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Modern homes need modern solutions! Space has quickly become an issue today, and people are looking for convenient options for keeping their essentials. Ceiling spaces are one such aspect of the interior that is often overlooked. Traditionally we use ceiling spaces to keep disfavored belongings in an unorganised manner. However, there can be effective designs to utilise the available spaces creating better furniture divisions.

Why Should You Go For Ceiling Spaces While Creating Furniture?

Ceiling spaces can be a great option to add much storage space to your home. While creating wardrobes or cupboards, ceilings provide the privilege and freedom to add different standards to the joint space. Wardrobe options like floor-to-ceiling storage and low-ceiling wardrobes are perfect prospects for homeowners. 

In living rooms, sloped ceilings can create storage options to keep your antiques and plants. For example, ceiling storage is an option to keep your winter jacket and your skewing shoes which you take only during the season. We can also use space to keep your old academic books, hobby collections & can even go for custom spaces to keep your antiques and plants.

eclectic bedroom set with TV unit with wardrobe & a leaning ladder bookshelf in Vulcano Ares & Bronze Concrete sheet finish
high ceiling wardrobe in Vulcano Ares & Bronze Concrete sheet finish

Top Furniture Designs Options That Make Use Of Your Ceiling Space

Effortless living is all we need in this fast-paced life, and we always try to bring innovative techniques while designing each piece of furniture to make life easy. Ceiling spaces could be a game-changer while designing new furniture units for your home, as you can ensure that every space is used creatively. Let’s look at some convenient furniture design options that can use your ceilings. 

1. Low Ceiling Wardrobes

If you don’t have a bigger ceiling space or a low ceiling, you can go for Low-ceiling Attic Wardrobes. Low ceiling wardrobes can use your available space to keep storage options inside your room. You can create multi-door wardrobes, keeping your clothes, shoes, and coats in one place.

2. White Wooden Ceiling Wardrobes

You can choose a custom-fit wardrobe if storage is a struggle in your household. And if you are a fan of white, you can have an all-white wooden wardrobe with a low ceiling feature. They are solid and durable and can be customised with drawers. The drawers can have aluminium handles perfectly fitting interiors of different kinds. And to finish the design, you can add bespoke lighting features, including a LED strip inside the cabinets.

sloped ceiling white wooden wardrobe set

3. Top Hung Sliding Wardrobes

If you are looking for an everyday sliding wardrobe in the room to use your extra ceiling space, then add a standard version of top-hung sliding wardrobes. You can fully open the sliding doors with light entering rooms from all sides. Top-hung Sliding Door Track on rails are made with high precision rollers and bearings, which helps in better daily usage. Each sliding door on the rails has concealed stops in the top track to control the door’s movement. As a result, they are more secure and will never come off the way forcefully.

4. Workspace With Ceiling Storage

You can go for a small workspace on your ceilings by bringing in a small desk with dual drawers and an ergonomic chair. Then, when you are bored working from other spaces in the home, you can use the ceiling space to do your work. The space will be limited, but enough to keep your laptop. You can have an additional drawer on the ceiling space to keep documents or other office essentials, which will also be helpful.

5. Sloped Ceiling Wardrobes With Pullout Drawers

You can go for sloped ceiling wardrobes with pullout drawers, which could be the best option for those who wish more storage space. These pullout drawers are easy to use and effectively keep your essentials. Also, since the wardrobe uses maximum height, you can add more pullout drawers. The sloped ceilings may have different measurements in different areas, but we can customise the wardrobe according to your space.

Bespoke Loft conversion with full mirror doors
Bespoke Loft conversion with full mirror doors

6. Floor-to-ceiling Hinged Wardrobe Design 

Floor-to-ceiling Wardrobes provide more hanging space as you can utilise all corners of the wardrobe and even the back of the doors. Each floor-to-ceiling hinged wardrobe could be neatly customised according to your specific requirements, like interior, colours, shade, ramp lights and even more. In addition, it provides excellent internal storage for all those clothes, shoes and whatever else you might want to store away by making use of the available ceiling space. 

7. Slim Line Ceiling Storage Units

Slim storage units are in! You can have a small space that uses your ceilings to keep your shoes, a space for newspapers and magazines and a small space for your plants or antiques. In addition, you can add LED lighting options inside the storage units to make them more unique. The LED strip lights are also an excellent option for creating a bright interior that helps you quickly locate things.

Final Thoughts

Ceiling spaces need creative designs that we could use to create efficient rooms. A designer with a creative sense can do wonders inside your rooms, regardless of bedrooms or living. If you are looking for an ideal option to create better furniture units that can use your ceiling space, too, you can rely upon Inspired Elements. We work not only to enhance the room’s dynamics but also closely with your style and theme to ensure that each detail is crisp. We assure you that once your order is placed, leave everything to us. We will bring you just what you need!

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