A well-organised room is always incomplete without a bookshelf. You can choose the perfect bookshelf according to you, your space and your book collection. Here we are discussing some bookshelves that you would like to bring to your home. 

Living Room Unit With Floating Bookcases
Living Room Unit With Floating Bookcases

Traditional Bookshelf

The traditional bookshelf resembles a library mostly made with wood. This gives the feeling of olden days and helps in conventionally assembling books.

Wardrobe Bookshelf

How about a wardrobe for keeping your essentials along with a bookshelf. The Wardrobe Bookshelf will have spaces like drawers, cupboards and racks that could be used as an additional storage feature.

Hinged Fitted Wardrobe With Open Shelves in Light Grey High Gloss and Indigo Blue Matt Finish
Hinged Fitted Wardrobe With Open Shelves in Light Grey High Gloss and Indigo Blue Matt Finish

Wooden Crate Shelves

Wooden crate shelves are primarily used to keep fewer books or if you have a minimum space. This could also be used as a kid’s bespoke bookshelf as it’s easy to manage. If you are looking for a personalised Home Office set, then shop from our extensive range of Oak Home Office Set in London.

Pine Board Bookshelf

Pine board creates a gorgeous “naked” look that works in both traditional and contemporary spaces. The board looks plain and is ideal for any interior.

Fireside Bookshelves

If you have some space left in the fireside, you can transform it into a bookshelf. This helps to read, especially during the wintertime, as it will give you more warmth.

Matt Black Bespoke Fitted TV unit with storage and fireplace finished in Black Matt and Tinted Bronze glass
Matt Bespoke Fitted TV unit with storage and fireplace finished in Black Matt and Tinted Bronze glass

Copper Pipe Bookshelf

This is quite a primary type of bookshelf, which is not highly recommended. Here you can build the bookshelf with a copper pipe which is quite distinct. 

Industrial Bookshelf

The industrial bookshelf is made with high-quality plywood and pipe. Unfortunately, they are not that aesthetically pleasing but are cheap compared to others. Check out our latest collection of Industrial Bookshelves and get your favourite bookshelves custom-made at Inspired Elements today!

Bookshelves With Light

Will it be beautiful if each separation of your bookshelf has customised LED rails in it. This will give you a pleasant feeling in the evening and will be visually stunning.

Desk and Study Unit Storage in Combination of Samara Scuro and Alpine White
Desk and Study Unit Storage in Combination of Samara Scuro and Alpine White

White Gloss Bookshelf

The white glossy material makes the wardrobe look more bright and enhances the look of the room. If you have a dark interior, a White Open Bookshelf would be an ideal companion for you. To know more, call us at 0203 397 8387 and get your white gloss bookshelves at Inspired Elements.

Glass Bookshelf

Glass bookshelves are in the market for quite some time. The advantage of glass bookshelves is that they are not open, but you can easily spot the book you wish to have. In addition, it gives more of an arranged look.

White Glossy Bookshelf

If you look for a modern and stylish bookshelf, you can choose the glossy type. The black glossy fits well with light backgrounds and has a contemporary feel.

Desk and Study Unit Storage in Combination of Stone Grey and Onyx Grey
Gloss Cream Bookshelf in Combination of Stone Grey and Onyx Grey

Under stairs bookshelf

Don’t worry that you didn’t have space to create a Small Bookshelves, as you can convert the area under stairs to create a bookshelf. As we build a corner bookcase storage wardrobe, this bookshelf could be custom made according to the size of the stairs. Convert your under stairs space into a bespoke bookshelf and Book Your Free Design Visit with our team at Inspired Elements.

Study Office in Cashmere Matt and Sable Woodgrain Finish
Study Office in Cashmere Matt and Sable Woodgrain Finish

Floor-to-ceiling Bookshelves

If you look to have a bookshelf with extensive storage features, a floor to ceiling bookshelf is the perfect one for you. The design can incorporate many books, and the arrangement brings the feeling of a sound library. 

Bookshelves with A Golden Touch For Home Study
Bookshelves with A Golden Touch For Home Study

Golden Touch

Gold home decor keeps your colour palette neutral while adding shimmer to a room. If your bookshelves feature a metallic hue, incorporate the same colour into your decor items to balance the look.

Open Bookshelves

Open bookshelves are made with wooden separations, which gives you a clear picture of how the books are arranged. This is simple yet a classic one.

Book Tree

If you want to try something genuinely unique, you can go for a book tree design. As the name indicates, the shelf will have the shape of a tree, and books could be arranged in the branches.

Sliding Door Bookshelves

If you want to keep your books more kind in a personal space, you can choose a sliding door design. Here the bookshelves would be closed, and you can slide the door open. 

Bright & Bold Bookshelves

 How about a bright red bookshelf that would give an attractive look. This design is ideal for large rooms as it has a distinctive look. 

Bookshelf With The Media Unit

A bookshelf with a media unit for entertainment is always a good option. We would give a customised space to arrange the books, and the remaining space would be dedicated to the television or similar media units. Or explore our extensive range of Wall Mounted TV Unit and order your favourite TV units at Inspired Elements.

TV unit with lounge Storage in Drawers,Open Shelves and Wall units in combination of Natural Lancaster Oak and White
TV unit with Storage in Openable Base unit with Internal Shelf, Drawer in Carini Walnut finish, and a 36mm Thick Shelf in Alpine White

Bookshelf With A Doorway

 In this design, you can create floor-to-ceiling wardrobes on the two sides with the doorway in the centre. If you need to have ample space to keep your books, this is almost perfect for you. In addition, you can choose the material of your choice for making bookshelves.


Bookshelves are the focal point of a room, and we have to keep them always attractive. You can also save some expensive and decorative items in the book rack to add elegance to the room. When looking for the most attractive bookshelf in London, the first option is to go with Inspired Elements. All our custom made bookshelves are built to be solid, functional and stylish and make effective use of space, making us the favourites when choosing bespoke bookshelves in London. Our made to measure bookcase are fully accessories with cupboards or shelves and even with fine lighting features to stand apart among bespoke bookshelves in the UK. We know your needs! Contact Us & visit our London showroom to learn more. 

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