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When you think of the most integral and favourite furniture unit in your home, one thing that comes to mind is the TV unit. As times change, more innovative TV units have reached the market. People are now willing to experiment and bring intelligent entertainment units to their homes. We spend time watching TV units and wish to improve the experience. For example, we could alter customisations and comfort according to your preferences regarding the viewing angles. So, if you think of having a new Fitted TV Unit Set, you may look at this blog. 

TV unit with Drawers in Crema Beige, and center Open Box in Lincoln Walnut finish
TV unit with Two Drawers in Crema Beige finish, and in between Open Box in Lincoln Walnut finish

What Are the Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing Customised TV Units? 

It is often unclear when choosing the perfect Check out our Bespoke TV Units Chelsea Project for your home. Since unlimited options are available now, we may doubt choosing one. Therefore, you must consider some factors before selecting a TV unit.

Type of Material Used

When choosing the material, you should be careful. You may have wooden options like oak, maple, peach and much more if you prefer durable ones. You can also choose metals if you wish, as they are vital. You can also have the option to select Wall Mounted TV Cabinets that would be aesthetically pleasing.

Think About Viewing Angles 

The TV units determine your viewing experience, and you must ensure the viewing angles are ideal. Materials like matt, high gloss and even white shades may affect the viewing experience. We should alter the position and height of TV units according to the viewing angles of the people in our homes.

Wooden Grey TV unit with Storage in Flap ups,Wall Units and Open shelf units in Combination of Dark Grey, Dark Select Walnut and Black Marble finish
Wall mounted Wooden Grey TV unit with Storage in Flap ups in Dark Grey, Dark Select Walnut and Black Marble finish.

Think About the Finishes

Modern TV Sets are available in a range of finishes. You have the options like high gloss, matt finish, glass and wooden TV units. We could select the finish according to the interior we have. Please don’t use too much gloss, as it would affect the viewing experience. On the other hand, in small rooms, a glass finish could be excellent as it would enhance the visual beauty.

Keep in Mind the Customisations You Need

The needs and tastes of each individual are different, as are the customisations. For example, you may need extra drawers in TV units to keep your books or some space for your indoor plants. You may need a sliding door for your TV units or push the open one. We should note the required customisations before making the TV unit.

Choose the Right Design

Thousands of TV unit designs are available now. Those options are available if you need a TV Wall Unit or a vintage oak TV unit. You can have them if you want a glass TV unit or an all-white one. You can have a miniature Fitted Lounge TV Units option or go for corner TV units. The design choice would be strictly according to the personality and decor of the room.

Grey TV unit with Storage in Flap ups, Drawers and Open shelf units in Combination of White Halifax Oak and Onyx Grey
TV units in a combination of open shelf units, base drawers and wall flap-ups. The carcass is finished in White Halifax Oak, and the visible panels are in Onyx Grey.

Keep an Eye on the Budget

You must always keep an eye on the budget. Then, based on the budget, you can go for the designs. From luxurious versions to budget options, everything is available now. All you have to do is choose the perfect one based on the money you can spend. You can go for our Small Entertainment Set according to the available budget and space.

Top Customised TV Unit Finishes That You Could Try This Year

Our family spends much time in the living rooms, relaxing and watching TV. They have been one of our best forms of entertainment for decades. So let’s look at some of the TV unit finishes you can try at home.

Wooden Finished TV Unit

An entirely Wooden TV Unit is the traditional one that everyone likes. However, this design never gets old, as it gives a classy overall feel. The best thing about this unit is its ample storage space compared to other TV units and considerable size.

Wooden TV unit with Storage in Drawers,Flap Up in Oak finish, Shelves and Open Unit in Graphite Grey
Wooden TV unit with Storage in Drawers, Flap Up in Oak finish, Shelves and Open Unit in Graphite Grey.

White Gloss TV Unit

If you need a much more glossy and bright TV unit, our High Gloss TV Unit would be the best choice. But, since white is everyone’s favourite, it could be a choice. Moreover, you can mix and match with numerous colours of your choice. Check out our White Entertainment Units and personalise them with a glossy finish at Inspired Elements.

Stylish Matt TV Units

Matt TV Sets are innovative and aesthetically pleasing. These units have clean lines and better storage space making them a perfect competitor for the best TV units. The premium matt finish helps keep you away from scratches and smudges to make the TV unit look beautiful throughout the years. In addition, matt finishes tend to enrich the interior due to their ability to diffuse light reaching the surface. These non-reflective features make the TV unit look more smooth and more consistent.

Matt Grey TV unit with Storage in Drawers with Dust Grey finish, Shelves and Open Unit in Graphite Grey
Matt Grey TV unit with Storage in Drawers with Dust Grey finish, Shelves and Open Unit in Graphite Grey.

Stunning Glass TV Units

The ever-popular range of glass TV units has new trending design styles. In small apartments, glass TV cabinets could be used as an additional storage space in living rooms. If you have space-related queries, we could arrange the Glass TV Cabinets in corners or even under stairs. They have variants like black mirrored and corner mirrored, with unique characters.

Black Gloss TV Unit

Even for furniture, a black gloss finish gives a modern feel. Likewise, the black gloss TV unit gives a luxury feeling when installed in a room with light-coloured interiors.

Matt Black Bespoke Fitted TV unit with storage and fireplace finished in Black Matt and Tinted Bronze glass
Matt Bespoke Fitted TV unit with storage and fireplace finished in Black Matt and Tinted Bronze glass.

Why Choose Inspired Elements for Creating Customised TV Unit Finishes?

New TV unit designs, shades and fancy colours are now catching the attention of everyone. People are looking for stunning TV unit finishes to transform their living rooms. The obvious question that would arise in the mind of everyone would be to choose the ideal designer to help you find the perfect TV unit for your home. Inspired Elements has over a decade of experience designing the finest TV units in London. We can help you in converting your bespoke TV unit ideas into reality. Visit our London showroom to know more. 

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