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Bookcases are multi-faceted in terms of functionality. Be it a place to store & showcase your reading interest or artefacts or to be added as an extension of the homeowner’s personality. They vary with each new injunction. With the changing style of the mass, innovative bookcase designs are becoming increasingly popular and versatile, depending on the designers. They can be tailored and made-to-fit specific spaces such as offices, libraries, living rooms, and even bedrooms. These custom-made bookcases can be made from various materials, including wood, metal, stone, or glass, and come in various styles to match any decor. In addition to their practical use, bookcases also serve as a decorative element and illustrate the importance of reading and knowledge in one’s life.

Among the wide variety of bookcases, Freestanding and Wall mounted bookcases is the top contender for every next homeowner in London! As the name suggests, Freestanding Bookcases are not attached to the wall & can be moved around as convenience. Whereas, wall mounted or floating bookcases are adhered or hung on the wall & provide a chic look to the interior. Wall-mounted bookcases are attached to a wall and typically take up less floor space than freestanding books. So which one could be the best pick if you opt for a bookcase for your home? Let’s find out!

Fitted Bookcases & Bookshelves

What Are Freestanding Bookcases?

Freestanding bookcases are shelves not affixed to a wall or other surface. The design provides convenience to the homeowner & a comprehensive storage solution. They typically have a base or legs to support the shelves and are portable, and come in various styles, sizes, and materials. They can organise and display books as partitioned bookcases for spacious interiors in residential homes, libraries, and offices to provide additional storage and exhibition. Freestanding Partitioned Bookcases have also been featured as one of the most in-demand Clever Ways To Divide A Room Without A Wall by REDFIN.

They can be used as a room divider or to separate different areas of space. They can also be used as decorative elements to enhance the overall design of an interior. Freestanding bookcases are a versatile and practical addition to any space, as they can be easily rearranged or moved to a different location.

What Are Wall-Mounted Bookcases?

Wall-mounted Bookcases are a space-saving solution mounted directly onto the wall, providing a practical way to store and display books and other decorative items. They come in a wide range of designs, from sleek and modern to more traditional styles, making it easy to find one that complements your decor. With the ability to be mounted at any height, they can create a focal point in a room or fill an empty wall space. They are also great for small spaces as they take minimal floor space and can be used to create an illusion of more space. These bookcases are an excellent option for those who prefer a more permanent solution to storing their books and other items, as they can be anchored firmly to the wall and are not easily moved. Let’s look at some stylish wall-mounted bookcase styles that could impress you.

Scandinavian bedroom set with wooden sliding bedroom, sideboard, & small study with floating bookshelves in Tobacco Gladstone Oak & Onyx Grey finish
floating bookshelves in Tobacco Gladstone Oak & Onyx Grey finish

Points of difference

In modern times bookcases are created keeping in mind the decor and personality of individuals using them. Whether wall-mounted or freestanding bookcases, both have unique features and stylish options that could be added to almost every home. We can look at the differences between these bookcases, which may help in choosing the perfect option when thinking of bookcases.

1. Style 

Wall-mounted bookcases attach directly to the wall without support on the ground. They have a minimalist design and create a floating effect on the wall, making them ideal for small to medium-sized book collections and optimising space in small rooms. Freestanding Bedroom Bookshelves come in various sizes, shapes, and styles, providing more storage space than wall-mounted bookcases. They can also hold decorative items and serve as room dividers. Typically, freestanding bookcases have a classic and traditional design, making them a statement piece of furniture in any room.

freestanding bookshelf in black brown sorano oak
freestanding bookshelf in black brown sorano oak

2. Convenience/Portability

Wall-mounted bookcases are less portable and require permanent installation, but their space-saving design maximises room space. They suit those who only move occasionally and have limited floor space. In contrast, freestanding bookcases are more convenient and portable, making them ideal for people who move frequently or enjoy rearranging furniture. However, they take up floor space and may need to be more suitable for small rooms. Wall-mounted bookcases prioritise space-saving, while freestanding bookcases prioritise flexibility and mobility.

3. Space Savy

Wall-mounted bookcases are the space-saving champions, taking up no floor space and maximising vertical wall space. They are great for small rooms or apartments and can be customised to fit any wall. Freestanding bookcases take up floor space but offer more storage than wall-mounted bookcases and can divide a large room. They are also available in various styles and sizes. Solid Wooden Bookcases are standard designs between wall-mounted and freestanding bookcases. One can design & order a wooden bookcase depending on the available space, storage needs, and personal style preferences.

living room design in factory Black Sorano Oak finish
living room small freestanding bookcases in factory Black Sorano Oak finish

4. Storage 

Freestanding bookcases offer more storage space with various heights, widths, and depths, making them ideal for extensive book collections and displaying decorative items. They can also have additional features like doors or drawers, providing even more storage space. However, wall-mounted bookcases are limited in their storage capacity and are designed for small to medium-sized book collections, although some models offer built-in storage options. Wall-mounted bookcases create a minimalist look and showcase a few items. 

5. Remodelling

Wall-mounted bookcases require significant remodelling to change their configuration, making them less flexible for those who move or like to change furniture frequently. On the other hand, freestanding bookcases are adaptable and quickly moved to fit new room configurations, making them ideal for those who like to change their decor frequently or move frequently. They can also divide a room or create a new functional space, making them an excellent option for remodelling projects. You can also add more designs & have your own personalised Under Stairs Bookcase the Inspired way!

Study Office in cashmere matt & sable woodgrain finish
under stairs bookcase in Cashmere Matt and Sable Woodgrain Finish

Final Thoughts

When looking for an attractive and functional bookcase in London, consider Inspired Elements. We offer a wide range of options, including freestanding and wall-mounted bookcases that are solid, functional, stylish, and designed to make the most of your space. Our custom-made bookcases are tailored to your tastes and reflect your personality. Our expert team completes the installation process within the estimated time. You can schedule a free design visit to learn more about our bookcase designs and how we can help you achieve your desired look.

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