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Every homeowner wishes to have a dedicated bedroom space for their children. Creating a personalised bedroom for your children would be so much fun. Giving a child their own room can teach them a lot of responsibility. They will be able to keep it tidy on their way, which increases their organisational skills. A dedicated bedroom space will give them privacy and provides space to store their essentials. While you search through the endless designs, you may be confused about choosing the ideal one that could make your children happy. Here we discuss some unique Kids’ Bedroom Furniture ideas that you would love to bring home.

children room hinged corner wardrobe with study in white matt and woodgrain finish
children room hinged corner wardrobe with study in white matt and woodgrain finish

10 Children’s Bedroom Ideas To Try This Year!

Nowadays, kids have specific visions of how they want to decorate their bedrooms. They are mostly inspired by comic books or cartoons and wish to make them look gorgeous. Of course, the tastes of each kid would be different, so as their dreams are. In the past decade, unique kid’s bedroom designs have popped up, quickly becoming kids’ favourites. Regardless of the space and decor, now you can have stylish kid’s bedroom designs that could inspire. If you are thinking of bringing home the kid’s bedroom designs of their dreams, you must go on reading as we bring you some stunning designer options. 

1. Bookshelf Over Bed

Floating Bookshelves over the bed have been a trend for some time. Those who don’t have extra space inside your bedroom can surely try out this. You can go for the same oak over bed designs to bring a vintage feel inside the bedroom. The overbed storage helps keep your kids organised and provides them a ‘me’ time to read their favourite comics.

Study Office with bookshelves finished in Beige and Alpine White
floating bookshelves finished in Beige & Alpine White

2. Minimalistic Cottage Bedrooms

Don’t worry about having a small space inside your kid’s bedrooms? Minimalistic cottage style bedroom designs are just the one for you. For example, you can have a small bed frame inside your bedroom, accompanied by a small bedside table. You can go for a corner wardrobe to keep your kid’s essentials in one place. Try out the bay window storage area with a small sitting space if you have space near your window space.

3. The Twin Bed Design

If you have some space in your room, a twin bed oak design may be a perfect addition. The twin bed setup is created with top-notch quality oak and enhances the bedroom’s aesthetics. If you have two children, this would be a good choice. You can also add a small Children’s Wardrobe to the space with solid oak doors to keep the essentials. In addition, the twin bed option can come with a small ladder, which helps you climb upwards. This gives privacy to each child as they get separate beds to sleep in.

4. Bedroom With Study Space

If you have space concerns, it would be challenging to have a separate study space for your kids. But now, you can create study space in your kid’s bedroom by adding a small table and a chair. If you have space near the windows, you can have storage there also. The study space will have a small storage option to keep the books and other stationeries.

Children room fitted wardrobe storage with study and alcoves in cashmere grey finish
Children room fitted wardrobe storage with study and alcoves in cashmere grey finish

5. Funky Colour-Themed Bedrooms

Kids love to see funky designs and colourful interiors, making them joyful. You can go for funky colour options based on your tastes, including yellow, green, turquoise, raspberry, and even hot pink. We can also make the furniture designs based on the decor you have. The colour options may look slightly different, but they look attractive for your children.

6. The Wooden Children’s Bedroom

With Modern Bedroom Furniture for teenagers, you can go for a bunk bed with a ladder on the side. You can also have a storage option at the bottom of the bunkbed. On the side, you can add a study table with a keypad drawer made of wood and a chair. We could adjust the lighting features according to your decor and the options your kid would love.

7. Large Children’s Bedroom

If you have ample space for your kid’s bedroom, you can use them accordingly to create a stylish bedroom. For example, you can opt for a queen-sized bedroom and a wooden shelf to keep your favourite toys. A wardrobe will help your kids keep their things organised, which helps build their character. A tall wardrobe can help keep the clothes, based on the usage. As you have space, you can go for a study table and chair, which could be helpful for the kids to do homework and other activities.

Children room fitted wardrobe storage with study and alcoves in alpine white and indigo blue finish
Children room fitted wardrobe storage with study and alcoves in cashmere grey finish

8. The Loft Bedroom Space

Loft spaces are usually wasted! If you are looking for a separate bedroom for your children and don’t have a dedicated space, you can convert the loft space into a kid’s bedroom. Here the bedroom space will be minimal but enough for your kids. You can have floating shelves for Children’s Bookcase and toys. The loft space can have a multi-bed setup, too, if you have the space for that.

9. Kids Bedroom With Play Space.

In modern apartments, it’s challenging to have a dedicated play space for your kids. Now you can create a playroom inside your kid’s bedroom. You can have a dedicated toy corner inside the bedroom, where you can add a small slider. You can have a small ball pool inside the room, ideal for small kids. The bedroom setup will help you make them more active and thereby happy. You can have a dedicated toy Bedroom Wardrobe to showcase the kid’s toys. If you have more than one kid, this space will also be a hangout spot for them.

10. Scandinavian Children’s Bedrooms

In Scandinavian children’s bedroom designs, white always has prominence. The white colour reflects the natural light falling into the bedroom to create a bright interior. To make the white room more splendid, we can have White Wooden Wardrobes with glass doors. They are super cool and create a positive vibe inside the bedroom. We also have the colour options like dark purple, pale pink, and faded blue. The Scandinavian style is perfect for teenage girls as they have the upper hand on aesthetics.

Children Bedroom Fitted Wardrobe Storage With Study and Alcoves in Alpine White and Danim Blue Finish
Children Bedroom Fitted Wardrobe Storage With Study and Alcoves in Alpine White and Danim Blue Finish

Bottom Line

Do you have unique children’s bedroom ideas that you wish to have in your home? Inspired elements are here to transform your exceptional children’s bedroom ideas into your dream kids’ bedroom furniture sets. We’re big fans of experimenting with colour palettes and fancy shades to help you incorporate them into your children’s bedroom sets. Each material used in designing the kid’s bedroom furniture is made with sophisticated materials that will be safe for your children. Visit our portfolio to learn more about our kid’s bedroom designs.

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