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Modern and contemporary wardrobes have evolved into more user-friendly and attractive pieces of furniture over the years. A spacious cupboard with additional storage can accommodate other items as well. Though a wardrobe is used for storing clothes. Glass wardrobes and wooden wardrobes are the most selling wardrobes in recent years. We may all know about these wardrobes individually.

Still, the fusion of both these Customised Hinged Wardrobes could bring wonders. Glass and wooden based cabinets have had a long fan base for decades. With new designs and ideas floating everywhere, the fusion between glass and wooden wardrobes could be of great use. Moreover, they can be created under various budget ranges, making them a better choice under any price range. Here we discuss some of the unique and stylish glass and wooden fusion wardrobes that you may find perfect for your home.

Hinged Glass Wardrobes in Stone Grey Black Brown Sorano Oak
Hinged Glass Wardrobes in Stone Grey Black Brown Sorano Oak

The Best Of Both Worlds! Glass & Wood Finish Wardrobes Set

While choosing fitted wardrobes Finding a perfect balance between style and functionality could be more confusing. As part of nature-connected interior design, wood and glass can transform the mood of a room or entire house, creating a homely, welcoming feel and a truly ‘organic’ sense. Let’s look at some designs that are apt for modern households.

1. Wooden Sliding Mirror Built-In Wardrobes

Wooden & Bronze Mirror Wardrobes use luxury mechanisms for that smooth, soft-touch feel with a seamless finish and look. These are extremely handy when customised to fit under the stairs, lofts or attic spaces. We can utilise it efficiently by getting your custom-built sliding wardrobe. Of course, the interior of a Sliding mirror built-in wardrobes will depend on the design and size you prefer. Still, they are typically divided into more than just a single section and have a spacious hanging rail, shelf space, and drawers at the bottom. Oakwood could be the perfect choice for making the wooden base. The smooth sliding feature could be perfect for daily usage, which could be used in our bedroom.

Bronze Mirror glass Wardrobe & Dressing Unit in bronze Expressive Oak Finish
Bronze Mirror glass Wardrobe & Dressing Unit in bronze Expressive Oak Finish

2. Glass Shaker Wooden Wardrobes

Glass shaker wooden wardrobes are stylish as well as versatile. Shaker doors offer several ways to customise to suit your style. They’re offered in two, three and four-panel designs, and both the panels and the frames come in a range of finishes. As a result, the Glass Wardrobes Doors can come with minimal usage of wood, yet it’s stylish.

3. Three-Door Mirrored Wooden Wardrobe

A Three-door Wooden Glass Wardrobe is a perfect solution if you are looking for an updated storage solution. The mirror in the closet would undoubtedly enhance the look of the cupboard. Our team is expertise in designing fitted home furniture on-demand. They are ideal for large spaces in your home, as they cannot fit in small spaces. You can have separate sections for each in-home here. You can have all the essentials, including drawers to keep essentials, hanging rails, shoe racks, cat hangers and similar accessories.

Hinged Glass Wardrobe in Brown Orlean Oak Natural Dijon Walnut
3-door Hinged Glass & Wooden Wardrobe in Brown Orlean Oak Natural Dijon Walnut

 4. Full-Length Mirror Wooden Wardrobe

How about a full length mirrored wooden wardrobe for your bedroom, which looks classy and functional at the same time? You can use the wardrobe as a personal beauty apparatus. The mirror in the wooden wardrobe would reflect ample light to keep the room bright and make it look bigger. If you have comparatively more expansive space, this could be an ideal option for you. The design was there for more than a decade. Still, new innovative options have now come up with stylish lighting features and other internal accessories. 

Fitted Hinged Mirror Wardrobe in Light Grey
Fitted Hinged Mirror Wardrobe in Light Grey

5. Fitted Folding Door Wardrobes

The foldable wooden wardrobe is the ideal choice to maximise space in your home. Bespoke folding wardrobes give you maximum opening width while keeping the open doors at both ends. The folding door fitted wardrobe is available with soft close as standard. It can be with handles or using push technology.

6. Cherry Bold Finish Glass Wardrobe

The bold cherry finish is unique and has a bold wardrobe design of a style statement. Since the cherry design is robust, it’s ideal for a big bedroom. Here you can go for a full-length mirror in the wardrobe, which can also act as your get ready partner. In addition, the bold cherry design is ideal for contemporary designed interiors.

7. White Gloss Fitted Wooden Wardrobes

The best feature of a white glass Fitted Wooden Wardrobe is it provides the overall feeling of having more space in the room and reflects an ample amount of light. Since white glass fitted cupboards tend to be stylish, they can be used in multiple home areas or even at the office if appropriately utilised. Additionally, suppose the outside view is not that important. In that case, you can also install racks on them to store a range of things like DVDs, letter pads, pens, essential sets and more. The glass finish could be altered according to the space, along with the wooden finish.

8. White Glass Fitted Wardrobe With Wooden Handles

Wooden handles often make the wardrobe look more beautiful. How about a white glass fitted wardrobe with wooden handles? If you are looking for a simplistic wardrobe, this could be the pick for you.

9. Opti-Panel Glass Sliding Door Wardrobes

This wardrobe gives the effect of frosted glass, which looks very contemporary. The doors are commonly available in light green or white colours. You can have wooden racks and drawers inside the wardrobe to make it storage-friendly.  Check out our Wooden Five Panel Wardrobe Set and make way for personalised wardrobes at Inspired Elements!We could customise the opti-panel wardrobes according to your room size. These designs can have hanging rails, coat hangers, shoe storage, and more.

Brown Wooden Glass Wardrobes in Raw Steel Dust Grey
Brown Wooden Glass Wardrobes in Raw Steel Dust Grey

10. Wall-Mounted Wardrobes

People are bidding goodbye to traditional free standing wardrobes and are opting more for wall mounted ones. So if you have less floor space, you can go for wall-mounted closets. The Glass fitted wall mounted wardrobes with wooden rails are budget-friendly yet practical options to keep your essentials.

11. Wooden Wardrobe With Dresser and Round Mirror

Imagine you getting reading for your day in office from your bedroom? A wooden wardrobe incorporated with a Bespoke Dressing Set will be an excellent option to prepare you. You can have a dressing table, drawers to keep your essentials and a round mirror. You will have enough space to keep your cosmetics for your daily routines. The mirror will help you get ready daily and give a stylish appearance to the room.

Hinged Glass Wardrobe in Dust Grey Dark Select Walnut
Hinged Glass & wood finish Wardrobe with Dressing set in Dust Grey Dark Select Walnut

Final Thoughts

We know that your home is your palace, and how you decorate an outfit can make a massive difference to the comfort level. Now you may have gone through some of the glass and wood fusion wardrobes and may have liked some designs. However, if you wish to have a unique wardrobe design, we can help you. Book Your Free Home Design Visit & have our designers take a free tour of your house to get complete details on-demand.

The charisma of unique designs by Inspired Elements would be evident in every product we develop, which allows us to create the finest products in the market. Every Italian designer wardrobe we manufacture starts from scratch, and each method would be novel. You can add your personal touch and get the exemplary configuration to suit your needs. So go through our portfolio and feel free to book a free design visit today!

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