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If you think of the most personal space in your home, naturally, your bedroom would be. We always wish to keep our bedroom stylish and user friendly. It’s the place you go to escape from the rush of the day, recharge for the next, and dream about what’s to come. From storage options to interiors, we need everything perfect for the bedrooms. Every bedroom is a direct reflection of your impeccable taste and style. People are looking for innovative Fitted Bedroom Designs and intelligent storage functionalities to make their bedrooms stand apart in modern times. As many options are available in the market, from wardrobes to cabinets, we may often be confused about their home’s perfect storage options. Here we are discussing how to personalise your bedrooms perfectly. If you are thinking of remodelling your bedrooms, you must go through this.

Gloss Bedroom Fitted frameless sliding wardrobe with top hung doors in Light grey high gloss and Khaki grey acrylic gloss finish
Gloss Bedroom Fitted frameless sliding wardrobe with top hung doors in Light grey high gloss and Khaki grey acrylic gloss finish

How to Make Your Bedroom Look Stunning?

If you are looking for a functional bedroom, you have a lot of options to go for. Practical bedroom designs have created quite a buzz among homeowners. However, most people believe that their home doesn’t have enough space available to store their belongings. Storage space is a premium for most Modern Bedroom Units, so it’s vital to find a solution that helps alleviate this problem. Let’s have a look at some ideas to make your bedroom look stunning. 

Choose Creative Interiors

Interiors define the beauty of a bedroom. Having stylish interior designs can enhance the bedroom’s aesthetics and make it look appealing to your guests. You can use colour options of your choice, from bold to subtle ones. For standard options, you can have white, grey and cream. You can have creative colour options for bedrooms from gentle blue, lavender, or green hues, which gives you a mild effect. You can have an artistic touch inside the room with lines and patterns, which could be beautiful. You can even add natural textures to make it look more elegant.

Hinged Wardrobe With Chest Drawers in Perfect Matt Light Grey and Woodgrain Kaiserberg Oak Finish
Hinged Wardrobe With Chest Drawers in Perfect Matt Light Grey and Woodgrain Kaiserberg Oak Finish

Create an Attractive Bedside

An attractive and stylish bedside table can make all the difference in a guest room where accent furniture tends to be wholly functional. You can have a nightstand including a Bespoke Dressing Table Set, a tray for a book for a phone, a water carafe, and a decorative storage box for jewellery. The bed should have a high-quality mattress and a clean bed sheet. If you have a plug point near to the bed, that would be an additional advantage. A pleasant-looking bedsheet will give you a positive vibe as you enter the bedroom.

Stunning Wardrobes

Everyone would love a perfect storage solution for their clothes and accessories. Having a wardrobe in your bedroom would be unquestionably the solution for all your storage-related queries. Nowadays, we have unlimited design options for bedroom wardrobes to convert your space to a unique look. From Fitted Cabinets to glass wardrobes, you can choose a lot of finishes. Let’s have a look at some of the top designs.

Elevated Cupboards: This is a type of wardrobe you can create on top of the wardrobe frame in your bedroom. It consumes less space and gives you more storage for various things such as books, bags and other necessary articles. We can arrange them above the bed level, and hence it becomes easy for you to use them anytime.

Maple Wood Open Walk-In Wardrobe: Open Walk-in Wardrobes Set has gained a lot of attention recently. Here the closet may not have cabinet doors. Instead, the wardrobe is made of laminated maple wood, which looks stunning. They have customised space to keep everything like shoe racks and hanging rods for coats. The customised mild led lighting enhances the beauty of the room.

Fitted Walk-in Wardrobes Collection | Inspired Elements

Boutique Style: You may have seen beautiful wardrobes in boutiques. You can try those stunning Corner Wardrobes Set if you think you have space to do that. The boutique design would have fancy rods, shelves, hangers and much more to make your home look beautiful.

Pearl White Glass Fitted Wardrobe & Oak Rails: If you are looking for a wardrobe for your kid’s room, this is an ideal one. The cabinet is a compact one that keeps everything organised. In addition, the oak rails along the white glass make it look bright and beautiful. You can also check out Our Watford Kitchen & Wardrobe Project & see how our London clients got their home furniture at Inspired Elements.

Blue Sliding Wardrobes: You may not be familiar with blue sliding wardrobe designs, but they are stunning. The colour shades may range from classic cobalt, dreamy turquoise, vivid blue, royal blue and much more. The shades are unique and will bring in a positive feeling inside the bedroom.

Dual-Tone Glass Wardrobes: Dual-tone Bespoke Glass Wardrobes are perfect for modern interiors. The tones could be of the same colour or different ones. The dual-tone collection goes well with light coloured interiors as it would get better looks.

Creative Entertainment Options

Unlike a few years ago, nowadays entertainment units have got a place in bedrooms. Everyone is looking for sleek and stylish bedroom tv unit options to spend their free time. ? You can also choose a music system or even a PS4 which could be added to the tv units. Let’s have a look at some TV units for bedrooms.

Modern Corner TV Units: If you have less space in your bedroom, you should try out the Corner TV Units. Corner TV units could be custom made according to the area you have. Wooden corner entertainment units were standard for a long time and have got great acceptance among households.

Compact TV Unit: Even Though the cabinet is small, it would look great inside the room. You can experiment with the colours you like and include different shades like grey, white or even black.

Grey TV unit with Storage in Flap ups, Drawers and Open shelf units in Combination of White Halifax Oak and Onyx Grey
Grey TV unit with Storage in Flap ups, Drawers and Open shelf units in Combination of White Halifax Oak and Onyx Grey

The Work from Home Model: How about working from your home and relaxing your free time watching TV using the same unit? You can make this happen by bringing home the latest addition to the TV unit as it has a working area to keep your laptop and essentials. 

TV Unit With Bookshelves: If you are a book lover, this could be the thing for you. You can keep your favourite books organised and at the same time watch the TV too. Moreover, you can use the full-fledged wall as it will give the feeling of a library. Check out our Modern Bookshelves and order your bespoke home furniture at Inspired Elements.

Lighting Features

A bedroom is incomplete without the proper lighting features. Lighting features enhance the look and feel of the bedroom. You can go for chandeliers, table lamps, wall scones and even a standing lamp. We could create each lighting feature according to the layout and style of the bedroom.

Have Wide Windows and Open Spaces

Having more open spaces in the bedroom could be a game-changer. If you have a spacious bedroom, you should go for this. If you have large windows, you can have stylish curtains on them. You can also have space for indoor plants to create a positive vibe inside the room.

Using Mirrored and Glass Furniture

Mirrors and glasses could decide the beauty of the bedrooms. It will reflect more natural light and make the room clean and beautiful. It also helps in making the room look more spacious and you can match the interior with our Bespoke Silver White Bedroom Set. A mirror makes your room look bigger; also, you could avoid another investment on a dressing table. You could also design a small space with a mirror and a shelf at the back of your cosmetics.

Bedroom With Frameless Sliding Wardrobe With Full Panel in Combination of Woodgrain and Mirror
Bedroom With Frameless Sliding Wardrobe With Full Panel in Combination of Woodgrain and Mirror

Invest in Antiques and Luxury Products

Suppose you don’t have budget constraints; it’s better to go for antique products in your bedroom. You can have luxurious carpets or stunning led lamps inside the bedroom. If you are an art lover, you can have a painting inside the bedroom. You can have a space to keep an antique gramophone or even a statue inside the bedroom.

Final Thoughts

If you’re planning on building a new home or willing to Renovate your Bedroom, it’s better to seek the help of a professional. Are you thinking to bring the best-fitted bedroom furniture designers to your home renovation? Inspired Elements brings you all that you need for creating the best bedroom furniture sets. You can design bedroom furniture sets with all the features you want and all the details you would use. In addition, our bedroom wardrobe ideas add an extra touch of contemporary and flexibility in designs. So whether you need a Fitted Mirrored Wardrobe or a sliding wardrobe for your home and looking for better deals in a bedroom furniture sale, get in touch with us.

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