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Fitted wardrobes have always been a talk in the town as everyone wishes to have a fitted wardrobe in their home to solve their storage queries. Fitted wardrobes offer the best way of maximising the space in your bedroom. They are becoming more popular and are sought after by many home buyers. Even if you have an old Fitted Wardrobes as time changes, you would certainly need to look for an update. Sometimes it may be costly to introduce a new wardrobe to your home, and at this place comes the importance of renovating your old fitted wardrobes into a new fitted wardrobe design. Here we are discussing how to renovate your old fitted wardrobe into a new fitted wardrobe design.

Wooden Glass Hinged Wardrobe in White Gladstone Oak

How to Renovate Your Old Fitted Wardrobe Into New Fitted Wardrobe Design?

Probably in our daily life, we could have thought of buying a Hertfordshire Built in Sliding Wardrobe Project that would fit all our requirements, and we may not have found a better solution. The fitted wardrobes could be customised according to your specific needs. You can add as many accessories to your fitted wardrobe, like hanging rails, lights, shoe racks, cupboards, drawers, shelves, compartments and much more. But how do you start renovating them? Let’s have a look. 

Hinged wardrobe with full bronze mirror door
Hinged wardrobe with full bronze mirror door, Luminous glass shelf with LED, Angled shoe rack, Long Black profile handle

Let’s paint it out

Is painting helpful in transforming your old wardrobe to new? The answer is undoubted yes. Painting an old wardrobe gives you a chance to create a focal point in your room which matches your style and decor. It’ll help cover any marks or scuffs it’s picked up over the years. When you start painting your wardrobe, think of the look that you wish to have. If you have to have a pleasant feeling, use light colours, or if you like a retro dashing look, go for bright colours. Before starting the painting, make sure that the Hinged Wardrobe is dust-free and remove it if you find any. Ensure that you remove the handles, pull out drawers, and reattach them correctly once you finish painting. Painting is the most cost-efficient way to make your wardrobe new when compared to other methods.

Adding Mirrors and glass doors

When you add new Mirrored Wardrobes to your old wardrobes, it would naturally increase the overall look of the wardrobe. The mirrors will reflect ample amounts of light to your room, creating the sensation of more space in the room. The look of the wardrobe would be entirely changed, which also enhances the aesthetics of the room. You could do this job by yourself or could seek the help of an expert.

Do some trimming

You can change the appearance of the wardrobe by doing a bit of trimming and panelling. There are different methods to trim and panel a wardrobe, and each has its relevance. You May have to cut some additional parts if they are not necessary. Don’t worry. Trimming the wardrobe will not reduce the size of the wardrobe but will only do some minor changes that would be worth it.

Open the closet

If you have a large closet that has become old, you can convert it to an open closet. Sometimes all you have to do is to remove the Hinged Mirrored Wardrobe Doors in Westminster. While doing this, make sure that everything is pretty organised or feel everything a bit decluttered. There is another option like having your dressing room where the Built-in Wardrobe is located.  This would create an opportunity for multiple shelving for the convenient reorganization of clothing, shoes & accessories.

Wooden sliding Fitted Wardrobe with five panels in combination of Dark woodgrain, Snow White and light Grey Gloss finish
Wooden Sliding Fitted Wardrobe With Five Panels in Combination of Dark Woodgrain, Snow White and Light Grey Gloss Finish

Change your door handles

Due to ageing, what happens is that your door handles may be damaged or have become outdated. You can fix this by replacing the handle with a new one as it makes the wardrobe look more beautiful. You can buy the latest handles by visiting the nearest sliding wardrobe store. When a new door handle is used, the opening and closing become more smooth, making it ideal for day to day activities. If you are particular, you can try experimenting with some fancy handles. 

Bring in curtains

A curtain should enhance the way a wardrobe looks. Covering the wardrobe partially, with curtains concealing the parts you do not want to leave insight, and you can also add a soft element of style to your built-in wardrobe. Try to look for a neutral shade as it would fit any type of wardrobe.

A little wallpaper touch

This would undoubtedly feel like a light job but is quite helpful. You can simply attach wallpaper over the wardrobe as it will hide a few damaged parts. If the wallpaper is beautiful and fits in with the room’s decor, it would be a better choice for sure. A light wallpaper design over a wardrobe will give a pleasant feeling, rather than the damaged design. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to bring a noticeable change to your bedroom, you would certainly look at remodelling Choosing the Right Fitted Wardrobes for sure. A Fitted Wardrobe has many benefits over the free-standing wardrobes both in terms of money and storage values. If you are currently remodelling or building a new house, you might want to consider those benefits and invest in your custom-tailored fitted wardrobe. Transforming your old wardrobe is not that much a more extensive task if you have time and the tools. It’s just a cakewalk. Good luck with your renovation!

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