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The future goes handleless! Handless kitchens have always been the talk of the town as more and more people are trying to bring them home. Who would not like smooth, sleeky and aesthetically pleasing without handles? Even Though handleless kitchens have appeared to fame since the late ’60s, currently they are getting wide reception. For those looking for elegant, simple and long term kitchen solutions, handleless kitchens would be the perfect option. New innovative design options are now available in the market, making it a popular choice.

The versatility of the Fitted Kitchen has been vibrant as they are available in different shades and finishes. Based upon your tastes, you can have a range of finishes: gloss, matt or wood in a broad spectrum of colours; this design can be easily adapted to accommodate all tastes. Here we are discussing why we should choose a handless kitchen for your home. Let’s start!

What Are Handleless Kitchens?

As the name suggests, a Handleless Kitchen is where the kitchen cabinets or drawers don’t have handles. This handleless feature will help in creating a clean, uncluttered look that is entirely modern and minimalist with crispy linear edges and blend in thoroughly with any interiors. There are multiple options in handleless kitchens depending upon the needs, including grooves, a continuous rail style, or a push-to-open door.

The push-open shelves with a spring mechanism that helps open the cabinet with a simple touch making daily usage easy. The grooves may be provided on the top or bottom, which helps to open the cabinet easily.

Handlless Kitchen in Light grey gloss finish_LED Lights (1)
Premiumline Kitchen with island Cabinets FInish -Light grey gloss finish Worktop – grey stone Handle – handleless profile Aluminium LED lights below wall cabinets Appliances – integrated oven and microwave Integrated fridge.

Why Should You Choose Handleless Kitchens?

Handleless kitchens are suited for almost every lifestyle. Regardless of having fabulous interiors, they also are user friendly and highly functional. The absence of handles provides more space inside the kitchens, which helps you in easy movement. Handleless kitchens are perfect for open plan living spaces and very often-using two contrasting colours for doors and worktops. Are these the only reasons why we suggest you handleless kitchens? Let’s have a look.

  1. Safety

If you have kids, kitchen handles could be a nightmare to them. When they run around the kitchen, there are chances that these handles may hit them. Handleless kitchens help avoid the injuries that may happen to kids when they contact the cabinet handles. The safety is applicable for you as no handles mean more free movement. Check out our Handleless White Kitchens Hammersmith and Fulham Project & explore how our London clients got their custom-made kitchen set with Inspired Elements.

  1. Creates A Better Flow Inside The Kitchen

During our daily usage, handles may often block our easy passage through the kitchens. It is also a problem in open layout rooms, as while we move from one room to another, we may hit these handles, and it often takes some space for that. Handleless kitchens help to avoid the usage of this extra space and make daily usage.

Premiumline Kitchen With Brass Handleless Profile in Dust Grey Matt and Alpine White Finish
Premiumline Kitchen With Brass Handleless Profile in Dust Grey Matt and Alpine White Finish
  1. Hygiene Factor

We mostly spend a lot of time cleaning the kitchen, especially the handles that can get dirty. In a Bespoke Handleless Kitchen, we may not have to touch them too often due to the simple opening mechanism. So, this reduces the chances of getting dirty and makes your kitchen look clean. 

  1. Stylish Looks

Handleless kitchens are fascinating to watch. When you bring in a handleless kitchen design to your interior, the overall look and feel of the interior will change. The clean lines, stylish curves and effortless methods make it perfect for modern homes and apartments alike. At Inspired Elements, we can bring in customisable textures and finishes in your kitchen for unique looks. The handleless designs stay ahead of time and create the perfect looking interior. 

  1. Practical Choice

Handleless kitchens are pretty practical, and there is no need to spend time choosing and matching handles. Instead, you can bring in any modern accessory, including a toaster or a coffee machine, to perfectly match the design. They will perfectly fit in with the contemporary layout and make daily usage easy. Alongside, the handleless kitchen can come in a variety of techniques with Kitchen Storage Solution to help you get a comprehensive handleless kitchen assortment.

  1. Ideal For Every Home

The size of kitchens is often a problem when thinking of kitchens. Handleless kitchens fit into every layout and can come in all sizes. The only thing you should be careful of is choosing a perfect designer and the rest they will handle. You have multiple design options and colour options from white that could be customised according to your need.

Handlless Kitchen withisland in black matt and woodgrain finish gold handleprofile_2 (1)
Premiumline Kitchen L-shape with island Cabinets Finish -Black matt and light oak finish Worktop – black stone Handle – handleless profile Gold LED lights below wall cabinets Appliances – integrated oven and microwave Integrated fridge.

Things To Keep In Mind While Designing A Handleless Kitchen | Tips & Tricks

Handleless kitchens are innovative kitchen ranges making them the first choice options in modern homes. Now you may understand the benefits of having handleless kitchens in your home. If you are thinking of having Bespoke Classic Kitchens in your home, here are some things that you have to keep in mind.

  1. Choose The Design

Handleless kitchens can come in different shades and material options from which you have to choose the ideal one. If you like a minimalist option, you can select from our L-shaped Kitchen Designs, or if you need a luxurious option, that option is also available. You can even opt for primary colours and patternless doors and worktops if you like. These designs can fit in with contemporary and classic designs due to their versatility in design. White gloss kitchens, grey gloss kitchens and cashmere kitchens combined with luxury wood grain oak, walnut and light grey materials are popular market trends.

  1. Think Of The Appliances

Often it isn’t easy to accommodate and access electronic appliances if the kitchen is not planned correctly. While thinking of the kitchens, we may have to think of appliances that go well with handleless kitchens. Instead of bulky appliances, space-saving appliances will be perfect as they would blend in with handleless kitchens.

  1. Material & Finishes

When we think of kitchens, we may have to consider the materials and finishes that perfectly fit in with the space you have. We can have matt, gloss and much more Wood Finish Kitchens from which you can have the perfect one that would match your personality. The choices would come in stainless steel, white and black, but you can customise them to any colour you want, including shades to match your kitchen cabinets.

G shape Handleless Kitchen in Gladstone Oak with black handleless profile_2 (1)
G-shaped Handleless Kitchen in Gladstone Oak with black handleless profile
  1. Accessories

While designing the handleless kitchen units, we should consider the accessories and storage units. We should consider having effective storage options to keep the essentials. We can have pantry tall units or pull-outs to store food, multiple bottles. You can have other countertops in the kitchen to make usage easy. Kitchen islands are also an excellent option to be in a handleless kitchen.

  1. Budget

Budget is one thing that will pop up in our mind while thinking of a kitchen. We have to think about the customisations that we need and the budget we currently have to make the handleless kitchens. Handleless kitchens can come with your budget range if you approach experienced kitchen makers like Inspired Elements.

  1. Have An Eye On The Corners

Corners have an essential role in kitchen designs. For example, while designing a handleless kitchen, we have to make sure the corners are aligned with the strategy. Likewise, keep appliances away from corners, and make particular doors that won’t bang into each other if open at the same time.

  1. Choosing Professional Kitchen Makers

Most people are confused about choosing the ideal kitchen designer to help them make the best handleless kitchen in London. The team you choose should have experience in designing handleless kitchens customised according to your needs. If you fail to find the perfect guy, often the design may go wrong. Moreover, you can check out our exclusive collection of Quartz Kitchen Worktops to match your kitchen design at Inspired Elements.

Why Choose Inspired Elements For Handleless Kitchens?  

We at Inspired Elements have contemporary handleless kitchen designs along with beauty that you would love to bring to your home. Our handleless kitchen doors can fit in with modern and classic kitchen alike due to their versatility in structure. So whether you are opting for small kitchen design ideas or luxurious ones, we have just the thing for you. Our bespoke kitchen ideas & techniques enable you to choose from a wide range of material finishes. Our team of experienced interior designers and manufacturers work closely with clients and provide them with top-of-the-line Handleless Kitchen Storage. Get in touch with us to know more about handleless kitchen designs. 

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