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Finding the right wardrobe for your home may be often confusing! Walk-in closets have been in trend for decades. When choosing home cabinetry, you have to keep an eye on visual appeal despite looking for storage and functionality. The Fitted Walk-in Wardrobe provides you with lots and lots of storage space for clothes and other objects. They have always been a symbol of luxury, and the functionality of their features can ultimately bring a sense of order into your life.

Many of us dream of having a large home with several rooms, including a master bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe. Modern walk-in wardrobe designs focus on better functionality and intelligent storage options. Here we are discussing some high-end walk-in wardrobe designs that you may find interesting.

High-end walk-in wardrobe ideas to keep an eye on

A walk-in wardrobe allows people to enjoy the experience of choosing the perfect outfit for the day. More importantly, a walk-in wardrobe’s design is not limited to time and era because each walk-in wardrobe has its unique qualities that you may prefer. New Contemporary Walk-ins Design has now created an impact in the market. Regardless of the size, you have luxury walk-in wardrobes that we’ll bring into your home. Let’s have a look at some of the designs.

Modular Pine Laminated Walk-In Wardrobe

The newest edition of the pine laminated walk-in wardrobe is space friendly. You can have a customisable tie rack and hanging rod for your coats. The finish is so premium that it makes the space look stunning. The drawers are a combination of wood and glass with a push-open system. 

Linear walking wardrobe (2)
Linear walk-in wardrobe with bespoke shelving

Pearl White Glass Fitted Walk-in Wardrobe & Oak Rails

If you have a comparatively small room and are looking for a high-end walk-in wardrobe, this design could be your best bet. The cabinet is a compact one that keeps everything organised. The oak rails along the white glass make it look bright and beautiful. The pearl white finish is perfect for small rooms as it creates the look of more space inside your room. They are easy to clean and can fit in almost every area. For bigger rooms, Glass Sliding Doors will be added to your walk-in with internal LED lights & bespoke shelves & railings.

Grey Walk-in Wardrobes with Island Drawer

If you have a large room and are looking for a spacious storage option, you must try out the grey walk-in wardrobes with the island drawer. Here a separate island is created along with the cabinet with customised drawers to keep your essentials. It is helpful if multiple persons are using the same wardrobe. The lighting features here will be unique and aesthetically pleasing as it blends in with the grey shade to give a unique feel.

Fitted Walk in wardrobe in Light grey matt finish
Fitted Walk-in wardrobe in Light grey matt finish

Traditional Style Oak Walk-In Wardrobe

If you are a fan of traditional style wardrobes, you can go for the vintage style oak wardrobes. They come with matching accessories and thicker shelves with CNC shelf fixings. The Small Walk-in Wardrobe interior, for example, can be organised into a fantastic internal storage solution with hanging rails, shelves, boxes, racks, drawers. You can add as many customisations as you want as the interior sides of the doors can be used to hang belts, jewellery, small narrow shelving or a tie rack.

Maple Wood Open Walk-In Wardrobe

Open walk-in wardrobes have gained a lot of attention recently. Here the wardrobe may not have cabinet doors. Instead, the closet is made of laminated maple wood, which looks stunning. They have customised space to keep everything like shoe racks and hanging rods for coats. The customised mild led lighting enhances the beauty of the room.

The all-white walk-in wardrobe

Luxury Walk-in Wardrobes have always been the talk of the town. The shades of white can be altered according to your layout, from off white to high gloss shade. You can also go for aluminium handles and glass features in the walk-in wardrobes to look more stylish. In addition, you can have accompanied features like led strip light, shoe storage and much more according to your choices.

Opti-Panel Glass walk-in wardrobe Doors 

The Opti-Panel wardrobe gives the effect of frosted glass, which looks very contemporary. The doors are commonly available in light green or white colours. In addition, the opti-panel wardrobes are paired with silver frames and tracks, which is ideal for light shaded interiors. 

Muted and Soft wooden walk-in wardrobes

If you are looking for a less gloss yet luxury looking walk-in wardrobe, you can go for muted and soft design. The closet gets a soft and muted look when grey undertones are used. This look will be best with a light coloured interior, giving it a tender look. The lighting features, including automatic lights, could be brought here. We can alter the design based on the space & Wooden Wardrobe Designs you choose.

Three doors mirrored the walk-in wardrobe.

A Three-door walk-in wardrobe is a perfect solution if you are looking for an updated storage solution. The mirror in the cabinet would undoubtedly enhance the look of the cupboard. You can change the finish and design just the way you like as it’s more of a versatile type of wardrobe. If you need more storage space and you have a large room, this could be your perfect fit.

Modern walk-in wardrobe in Dark woodgrain finish
Modern walk-in wardrobe in Dark woodgrain finish

Cherry Bold finish

The bold cherry finish is unique and has a robust wardrobe design that is a style statement. Since the cherry design is robust, it’s ideal for a big bedroom. In addition, the bold cherry finish is perfect for dark coloured interiors. The finish would bring in a premium finish to the interiors to enhance the overall look. With Gloss Bedroom Set, you can add any colour to the walk-ins & make it personalised with Inspired Elements.

Dark and modern walk-in closet design

Dark shaded designs often create a style statement inside the bedrooms. If you have ample space and are looking for an ultra-luxury design, you can go for this shade. The lovely dark finish with salmon tones and luxury accessories creates the impression of a stylish bedroom. With a wardrobe, you can have a small nook for your makeup with a chic round mirror. In addition, you can go for luxury lighting features that will blend in with the Italian finish of the walk-in wardrobe. 

Mordern walkin wardrobe in light woodgrain finish
Modern walk-in wardrobe in light woodgrain finish

Final Thoughts

Everyone wants their rooms to look stunning and aesthetically pleasing. Luxury walk-in wardrobes can transform the look of your interior regardless of the space you have. So whether you are looking for modern rustic bedrooms or more traditional dark wood bedroom furniture, we have the right thing for you. Everything is created skillfully at Inspired Elements, from finishing it up with your favourite materials to providing a smooth finish alongside every optimally furnishing aspect. So please book your free design visit with Inspired Elements, and let’s get started with your next dream luxurious walk-in wardrobe. 

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