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A personalised TV unit is the best way to enrich your entertainment experience. Trends keep changing, but some designs stay there due to their versatility. Glass TV units have stood the test of time due to their durability and premium feel. In addition, the modernistic designs are crafted individually for your living rooms, waiting rooms and lobbies. So what could be the reason behind the popularity of glass TV units? Let’s have a look.

Glass TV Units: Why Should You Choose Them?

Some designs never go out of trend, and glass TV units are one of them. The modern glass TV units are durable and allow you to showcase them in the best fashion. You will have the same space to keep your set-top boxes, Xbox, music system and more. Undoubtedly, the looks that Glass TV Unit offers work for every and any interior design. They can come under all price ranges; even the cheap ones may have an 8mm thickness, which is quite helpful.

When it comes to cable management, glass TV units have the upper hand as you can have models where you won’t be seeing any visible cables, which can affect the looks. They are made of durable materials, which can withstand bigger televisions too. If you choose an open design, you will have adequate ventilation, which can be better for congested spaces. 

We can alter the sizes, shapes and specifications according to your selections, and you don’t have to worry about that. Glass TV units are quite an alternative to wooden finishes, as they are elegant and almost as durable as wood. 

cosy cottage bedroom set with grey glass & wooden hinged wardrobe, wall tv unit with fireplace, display cabinet, & dressing table set in dark select walnut & grey mirror finish
Cosy cottage bedroom set with grey glass & wooden Wall TV unit with fireplace in Dark Select Walnut & Grey Mirror finish

Design Ideas For Modernistic Glass TV Units That You’ll Love

Mirrored TV units have been in our families for more than a decade. Your shopping options are unlimited, as you can choose from compact glass TV units for your corners to luxurious glass media consoles for your living room. When you search online, you might have seen a grander variety of finish options, including white, red, and grey glass TV shelves and even options like gold and metallic. Here we are listing a few glass TV options that you may find interesting. Do read further if you are looking to bring home a stylish glass TV unit to your home!

1. Try Out The Grey-Shaded Glass TV Units

If you wish to have a simplistic TV unit, you can go for simplistic wall-mounted glass TV units with a grey shade. The Dark Grey TV Unit will have a blue led lighting feature and a small space for your books or DVDs. The design is simple yet beautiful and is perfect for small spaces.

2. Alabaster-White Glass TV Units

Alabaster-White finish glass TV units are among the most-selling units as they come in all dimensions and budget ranges. The white high gloss finish with led light features is a luxury variant which can look great with glass. If you have a small space, the Alabaster-white finish TV units can create a pleasant feeling inside the living room.

3. The Floating Glass TV Console

A floating TV console is an attractive option for modern living rooms, which looks even better with glass TV units. It keeps your floor clear while providing storage and style with its cabinets and easy wipe gloss finish. It won’t have more comprehensive storage options, but it will be aesthetically pleasing. 

Modern glass TV Unit in factory finish

4. Glass TV Unit Under Stairs

You can go for beautifully crafted glass TV units if you have space under your stairs. They are the most favoured TV cabinet designs and an excellent solution for small living spaces. However, you can choose according to the decor when it comes to finishes.

5. Bedroom Glass TV units

Most people wish to have a TV unit inside the bedroom. The glass Bedroom TV Unit is ideal for modern bedrooms, as it can enhance the overall look and feel. In addition, you can go for options like cream & dark select walnut finish, bringing a luxurious feeling inside the bedroom.

6. Compact Glass TV Units

For small spaces, compact glass TV units are excellent. However, the design could suit you if you want a minimal, affordable, high-gloss TV unit. You can opt for grey, white and cream gloss TV units, according to your decor. The compact design can be added to your living rooms or bedrooms, as it can withstand TV units up to a specific size.  

7. Black Glass TV units

Who else won’t like the classy black TV units in their home? Black glass TV units bring a luxurious feeling inside every living room and are perfect for large spaces. When it comes to viewing angles, they are superb, and you can try out different variations of black too. 

art deco bedroom with bay window, TV unit with display cabinet in Kaisersberg Oak & Hidalgo leon
art deco bedroom with bay window, TV unit with display cabinet in Kaisersberg Oak & Hidalgo leon

8. Monochrome Glass TV Units

A monochrome glass TV Benches gives a refined look to fit almost all kinds of interiors. These finishes have been in the household for a long time, but the glassTV units have more innovative features. The monochrome feature is ideal for medium-sized TV and works best in white interiors. In addition, you can bring in more drawers to keep your essentials. Finally, you can go for the wall-mounted version or floor TV unit, as both will look great.

9. Grey Vicenza Glass TV units

Try out the grey Vicenza glass wall-mounted TV units for a stylish finish. These grey TV designs can come in a dark Iberian olive finish with storage space for gaming consoles. However, I suggest you try out more unique finishes. In that case, you can go for dust grey light Lakeland acacia, Silver grey, and sand Orleans finish, which are also compatible with contemporary interiors.

In conclusion, glass TVs are the perfect option and a like-to-like replacement for your wooden TVs. You can book a free design visit with us if you wish to know more about which design could suit your space. We always use strong and durable glass while making each glass TV unit, so you don’t have to worry about its quality. Regarding prices, we have a fantastic range of budget-friendly mirrored TV cabinets that can be made bespoke just as you need. Visit our portfolio to learn more about our designs.

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