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Everyone wishes to make their kitchens look beautiful. In the past decade, kitchen designs have changed a lot. As technology has advanced, more innovative kitchen designs have arrived, creating a lot of buzzes. People are ready to invest in intelligent kitchen designs as they are relevant for hassle-free daily usage. The layout of the room defines the right kitchen design. L-shaped kitchens are now incredibly getting popular. The L-shaped kitchens method is unique and perfectly works for small or medium-sized kitchens. L shaped kitchen is formed of two adjoining runs of cabinets, often referred to as the legs of the L. The L-shaped design size can be altered according to your decor. Regardless of rustic and modern interiors, they are perfect for almost every type of interior. Let’s look at the benefits of having L-shaped kitchen layouts in your home.

Matt kitchen unit with fitted cabinet in Silver Grey Antique Brown Borneo Finish
Matt kitchen unit with fitted cabinet in Silver Grey Antique Brown Borneo Finish

What Are The Benefits Of Having L-Shaped Kitchen Layouts?

If you have an open layout, L-shaped kitchen designs are just the thing for you. Usually, the L-shaped kitchens use only two walls to use the remaining open spaces to create better storage spaces or even a tiny dining space. This design would allow your family members to spend some time in the kitchen and even help in meal preparation times. Let’s start with the pros of having L-shaped kitchen layouts. 

Better For Open Floor Spaces

Homeowners are now interested in adding open layouts to their kitchens. L-shaped kitchen designs are perfect for open layouts as it provides more leg space for appliances. You can move around freely inside your kitchen as you have more leg space and mingle.

Provides The Perfect Work Triangle

The L-shaped kitchen provides the option for creating the perfect work triangle inside the home. The design would help easy movement between the sink, cooktop and fridge. With workstations set out on two different walls in L-shaped kitchens, you won’t face too much trouble in your day to day activities.

Multiple Entrances

L-shaped kitchens allow you to have multiple entrances to your kitchen. Mainly they are situated around the corners, allowing you to enter and exit from both areas. In this way, you can reduce the traffic inside the kitchens.

Premiumline handleless kitchen with Black handleless profile in onxy dark grey matt and woodgrain oak finish
Premiumline Kitchen with glass wall cabinets and worktop bar Cabinets FInish -combination of dark Walnut (WALL) and Onyx dark grey Matt finish(BASE) Worktop and splashback – dark texture Quartz 30mm Handle – True handleless german style profile(brass) Sink – undermount Accessories – Heavy duty pot and pan drawers with cutlery tray in extra internal drawers LED lights below wall cabinets

Increases The Productivity

The L-shaped kitchen provides more space inside the kitchen by providing proper space for everything to get an organised layout. When you have everything in order, it will increase productivity and helps in making your daily work easy.

Ideal For Small Spaces

If you have a small space in your home, you can go for L-shaped kitchen designs. Your cooking space will look much more extensive and will have specific areas for everything. Even if you have small or corner space, L-shaped kitchens can be created in those sections.

L-Shaped Kitchen Design Ideas For 2022

You can go for L-shaped kitchen designs when you think of a practical, concise, and stylish kicthen design for your home. Regardless of your space, L-shaped kitchens work well in small, medium, and large kitchen spaces. There are the go-to choice designs due to their versatility. Here we are listing some stylish L-shaped kitchen designs that you may find interesting.

Wooden L-Shaped Kitchen Designs

When you think of the top-selling L-shaped kitchen designs, that would be the wooden L-shaped kitchen designs. The warm finish and natural feel of Wooden Kitchens make them the favourite of homeowners in London. The strength of a wooden L-shaped kitchen is always on the higher side. They are created to stand the test of time and give you a pleasant feeling inside.

Grey L-Shaped Kitchens

If you love to have an exquisite modern kitchen, you can opt for a grey L-shaped kitchen range. The grey L-shaped kitchen with white countertops will enhance the feel of the kitchen. You can introduce a traditional design with soft tones to any space by bringing in the grey L-shaped kitchen kitchens. They have more versatile options, from simple pale greys to bold dark finishes, including contrasting hues from which you can choose your desired shade.

Premiumline Kitchen With Brass Handleless Profile in Dust Grey Matt and Alpine White Finish

High Gloss L-Shaped Kitchens

High gloss L-shaped kitchens will look clear and beautiful, along with more trivial shiny accessories. The gloss kitchen is famous for several additional accessories, including glossy cabinets, glass counters, etc. In addition, you have unique gloss kitchen finishes from white to cream gloss finishes that can transform your home’s look. If you wish to create a much darker feel in your kitchen, you can opt for grey gloss L-shaped kitchens. You can also go for Handleless Gloss Kitchen designs, which provides a bright and user-friendly experience inside the kitchen.

Green L-Shaped Kitchen

If you are thinking of trying out an innovative design, you can go for a green l-shaped kitchen design. The green shade will bring in a unique shade inside the kitchen. In addition, you can opt for colour options like light green, pale green, turquoise and much more.

The Dual-Tone Kitchens

Why should you settle with one colour tone when you have the option for two! You can opt for dual shades like red and white or gold and white to create a contemporary style kitchen. The base cabinets will have a red finish and the worktops in a white finish. 

The Black Shade

If you want a dramatic feel with a modernistic touch inside your kitchens, black L-shaped kitchens could be the best pick. The black finish is a sophisticated choice and pairs effortlessly with the light schemes inside the kitchen. In addition, you can have two cupboard spaces inside the kitchen to enhance your storage options. The black L-shaped design is ideal for large spaces, and you can opt for various themes from matt black to high gloss finishes.

Premiumline Kitchen With Black Handleless Profile in Boston Concrete Finish

Mid-Century Modern Kitchens

Those willing to try out unconventional designs can go for mid-century modern l-shaped Kitchen designs. You can add a small dining table and chairs to convert the space into a dining area. This allows your family members to have a good time together.

Paintable L-Shaped Kitchen

Everyone loves to have a personalised kitchen style that matches their home. Paintable L-shaped kitchens are for those who wish to have a customised design for their kitchens. This style will help you adopt the desired colour schemes that match the layout and are currently in trend. For example, you can go for dark coloured tones with metallic fittings to give the kitchen a new look. 

Handleless wooden kitchen with wooden storage, cabinet in Cleaf Primofiore & Pembroke finish
Wooden Kitchen Unit in Cleaf Primofiore

Bottom Line

L-shaped kitchens are one of the most efficient and user-friendly kitchen designs. Inspired Elements can help you design the finest, L-shaped kitchen designs in London. The ergonomic features of our L-shaped kitchens are stunning, making them one of the top competitors among modern kitchen designs. Do you have an incredible L-shaped kitchen idea that you wish to see in reality? We can help you! Look at our portfolio to know more about our L-shaped Kitchen Layouts and make your order now.

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