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Your living room is like your home’s superhero – it entertains, comforts, and impresses. And just like a superhero, your living room deserves the best tools for the job. Modern living room storage options can elevate your space’s look and feel while adding functionality. From bespoke TV units to high-quality sofas, the right furniture can transform your living room into a stunning and inviting oasis. As people seek innovative and intelligent storage solutions, the demand for stylish and functional Living Room Furniture has increased dramatically in recent years. Read our inspiration and ideas to upgrade your living room storage options!

Why Should You Go For Better Storage Options In Living Rooms?

Stylish and functional living room storage is essential for organising and tidying your space. With options ranging from sleek TV units to comfy sofas with hidden storage, you can maximise your living room’s space while showcasing your design sense. In addition, a clutter-free living room makes it a more welcoming and inviting space for guests and family. So what are the benefits of having better storage options in living rooms? Let’s have a look!

Reduces Clutter: A cluttered living room can be stressful and overwhelming. However, you can keep your space organised and tidy with better storage options.

Maximises Space: Living rooms come in all shapes and sizes; maximising your available space is vital. In addition, better storage options can help you maximise your living room’s square footage.

living room design in factory Black Sorano Oak finish
living room design in factory Black Sorano Oak finish

Showcases Your Design Sense: Your living room is often the first space guests see when they visit your home. With stylish and functional storage options, you can showcase your design sense and make a great first impression.

Adds Functionality: A living room is more than just a place to sit and relax. With better storage options, you can add functionality to your space and make it more versatile. With a customised Floating TV Unit, add a bespoke storage solution to enhance the interior and help with storage.

Protects Your Belongings: Your living room likely contains valuable and cherished items like family heirlooms or expensive electronics. Better storage options can help protect these belongings from damage or theft.

Revamp Your Living Room: Top Storage Ideas for 2023

Living room storage units are essential to well-designed and functional living spaces. Whether you’re looking to showcase your prized possessions, organise your entertainment centre, or keep clutter at bay, there are many storage options. From modular wall displays to coffee tables with hidden compartments, these storage solutions can help transform your living room into a stylish and organised haven. With so many different styles and designs, finding the perfect storage unit for your living room is easy and affordable. Here we are listing out some top living room storage options which you should try out at home.

Modern TV Unit in Delave Penelope White Levanto Marble
Modern TV Unit in Delave Penelope White Levanto Marble

1. Floor-To-Ceiling Storage Units

While still providing ample storage space for books, decorative items, and other essentials. Floor-to-ceiling storage units can also add a sleek and modern look to your living room, creating a focal point that adds form and function to the space. Whether you opt for open shelving or cabinets with doors, Floor-to-ceiling Storage Units can be a smart and stylish solution for any living room.

2. Living Room Alcove Storage

Alcove storage can be a practical and stylish solution for living rooms. You can create custom storage solutions that fit seamlessly into the room’s design by utilising the often underutilised space in alcoves. In addition to maximising storage space, alcove cabinets help balance a room and visually create a sense of symmetry. Incorporating shelves, drawers, or cabinets into your living room alcoves allows you to create a functional and attractive storage solution that enhances the space’s overall design.

Fitted Living Room Set Alcove Design in Sherwood woodgrains and Onyx grey finish
Fitted Living Room Set Alcove Design in Sherwood woodgrains and Onyx grey finish

3. Go For The Side Tables

Side tables are a must-have in any living room, providing a functional and stylish surface for lamps, drinks, and other essentials. To maximise their utility, opt for side tables with extra storage space. Lower shelves or drawers can be perfect for stashing books, magazines, or remote controls, keeping your living room neat. Additionally, side tables can be a decorative element in your Industrial Style Living Room, adding style and personality to the space. When choosing side tables, consider their size, style, and material to ensure they complement your existing decor.

4. Don’t Waste The Corners

Corner storage units are a great way to use often underutilised space in a living room. These units can be designed to fit seamlessly into any corner, providing ample storage space for books, decorative items, or media equipment. Additionally, corner units can help to visually balance a room, creating a sense of symmetry and flow. When choosing a corner storage unit, consider the size and style of your living room to ensure it complements the space’s overall design.

5. Coffee Table With Storage

A coffee table with storage can be a practical and stylish addition to any living room. These tables offer a convenient place to set drinks, snacks, and other essentials while providing hidden storage space for books, magazines, or remote controls. Many coffee tables have storage options, from classic Wooden Living Room Furniture to modern, minimalist styles. When selecting a coffee table, consider the size and layout of your living room and your personal style preferences.

wooden living room set in concrete flow & Hidalgo Leon
wooden living room set in concrete flow & Hidalgo Leon

6. Floating Shelves 

Floating shelves are a practical and stylish way to add storage to your living room. These shelves are mounted directly onto the wall, providing a modern, minimalist look that maximises floor space. They can be used to display decorative items, books, or media equipment and tucked into corners or nooks for added storage. When choosing floating shelves, consider the size and material to ensure they fit your space and complement your decor.

7. Modular Wall Display Units

Modular wall Display Cabinets are a versatile and modern storage solution for living rooms. These units can be customised to fit your specific storage needs, with options for open shelves, cabinets, and even space for a television. In addition, they can be used to showcase decorative items, books, and media equipment while providing hidden clutter storage. When choosing a modular wall display, consider the size and style to ensure it complements your living room’s overall design.

8. Window Seat With Storage

A window seat with storage can be a practical and comfortable addition to any living room. You can create a cosy and inviting reading area by incorporating a bench seat into a window nook. The storage compartments underneath the cushions provide a convenient place to store books, electronics, and other essentials, keeping your living room clutter-free. The window seat can also be an excellent spot for kids to play and relax, with storage space for toys and stuffed animals. 

Take Away

At Inspired Elements, we understand the importance of creating functional and stylish storage solutions for your living space. Our design uniqueness is always evident in each of our living storage options. Our trademark living storage systems are built to adapt according to your lifestyle. They can be easily adjusted by rearranging the drawers, fitted storage cupboards and even your wardrobe shoe storage. Contact us to learn more about our stunning living room storage designs, which could be an asset to your homes.

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