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A home is complete with suitable furniture designs! Personalised furniture designs can create an impression among everyone visiting the home and make them eye-catching. You might have seen people saying the best way to know people’s personalities is by identifying their tastes in furniture. Everyone wishes to buy updated furniture designs that give an inviting feeling inside their home.

Every furniture design should have a personality, from the living room to the kitchen design. We have created functional and customised furniture units for clients in Harrow according to their preferences. Look at some designs we have created for clients in Harrow. If you are looking to redesign your home and looking for creative furniture design ideas, you must go on reading. 

1. Wooden Floor TV Unit in Harrow

Wooden TV Units have been in our households for generations and have always been the favourite. Consider adding a personalised floor TV unit to your bedroom or living. Then, check out our all-new floor TV unit project for our clients in Harrow, where we have introduced a blue TV unit finished in wood with custom cabinets attached. The design is minimal and is perfect for small living rooms. 

blue floor TV unit in wooden finish in Harrow
blue floor TV unit in the wooden finish in Harrow

2. Grey Loft Wardrobes In Harrow

Loft storage ideas can fully use the available space, making it an essential addition to every home. We designed a loft room wardrobe integrated into the decor shades of the client in Harrow. We introduced a light grey shade into the wardrobe to match the requirements. We fine-tune the newly furnished wardrobe with personalised accessories like wardrobe runners and slides, doorknobs, rails, rods, pull-out drawers, etc. we can reconstruct the design in any loft space according to the requirement of the clients. 

3. Kitchen Storage Bifold Door 

Custom-made kitchen storage units will be an excellent option for creating a new kitchen. They are the perfect spot to keep your groceries and utensils you are supposed to use daily. We create a stylish and easy-to-use full-length bifold storage option in a grey finish for the client’s kitchen in Harrow. The bespoke storage unit had customised storage options, including drawers and shelves, where all the accessories are made with premium quality materials. The tall storage options use the entire available space and can be the one-stop storage solution for your kitchen.

4. Built-In Hinged Corner Wardrobe

Create more room for essentials inside your home with our new range of White Corner Wardrobes. We designed a fully customisable built-in corner wardrobe for the client in Harrow based on their storage requirements solely. We created a hinged corner wardrobe with drawer storage shoe racks and more of an elegant grey finish.

The drawers were created using the soft opening mechanism, which allowed the client to make daily usage convenient. Our unique soft-close German hinges ensure the durability of the corner wardrobes. The shoe storage was convenient and had separate racks to store different types of shoes.

fitted bedroom wardrobes Harrow On The Hill
fitted bedroom wardrobes Harrow On The Hill

5. White Matt Finish Loft Wardrobes

All goes well with a white finish. Having white loft wardrobes in your interior can enhance the look and feel of every interior. We have designed practical white matt finish bespoke wardrobes with cool white LED lights for the client in Stanmore, Harrow. The white loft wardrobe comes in a textured grey touch with thin, sleek handles, which makes them look great. Interior lighting features are also added to the wardrobe to make them look gorgeous. The cool white LED lights when goes with the glossy finish, making them look great for your bedrooms. 

6. Cosy Cottage Modern Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes

Cosy cottage bedroom designs are a favoured option for Fitted Bedroom Furniture, mainly due to their genuinely timeless design. So if you want warmth and comfort and wish to escape reality for some time, bring home our unique, comfortable cottage bedrooms. You can look at the modern bedroom of a hinged fitted wardrobe with open shelves in light grey high gloss and indigo blue finish designed for the client in Harrow. The premium gloss grey finish and the indigo blue finish create a luxurious-looking bedroom design, making it the perfect cosy cottage bedroom option.

Modern handleless Kitchen in harrow
Modern handleless Kitchen in harrow

 7. Grey-Shaded Sliding Wardrobe

Consider saving the wall space and keeping all your clothes arranged beautifully in a customisable wardrobe. With sliding wardrobes, you can create more space in your interiors, as it can fully use the available space. For example, we create a space-saving sliding wardrobe for a client in Harrow who wishes to have one in a dark touch.

We created a full-fledged sliding wardrobe in a grey shade, which created a pleasant feeling inside the bedroom. In addition, the internal lighting in the wardrobe enhanced the aesthetics and made it more practical. 

8. Luxury Bespoke L-shaped Kitchen

Renovating your kitchen is not only for usage and aesthetic purpose but also helps increase the value of your home. As specialists in designing luxury kitchens, we created an L-shaped kitchen design for the client in Harrow. The premium-looking kitchen has white gloss, ladder units, cabinets and drawers. The ceiling lights are made in such a way that it enhances the look inside the kitchen. The spacious kitchen can help family members to be there while making food and has extensive storage features.

9. Living Room Cabinet Fitted TV Unit With Storage

Living Room Cabinets are the centre of attraction for every home, and it becomes better if it comes with a TV unit. A built-in fitted TV unit in the living room can incorporate large TV screens, music systems and video players in one place. Check out the bespoke fitted TV unit with base shelf and wall open shelf units on either side with a fireplace at the centre finished in white matt and dark woodgrain. The wooden grain finish makes it versatile and easily addable to every living room. 

Living conditions have changed drastically in the last decade. As a result, homeowners are looking for practical and durable furniture options to make their life easy. Inspired Elements have always been in the picture, helping clients across London design affordable personalised furniture units. We have expertise in designing furniture units based on what modern homeowners expect. So start designing your furniture designs from the best in business. Visit our portfolio to learn more about our furniture design options.

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