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Everyone needs a space in their home for their prayers. Home temples are irreplaceable units in modern homes. Every home needs a customised pooja room that will help the family members perform their prayers. According to the layout of the room and the space we have, Bespoke Home Temples can come in big and small sizes. Many of us dreamed of having a small area inside our apartment for a home mandir design. We may have seen a lot of design options but yet confused in choosing the ideal one. Here we are discussing some unique home temple ideas which you wish to bring to your home.

Home temple in Gold odessa oak, concrete flow
Home temple in Gold Odessa oak & concrete flow

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing the Right Home Temple

Everybody has the nostalgia of having the ideal home temple in their home. However, the tastes of each individual are different, so is the layout. Earlier space was an issue while designing a home temple. But as times change, modern design options have come which are successfully utilising the available space. Here we list some of the factors you should keep in mind before creating a home temple. 

1. Think of the Space

Space is always the biggest concern while designing a home temple. Modern designer options allow you to use the available space to create better home temples successfully. Small temples for home designs can use your corners, Fitted Hallways or even stairs to create the ideal options. For example, if you have free wall space in your home, you can have a small temple with a low height wooden base unit with drawers and brass bells. If your space in the room permits, you can even choose an entire room as your home temple.

bespoke home mandir units in Premium white tobacco gladstone oak & cleaf sable finish
bespoke home mandir units in Premium white tobacco Gladstone oak & cleaf sable finish

2. Think of Your Praying Habits

The thoughts of every individual are different, as are their praying habits. For example, some people pray along with their entire family members, like a family prayer, while others prefer praying alone. Based on this, you can create the home temple. It would help to consider the height of deities and the lamps used to ensure that we could arrange everything perfectly.

3. Lighting Features

The presentation of lights and their arrangement has some stories to tell while designing a home temple. The lighting should be warm and layered to create a pleasant feeling inside the temple. The eye-soothing feeling which the lighting gives will provide you with a positive vibe every time you go to the home temple. You can design & plan your pooja space with our Modern Studies Furniture & mix and match the designs as per your style.

Pooja temple in Alpine White & mangfall beech finish
Pooja temple in Alpine White & mangfall beech finish

4. Keep in Mind About the Vastu

Every home mandir set should be created within orientation, and for this, Vastu is essential. According to the pooja room Vastu, the deity should be placed, and you have to be precise. The Vastu of the temple defines a perfect prayer space, and before creating, you should always keep this in mind.

5. Think of the Storage Space

While starting to make a home temple, you should consider the storage space. Proper storage space is essential for keeping the pooja materials and other utensils. It’s better to stay in a separate room for the pooja materials of each deity. You may also have a customised space for the holy or prayer books to keep them organised.

6. Aesthetics

Every home temple should be appealing and should be created according to the decor. For example, you can have traditional jaali frames in the entrance with soft, soothing lighting to create the feeling of a traditional temple. You should make use of the available Living Room Space to develop pleasing home temple designs.

home pooja set in white gladstone oak & aluminium
home pooja set in white Gladstone oak & aluminium

Top Home Temple Designs in 2021

Many of us dreamed of having a small space inside our apartment for a Dark Wooden Home Temple Set home mandir design. As times change, unique temple designs are now in the market, which you may wish to try. Here are some designs, which you may find interesting

1. Open Home Temple Layout

If you have a large living room, you can go for an open wooden temple design. The open home mandir design can use the wall to place the idols on a Display Cabinet. You can also opt for a customisable lighting system inside the wooden temple to make it look more beautiful. 

custom made mandir units in dust grey
custom made mandir units in dust grey

2. Corner Home Temple 

Those who have space concerns can go for corner home temple units. How about a vintage style wooden temple design in your living room corner with classic jaali designs? Each corner space would be different, and the corner designs come customised according to your area.

3. Home Temple With Collapsable Jaali

How about a small temple unit with collapsable jaali in your living room? The personalised, collapsible jali with mirror base and wooden frame help you create an aesthetically pleasing home mandir design. 

4. Modern Home Temple

If you are thinking of trying a modern home temple design, you can add it with a Contemporary Home Office. First, you can try out a pooja unit carved in a wall niche. Here you can add distinctive elements, including small idols and customised yellow lighting features. If you are looking for a budget-oriented design, this is just the one you need. 

home temple set in Dark Iberian Olive & Dust grey
home temple set in Dark Iberian Olive & Dust grey

5. Luxury Hindu Home Temple Design

You can have a personalised collection of luxury Hindu temple designs that will enhance the home’s natural beauty. For example, you can have large mirrored doors and an oak wood base unit to keep the idol. The tall glass-panelled doors open up the space to create a bright-looking interior. You can also have golden panels on either side of the temple design to look more beautiful. If you have room, you can go for full-sized idols, which creates the impression of a proper temple inside your home. 

Final Thoughts

Every home temple is closely attached to the people living in them. So we can have customised wooden base units for large idols, sculpted columns and wooden jali panels in delicate artistic designs. Inspired elements create the most delicate miniature home designs of Hindu temples in the UK. So don’t worry about your spaces, as we can help you create customisable temple designs for home. 

We believe in creating the most delicate home temple ideas, which would undoubtedly make an impact inside your home. Visit our portfolio to know more about our Hindu temple for home ideas.

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