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Every homeowner wishes to have a guest bedroom in their home. Guest bedrooms are the personal space you design for your friends or family when they pay a visit. People’s money on bespoke bedrooms has risen drastically in the last decade. Now bedroom designs come in unlimited colouring options and shades. They can come in all budget ranges, and you must choose the one that suits your layout. So if you are looking for modern guest bedroom ideas in your home, you must go on reading.

Tips And Tricks To Design Chic Guest Bedrooms

Designing your guest bedrooms could be a tricky task. We should create everything from the furniture to the decor so guests can be satisfied. A guest Fitted Bedroom Furniture may become essential for a family gathering or friend’s party. If you are confused about how to design a guest bedroom or look for spare room Ideas, we are here to help you with some tricks and tips.

1. Go For Vibrant Colours

Having vibrant colours in the guest bedroom can transform the mood of the entire space. You can have blue, turquoise, green or even yellow shades according to your need. The colour shading options, including chocolate finish and royal blue, can be chosen if you wish to think out of the box. 

bohemian bedroom with dressing table set in Antique Brown Borneo finish
bohemian guest bedroom with dressing table set in Antique Brown Borneo finish

2. Convert Your Loft Space

Most of us have ideas for a Small Spare room, but usually, space could be an issue. Those who don’t have a dedicated space to create a guest bedroom can make covert the loft space into a guest bedroom. The bedroom space will have all the necessary features to accomadate your guests, and you can ultimately make use of the available space, which otherwise is left behind.

3. Create A Viewpoint

A Guest Bedroom with a viewpoint can bring a positive vibe inside the space. Please make the most of them with strategically positioned windows, which helps natural light fall into the room and create an attractive space inside.

4. Get Some Entertainment

An entertainment unit in the guest bedroom could change the room’s overall appearance. You can also choose a music system or even a PS4. The entertainment systems will be appreciated when guests want to unwind alone or if they can’t fall asleep. You can also keep some books in the room that the guest would find helpful. You can even give them some board games if they are interested in helping them escape boredom.

5. Try Out The White Oak Bedroom Furniture

White. is a colour which everyone loves! Having white oak bedroom furniture in your home can make it look more stylish. If you have a small room or want some brightness inside your living room, you should choose white oak bedroom designs. The white oak wardrobes are so classy, enhancing your bedroom’s beauty. Despite being beautiful, the strength of oak makes it a wise choice inside the bedroom, making it a perfect Spare Room Idea.

High gloss bedroom set with overbed storage, small cupboard/sideboard in Snow White & Beige Grey Lorenzo Oak finish
High gloss bedroom set with overbed storage, small cupboard/sideboard in Snow White & Beige Grey Lorenzo Oak finish

6. Go For A Cosy Nook

When you think of Ideas for a Small Spare room, you must consider the nooks in your room. If you have space concerns, you can create a cosy nook where you can have a bed option. This can be even in your attic space or space under stairs wherever space is available. When you think of Ideas for a Small Bedroom Design, you must consider the nooks in your room.

7. The Twin Bed 

If you have some space in your room, a twin bed oak design may be a perfect addition. The option is ideal if your child’s friends are coming for a game night or staying for a night. The twin bed setup is created with top-notch oak, enhancing the bedroom’s aesthetics. You can also add a small wardrobe to the space with solid oak doors to keep the essentials.

8. Coastal Themes Are In

You can bring the coastal elements to your cosy cottage bedrooms to make them look comfier. You can feel the same inside your guest bedrooms even if you are away from the bay. To make the bedroom look more stylish, you can have crisp turquoise accents, light blue shaded tables, and some coastal artwork and blue hues.

9. Go For Some Antiques

If you are a fan of antiques, you can bring some antiques to your home. For example, you can bring in a vintage-style gramophone, painting, or even a vintage musical instrument to enhance the beauty of the bedroom. The spare guest bedrooms will look similar to your standard bedrooms, transforming with antiques’ arrival.

10. Guest Dressing Space In Lofts

Most wish to have a customised Dressing Table Chair in the spare guest bedrooms to try on outfits. The issue comes when there is no separate space for creating such an area inside the house. The best thing was that we could convert the loft into a dressing area. Since no extra space is wasted for the same, this is an excellent option to create a customised dressing area.

11. Try The Farmhouse Styles

How about trying out a farmhouse-style bedroom for your guests? You can add wooden crates as side tables along with a small bed. You can make the room look more beautiful with a rustic style wardrobe. You can go on with some throw blankets with tassel textures and earthy tones, which could match the farmhouse style.

Bedroom Storage With Hinged Wardrobes and Bookshelf Unit Finished in Cashmere Grey Gloss and Beige Woodgrain
Bedroom Storage With Hinged Wardrobes and Bookshelf Unit Finished in Cashmere Grey Gloss and Beige Woodgrain

12. Provide Better Lighting Features

Experiment with the lights while designing the guest bedrooms. When guests enter the bedroom, they usually look for the lighting inside the room. You can choose lighting features from LED lights, strip lights, Wall sconces, bedside lamps and even go for a Mini-chandelier, which can create a bright and premium-looking guest bedroom. Also, adding a Mirrored Wardrobe can enhance the lighting & space element in your guest bedroom.

13. Add A Mini Bar Unit

Adding a mini bar to your spare guest bedrooms may sound fancy, but it is worth it. A minibar inside the guest bedroom will give them more luxury and provides them with more privacy. If space permits, you can have a little drinking space, wine rack, and refrigerator space, which will make them so relaxed.

Final Thoughts

To be a perfect host, you should always consider providing better hospitality. It will help if you consider yourselves in the position of the guests while designing each bedroom. So ensure you have suitable furniture options in your guest bedroom and never settle down with something imperfect. To start designing your guest bedroom and for Modern guest bedroom ideas, you can get in touch with us. 

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