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Kitchen trends keep changing according to time. Experimenting with colours has always provided exceptional outcomes. Blue is a top choice in kitchen colour schemes, which has created an impression among homeowners across the globe. The colour shades may range from classic cobalt, dreamy turquoise, vivid blue, royal blue and much more. All these colour shadings have uniqueness and could be used in any home, from contemporary Kitchen Designs to traditional ones. So if you are thinking of redesigning your kitchens or creating a new one and you have the wish to try out Blue Kitchen Designs, you must go on reading.

Trendy Blue Kitchen Designs To Keep An Eye On

The current generation wishes to have a serene and classic-looking kitchen design, and blue has been a top competitor in the league. The versatility of blue kitchens makes it one of the most purchased kitchens in recent years. The shades used in blue are different, and you can choose from various designs. Here were discussing some aesthetically pleasing blue kitchen designs which could be perfect for your home. 

1. Go for Copper Fixtures

How about bringing in metallic accents with a blue shade into your kitchens? The copper fixtures could be the best choice within the chick blue shaded which can be made perfect with white kitchen cabinets.

Easy Line Modern Kitchen in Units in Indigo Blue & Kaisersberg Oak
Easy Line Modern Kitchen in Units in Indigo Blue & Kaisersberg Oak

2. Open Blue Kitchens

An open-style blue kitchen design is flexible and easy to use. They are also a good option if you have some odd, unusable space in your kitchen, reducing the wastage in the area. The blue shade will perfectly match the open layout, and open cabinetry helps to have more space for your stuff to get organised. 

3. Try Out The Glossy Finish

Gloss Kitchen Ideas could come in different shades with uniqueness in every scenario. You can have just the right thing every interior needs, from light versions to glow versions. The standard feel that blue gloss cabinets give is ideal for contemporary kitchens. In addition, the vast selection of grey gloss cabinets allows the kitchen’s interior to be accurately decorated with a shiny finish.

4. Go For Shaker Style

Shaker kitchens won’t be limited to typical colours. You can have blue shaker kitchen designs in your home if you want a contemporary feel. The richness of the deep blue shade creates a stylish feeling inside the kitchen. You can even go for shades from navy blue to turquoise paired with white countertops to have a vibrant kitchen. Finally, you can go for the powder blue shade for a minimalistic view, perfect for small spaces.

5. Modular Shelving

Kitchens with modular shelving options would be perfect for keeping things organised; when it’s blue, it’s even stylish. But, of course, you will try to maximise the available space if you have a smaller space. Here, you can go for floating shelves on the top for better storage and lower cabinets that can be used to keep daily using stuff. The blue-shaded modular shelving can come in unique options from light blue to glossy finishes.

Premiumline kitchen in aluminium handleless profile with dining area finish Metallic blue gloss acrylic (3)
Metallic blue gloss acrylic Premium line Kitchen

6. Go For Multi-Shading

Why settle down with one shade when you can mix multiple shades of blue? For your Fitted Kitchen Ideas, you can try out the contrasting light and darker shades, enhancing the kitchen’s overall look and feel. For example, you can try out marble splashbacks and bold blue cabinets which can sink together. The lighting features will match the blue shades, where we will give prominence to white lights as they will be aesthetically pleasing.  

7. Try Out The U-Shaped Kitchens

Blue U-shaped kitchens provide the golden triangle functionality, making them ideal for contemporary homes. You can have multiple countertops and kitchen appliances as you have separate space for everything. The shade variations range from subtle to a high gloss finish, so you can choose the one that fits your decor. You can also go for the interior countertops with marble, quartz, and granite, which can go well with the blue shade. 

8. Beach Styles Are In

Try out the beach-style kitchen design for a unique-looking kitchen space. You can add Shaker cabinets, stone countertops, and glass backsplashes for a beautiful interior. The ocean theme is ideal for large spaces which can have breakfast bars and pendant lights in them. In addition, the kitchen can look better with metallic fixtures and faucets, which will blend in with the beach-style designs.

Handleless Kitchen in smoke blue finish with black handleless profile
Handleless Kitchen in smoke blue finish with black handleless profile

9. The Blue And White Combo

White kitchens go well with every interior regardless of the shades, and blue is one such shade. The perfect blend of white and blue colours can create more space to reflect the natural light falling on them. You could also go for Glass Worktops here to have a better look. In addition, you can try matte, glossy and woody textures along with shades like off-white and ivory. Finally, other options include blue and white backsplash, rug, and floor tile, which will be more stylish.

10. Hybrid Blue Kitchens

A hybrid kitchen with blue shades is perfect for modernistic homes. You can have extending kitchens here with better seating in the room, which could be a casual space for dining too. Even if your kitchen is small, a counter extension into the adjacent room can be an island. In addition, the royal blue or navy blue finish brings a contemporary feel to the kitchen, making it more aesthetically pleasing.

11. Traditional Pastel Blue Shades

You can try out traditional pastel blue shades inside your interiors for a fresh, clean, and traditional-looking kitchen. In addition, you can bring in wooden elements inside the kitchen to add more authenticity. The pastel blue shade goes well with white, and you can introduce Personalised Kitchen Cabinets with full-inset doors and drawers. If space permits, you can have a traditional-style wooden dining space in white shade inside the kitchen. 

Bottom Line

Possibilities are endless with the variety which blue can offer to you. Blue kitchens have slowly become the bucket list of people considering redesigning their kitchens. So if you are looking for something that stays beyond time, is versatile and affordable, you can choose bespoke blue kitchen designs from Inspired Elements. We can create designs based on your interests and the room’s layout, from open kitchen styles to closed kitchen cabinet styles. You can visit our portfolio to learn more about our designs, which could suit your preferences. 

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