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A shelf full of books is always a treat to watch. People who are fond of books are very particular about bookcases. As times change, modern bookcase designs are getting wide attention. The Made-to-measure Bookcase Designs come customised for different regions like offices, libraries, living rooms and even bedrooms. A well-crafted bookcase displays your interests and personality. Initially, we may have seen wooden bookcases in our childhood days. From those traditional bookcases, a lot has changed in the past decade with the arrival of new materials and new shades. If you are thinking of having a personalised bookcase for your home, you may go on reading. 

Study Office with bookshelves finished in Beige and Alpine White
Study Office with bookcases finished in Beige and Alpine White

Fitted Bookcase Designs to Have In 2021

A bookshelf can come in different sizes. There are many options, from the vintage style bulky bookcases to the minimalist corner bookcases. A well-organised room is always incomplete without a Personalised Children’s Bookcases. You can choose the perfect bookcase according to you, your space and your book collection. Here we are listing our top fitted bookcases that you could try out in your home in 2021. 

1. Partitioned Bookcases

Partitioned Bookcases could make good use of the wall. Depending upon the height of the wall, If you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing version, you can look at glass partitioned bookcases. The mirror reflects the light coming to it to create a bright interior. If you don’t want to reflect a lot of light, you can have an opaque glass for the partition. 

Library Book Storage Bespoke Shelving in Matt White Finish
Partitioned Bookcase set in Matt White Finish

2. Modern White Bookcases

Modern white bookcases have been an instant trend in the market. White Freestanding Mounted Bookcases come in off-white and pure white shades that we can alter according to your interiors. You can also opt for LED lighting and custom shelves.

3. Freestanding Bookcases

With Inspired Elements, the idea of a custom-built freestanding bookcase set is a perfect reality! With bespoke finishes and personalised designs, you can plan and design your Freestanding Bookcase however you want. Whether for your home office or your kids’ library room, we furnish all kinds of bookcases accustomed to your interior and style statement.

4. Floor to Ceiling Bookcases

Freestanding Wooden Bookcase

If you look to have a made to measure bookcase with extensive storage features, a floor to ceiling Bespoke Shelving is the perfect one for you. The design can incorporate many books, and the arrangement brings the feeling of a sound library.

5. Mid Century Bookcases  

Wish to try out a retro version of ethnic designs from the 1950s? Instead, you can go for the mid-century modern bookcase designs, bringing comfort, practicality and artistic touch to your living rooms. From lightweight wooden finishes to Luxurious Bookcase Designs, you can have a unique selection of bookcases. 

6. Industrial Bookcases

If you are looking for a budget option, industrial bookcases can be an option. The industrial bookcases are made with high-quality plywood and pipe. Unfortunately, they are not that aesthetically pleasing but are cheap compared to others. Be it a Corner Bookcase or a fitted industrial set, our team designs and manufactures any kind of home furniture to fit into your interior.

7. The Trolly Bookcases

How about a moving bookcase in your living room? You may find this a crazy idea, but this has been quite a success. We could make the trolley bookcases with fine wood, which we can move anywhere in your home. You can take it to your bedroom, living room or office space, making it so much more convenient. 

8. Wooden Bookcases

If you are looking for a durable yet modern bookcase set, then our Wooden Bookcase Collection is the one for you. Our wood finish bookcases are custom-made yet chic to add to your rooms today with unlimited finishes, including oak, walnut, dark wood, etc. Also, you can check out our new White TV Set with Pocket Doors for one of our clients in London and design and order your home furniture with Inspired Elements.

Library bookshelf living room cabinet with Woodgrain finish (1)
Library Bookcase in Woodgrain finish

9. Symmetrical Box Bookcases

If you love to see symmetric boxes in bookcases, you can opt for wooden symmetrical box bookcases. The height of the bespoke bookcases could be increased to the ceiling to allow space for maximum storage.

10. Bookcases With the Media Unit

Custom bookcases with a media unit for entertainment is always a good option. We can have a customised space to arrange the books, and the remaining space would be dedicated to the television or similar media units. Explore our most in-demand Bespoke TV Units & design your media unit with the bookcase with Inspired Elements.

Grey TV unit with Storage in Flap ups, Drawers and Open shelf units in Combination of White Halifax Oak and Onyx Grey
Grey TV unit with Storage in Flap ups, Drawers and Open shelf units in Combination of White Halifax Oak and Onyx Grey

11. Under Stairs Bookcases

Don’t worry that you didn’t have space to create a custom bookcase, as you can convert the area under stairs to produce bespoke bookcases. For example, as we create an L shaped wardrobe, these custom bookcases could be custom made according to the size of the stairs. So check out our Fitted Under Stairs Collection & order your bespoke bookshelf & bookcase set today.

12. Bright and Bold Bookcases

How about bright Modular Bookcases that would give an attractive look. This design is ideal for large rooms as it has a distinctive look. In addition, the red bespoke bookcases would fit in light backgrounded interiors, which could give a unique interior. You can also opt for lighting features for better looks.

Modern bookcase in brown orlean oak & natural Dijon Walnut finish
Modern bookcase in brown Orlean oak & Natural Dijon Walnut finish

13. Plywood Bookcases

Lightweight plywood bookcases have been an excellent option for keeping your books. The plywood bookcases, along with a customised storage option for your office apparatus, could be perfect for your home office.

14. Leaning Bookcases

Leaning bookcases could be practical for small spaces, especially when you have some vacant space in your living rooms. You can use the top position of the bookcases to display items or even use the bottom area to keep your sports goods or even a shoe rack. The leaning bookcases could be made according to the layout of the room and are versatile.

15. Personalised Floating Bookcases

If you don’t have much space in your room and can utilise the space in walls, you can go for a Personalised Floating Bookshelf. The ceiling space could also be used where floor space is not available. The colours and shades used would be matching the living room interiors. You can even have the freedom to keep your hanging plants in the bookcases, which will enhance the beauty of living rooms.

Living Room Unit With Floating Bookcases
Living Room Unit With Floating Bookcases

Why Choose Inspired Elements for Created Bookcases?

Bookcases, apart from being the functional furniture piece they also reflect the style of the homeowner. Having our state of the art collection of bookshelves would help redefine the decor of your living rooms. If you wish to have Mounted Open Bookshelf in Matt White for your living rooms, you can contact us. We are the primary option for custom bookcases in the UK, now with a wide range of custom made bookshelves and unique bespoke shelving techniques to redefine the regular made to measure bookcases. We create each bookcase with top-notch quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. Depending upon the requirement of the individuals, we can organise bookcases. To know more about our designs, visit our London showroom.

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