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Kitchen design is one thing that can create confusion among homeowners. We always try to bring in innovative technologies in our kitchen to make them user friendly. While most of us are concerned about cabinets, we mostly forget about worktops. Worktops are horizontal surfaces created in support of the cabinets, which can help you in food preparations. A worktop enhances the user experience in a kitchen. Since the last decade, many unique materials have come up as Kitchen Worktops. Unique shading and design options can make the kitchens look more beautiful. Kitchen worktops are available in natural and artificial materials with innovative styling options. Buying a kitchen worktop may be a confusing task. If you are thinking of having a bespoke kitchen worktop in your home, you may go on reading the blog.

Kitchen Worktop Glass Black
Black glass worktop, kitchen island light grey LED light

Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing Kitchen Worktops

The last decade saw the rise of many functional worktop materials. So naturally, while selecting the worktop, people go for durable and stylish ones. However, before jumping into buying kitchen worktops for your Fitted Kitchen Set, you should keep certain things in mind. So let’s have a look at those factors.


While choosing the material used for making worktops, you should be careful. You can have many material options to choose from, like marble, porcelain, granite, wood and glass. You can select the worktop according to usage, the climate conditions and the space you have. As you have many options to go for, you can choose from them according to your need.


Budget is essentially the first thing you should look at even before starting to make a kitchen worktop. You can also avoid fancy accessories and luxury finishes which could reduce the cost of the kitchen. The material that you choose and the finish determines the cost of the worktop. You can have budget-friendly options in the market which you can afford. If you don’t have budget constraints, you can go for luxury worktop finishes.

Oak finish worktop
Oak finish worktop

Design and Finishes

In the current scenario, there are many worktop design options and finishes to choose from today. If you want to think out of the box, you can go for innovative work designer options. You can have traditional and modern Kitchen Island Designs that could be custom-made according to your space. According to your tastes, you can have matt, laminate and glossy finished worktops too. The finish determines the beauty of the room and should be selected according to the room’s decor.

Avoid Sharp Edges 

If you have children inside your home, you should be careful about the edges. The finishes would be created so that the edges are not sharp and are children friendly.

Colour of Kitchen Worktops

The colour often determines the look and feel inside a kitchen. With so many colour options available, you may be constantly confused about choosing the colour. It would be best to always consider the layout and your kitchen interiors before going for the colour. You can have light colours like white or grey or can go for dark colours like black too. 

Think of the Space You Have

You must always keep an eye on the space you have for creating the kitchen worktops. Our team can make the layout of the worktop according to the area you have. You need to consider the floor space and wall space which is available in the room. You can also adjust the height of worktops according to the available area. We should create worktops in such a way that your daily usage is easy and hassle-free.

Premiumline Kitchen With Brass Handleless Profile in Textured Penelope and Light Grey Acrylic Finish
Premiumline Kitchen With Brass Handleless Profile in Textured Penelope and Light Grey Acrylic Finish

Choosing a Perfect Kitchen Designer

The components and detailing of each kitchen worktop should meet your expectations. The best thing to do is to find a kitchen design company that could help you design and implement the finest kitchen worktops for you. Do your research; get a minimum of three quotes per job to help you weigh up cost and timeline options before you lock anyone in for the job. In London, most people believe in Inspired Elements and their first option while designing the kitchen worktops would be naturally us.

Best Kitchen Worktop Designs to Have a Look At

Kitchen worktops are creating a significant impact in making the space beautiful and user friendly. However, many design options are available in current times, making it confusing to choose the right one. Here let’s have a look at some of the design styles that you may find interesting. 

Darkwood countertop
Darkwood Countertop

Classic Wooden Worktops

Who can say no to Classic Wooden Worktops in their kitchens? Every wooden worktop will have uniqueness. The grain on every wooden piece will show its elegance and class. In addition, wood is an environmentally friendly material. Wooden worktops have a natural resistance against germs, and they are non-toxic too. The antibacterial properties of wood are excellent, and our finishes avoid unnecessary rusts. The wooden finish can come in both gloss and laminated finishes. Based on your taste, you can select the type of wood for your interior. 

Stunning White Worktops

White worktops are often underrated. If you want to highlight your kitchen and make it look more bright, you can go for white worktops. You can go for off white or white worktops with lines if you wish. 

Top-Notch Quality Quartz 

Quartz is made with the most natural stone and some polymer stains, so it’s not entirely realistic but has the same properties as a natural stone. The colour and pattern of quartz are consistent. The consistency provides an excellent finish in the worktops making the kitchen look beautiful. The uniform appearance of the Quartz Finish Worktops makes it a better competitor among materials like marble and granite.

Premiumline kitchen with Aluminium handleless profile along with island in Cannella and Penelop textured finish (2)
Premiumline Quartz kitchen worktop with Aluminium handleless profile along with island in Cannella and Penelope textured finish

Granite Worktops With a Bespoke Finish

The beauty and timeless aura of Granite Worktops make them impeccably the best option while thinking of kitchen worktops. Granite is a natural stone and is one of the most rigid materials used as a worktop. They are strong, durable, heat resistant and will not absorb much water.

Glamorous Glass Worktops

Glass worktops are aesthetically pleasing and are a visual treat to your eyes. The durability of glass worktops is one of its most prominent advantages. The Fitted Glass Worktops last long inside your kitchens and can endure high heat. In addition, the glass worktops create a bright interior and will reflect the light falling to them. For people who choose an eco-friendly lifestyle, a glass worktop is an option.

White Glass Worktop Kitchens
White Glass kitchen Worktop

 Budget-Friendly Laminate Worktops

For those looking for budget-friendly worktops options, you can look at the laminate worktops. They are created using impregnated paper bonded to MDF or other similar substrates. As a result, the Laminate Worktops have a non-porous solid surface. In addition, the water-resistant capacity of laminate worktops is also strong making them an ideal competitor among kitchen worktops.

Robots Range of Corian Worktops

Corian worktops are solid surface materials. They are made with the perfect mix of acrylic polymers, natural stones and other materials. Corian is a durable and robust material that is perfect for making worktops. Bespoke Corian Countertops are excellent and will have a luxurious feel inside your kitchen.

Handleless Kitchen in Light Grey Gloss Finish Led Lights
Premiumline Kitchen with island Cabinets FInish -Light grey gloss finish Worktop – grey stone Handle

Stylish Stainless Steel Worktops

 If you are looking for a heat resistant worktop, stainless steel worktops are the best. The worktops are perfect for moist and humid conditions due to their waterproof properties. You can place them near your sinks without any doubt, as even water spills on them, nothing would happen.

Durable Ceramic Worktops

Ceramic Worktops are made with solid and durable natural stones that will last long. If you are looking for a tough worktop for your daily use, ceramic worktops are the perfect choice for you. The material is solid and able to withstand daily wear or tear that may happen to your worktops.

Kitchen With Profile Handle in Concrete Flow and Iron Flow
Kitchen With Profile Handle in Concrete Flow and Iron Flow

Final Thoughts

Earlier, kitchens were a remote part of homes, whereas now, the kitchen has become the heart of the house. The attention that kitchen worktops get nowadays is humungous. While considering a worktop, always keep in mind your needs.

 At Inspired Elements, each kitchen worktop is custom designed by our interior designers to client specifications with a wide range of colour palettes, finishing touches and storage options. From budget-friendly choices to luxurious ones, we have everything under one roof. Get in touch with us to know more about our scintillating kitchen worktop designs.

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