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Kitchen designs are always on the face of transition. Currently, most kitchen designs are created from scratch, and we have the freedom to start fresh. However, the competition in the kitchen market has caused the rise of more and more innovative designs. Now, as people have multiple options to choose from, people are confused about choosing the perfect kitchen designers.

Fitted Grey Kitchens has been a talk of the town for a long time. A majority of shades close to brown was in trend from the 1950s. However, grey rose to attention in the past decade. Renovating your kitchen is not only for usage and aesthetic purpose but also helps increase the value of your home. Grey kitchens can come in a range of options, from budget-friendly ones to ultra-luxury ones. So if you are thinking of having a grey kitchen soon in your home, you may go on reading.

Silver grey kitchen units with verona cherry finish
Silver grey kitchen units with verona cherry finish

New Design Ideas To Try This Season

Grey is the shade of the moment for those who look for stylish kitchen ideas. Of course, people would primarily choose blue while thinking of calm kitchens, but grey is perfect. Initially, people used grey kitchens as an alternative to traditional white kitchens, but things have come so far from that as more unique designs are now available. Grey kitchens are now open in matt, semi-glossy and glossy versions, from which you can choose the ideal one of your choice. Let’s look at some of the unique grey kitchen design ideas you can implement in your homes.

1. Grey Handleless Kitchen Units

Grey Handleless Kitchens mostly tend towards a contemporary style perfect for modern homes. They have crispy linear edges and blend in thoroughly with any interiors. There are multiple options in handleless kitchens depending upon the needs, including grooves, a continuous rail style, or a push-to-open door. The push-open shelves with a spring mechanism that helps open the cabinet with a simple touch making daily usage easy. Grey shades perfectly match the handleless feature to bring a unique feel inside the kitchen.

Premiumline Kitchen With Black Handleless Profile in Matt Light Grey Finish
Premiumline Kitchen With Black Handleless Profile in Matt Light Grey Finish

2. Grey Matt Kitchens With White Countertops

With beautiful finishes for all kitchen areas, we provide a uniform finish throughout. Grey Matt kitchens absorb light and give a solid look from every angle. The matt finish enhances natural finishes rather than competes, so be imaginative, and you can experiment in the way you like. If you want a muted look, it’s better to go for grey matt kitchens. The grey matt kitchens are smooth and will give you a subtle feeling, making you touch it again and again.

3. Grey Gloss Kitchens

Grey gloss kitchen could come in different shades with uniqueness in every scenario. You can have just the right thing every interior needs, from light versions to glow versions. The standard feel that grey gloss cabinets give is ideal for contemporary kitchens. In addition, the vast selection of grey gloss cabinets accurately allows the kitchen’s interior to accurately be decorated with a shiny finish. Also, order from our Grey Kitchen Worktops with Alpine White Kitchens & design and order your favourite kitchen set now.

Handleless Kitchen in lights grey gloss with island and breakfast bar_1 (1)
Handleless Kitchen in lights grey gloss with island and breakfast bar

4. Palm Beach Grey Kitchen

Those looking for a luxurious kitchen can try out the palm beach grey kitchen. The palm grey finish offers the perfect balance of warmth and neutrality, working well in nearly any size kitchen, creating an elegant look inside the kitchen. You can add white worktops and these grey shades to make it look more stunning. 

5. Grey Shaker Kitchens

Grey shaker kitchens are a great way to introduce a traditional design with soft tones to any space. In addition, shaker cabinet designs are often symmetrical and shy away from intricate carvings and ornamentation. So if you are looking for a sleek yet stylish kitchen design, go for grey Bespoke Shaker Kitchens.

Shaker style L shape Kitchen in dove finish with Island
Shaker style L-shaped Kitchen in dove finish with Island

6. Gray & Gold Kitchen

Golden shade could create a memorable impression in every kitchen. Grey and Gold would be a perfect combination of class and elegance. Moreover, they can warm the contemporary feeling inside every kitchen. The golden finish is ideal for both small spaces and large spaces as it brings more of a kind of rich interiors.

7. Grey U-Shaped Kitchens

High-end grey U-shaped Kitchens Set provide the golden triangle functionality. You can have multiple countertops and kitchen appliances as you have separate space for everything. The colour variations range from subtle grey shades to a high gloss finish. You can also go for countertops with marble, quartz and granite for the interior.

8. Grey Open Style Kitchens

Open shelving helps in creating a better space inside the kitchen. The benefit of an open kitchen with a grey finish is that it’s pretty flexible and easy to use. They are also a good option if you have some odd, unusable space in your kitchen, reducing the wastage in the area. If you have a smaller budget, an open kitchen in the grey shade is just the one for you as it reduces the price of cabinetry considerably.

10ft Easyline kitchen with handle in dark grey matt finish
Easyline kitchen with handle in dark grey matt finish

 9. Grey and Brass-Finished Kitchens

For an exquisite-looking kitchen, you can opt for our grey and brass-finished kitchens. The brass architectural fittings and the matt grey kitchen shades would give you a classic-looking interior. In addition, we can add a brass handle for the grey cabinets, which instantly adds warmth to the finish. Check out our White & Indigo Blue Kitchen Units and order your kitchen units with Inspired Elements.

10. Dual Tone Kitchens

Dual-tone kitchen designs are now catching attention as they have redefined aesthetic appeal. Grey and blue are one such combination that could be experimented with. You may initially think of these colours as contrasting, but the best thing is that they could be classic and contemporary. You can blend in a soft hue of blue shades and a matt grey finish to have a subtle-looking kitchen. We will alter the shades according to your choice. 

11. Grey Kitchen With Wooden Elements

You can create a grey kitchen unit with wooden elements for your apartment. We will add Wooden Countertops and worktops to the grey finished kitchen units to make them more natural. Dark wood matched with grey fronts might bring elegance to the kitchens, whereas the light finish creates a subtle feeling.

Final Thoughts

You deserve a kitchen that reflects who you are does everything you need and inspires you daily. If you are ready to start making your modern grey kitchen, Inspired elements are here to help you. Some people wish to have a calm and pleasant looking kitchen and keeping this in mind we have introduced our grey kitchen cabinets. The light-coloured, smooth grey Kitchen cabinets will have an overwhelming response from your guests. For more scintillating grey kitchen designs, talk to our experts as they can guide you with the perfect plans based on your tastes. 

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