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Wardrobes are not just more than furniture now. A walk-in wardrobe can be your perfect choice if you think of a visually beautiful and practical design. In addition, a walk-in wardrobe allows people to enjoy the experience of choosing the perfect outfit for the day. More importantly, a walk-in wardrobe’s design is not limited to time and era because each walk-in wardrobe has its unique qualities that you may prefer.

Unlike the regular cupboards, Walk-in Wardrobes Ideas have ample storage spaces where you can proudly display your clothes, shoes and other accessories. Of course, if you have space, you can have a dressing room is an even more desirable addition. What could be the benefits of having high-end modern walk-in wardrobes? Let’s have a look.

Why Go For Modern Walk-In Wardrobes In Your Home?

Modern walk-in wardrobes are available in beautiful finishes and gorgeous accent pieces that will surely be an asset to every home. They can work exceptionally well in small or cramped spaces. They are versatile, aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly. We can look at some of the advantages of a walk-in wardrobe.

1. Maximises Storage Space

In current times, space is an issue. A customised walk-in wardrobe could help you enhance storage by utilising the available space. Even if you have a cramped or small space, walk-in wardrobes can be made bespoke according to your space.

Fitted Walk in wardrobe in combination of Cashmere Matt and Dust grey matt finish
Fitted Walk-in wardrobe in a combination of Cashmere Matt and Dust grey matt finish

2. More Design Options

 The possibilities are endless, from traditional Modern Built-in Wardrobe Ideas to modern corner walk-in wardrobes. You can also have shades from high gloss to low gloss to matt finish walk-in wardrobe fittings. In addition, we can alter the unique design options based on your preferences and layout.

3. A Newly Redesigned Interior

Walk-in wardrobes are currently a style statement. With the stylish walk-in wardrobe designs available, you can convert an average interior into something extraordinary. In addition, a high-end walk-in wardrobe can enhance your room’s visual beauty, which you can proudly showcase to your guests and friends.

4. Privacy Matters

A personalised walk-in wardrobe could be a boon if you have multiple people using the same wardrobe. It creates an additional space to change into outfits without having to kick the other person out. In addition, you can opt for multiple small walk-in wardrobe designs within your available space.

High-End Walk-In Wardrobe Designs To Keep An Eye On

While redesigning your home, you always wish to have a better wardrobe to keep your essentials in one place. A personalised luxury walk-in wardrobe design is undoubtedly a dream of every household. Moreover, you have the freedom to personalise the Modern Wardrobes according to your beauty concepts, making them even more attractive. Here we list some unique wardrobe designs that you may find interesting.

1. Luxury Walk-in Wardrobe in Front Glass in Natural Walnut

Linear glass walk-in Wardrobe range in woodgrain walnut finish, perfect for a contemporary style bedroom. The unique combination of long hanging and short hanging wardrobe space, mixed with drawers and shelving, will give you ample storage and display your things beautifully.

Fitted Modern Walk-in Wardrobe With Dressing Table Set
Fitted Modern Walk-in Wardrobe With Dressing Table Set

2. The Laminated Pine Wardrobe

The newest edition of the pine laminated walk-in wardrobe is space friendly. You can have a customisable tie rack and hanging rod for your coats. The finish is so premium that it makes the space look stunning. The drawers are a combination of wood and glass with a push-open system.

3. Walk-in Wardrobe in Sherwood & Dust Grey Finish

The Luxury Walk-in Wardrobe Combination of Sherwood & Dust Grey finish with better storage options for contemporary bedrooms. In addition, the dust grey finish blends in perfectly with the lighting features, which come with shoe storage and hanging rails.

4. Luxurious Grey Walk-in Wardrobe with Drawer

The stylish grey walk-in wardrobes with the island drawer could be the perfect choice if you are looking for an ultra-luxury wardrobe. Here a separate island is created along with the cabinet with customised drawers to keep your essentials. It is helpful if multiple persons are using the same wardrobe. You can add strip lights on the top to bring a bright space near the walk-in wardrobe. The best thing with a grey finish is that it can blend in with all types of decors.

Modern Walk-in fitted wardrobe in dark walnut finish with island dresser

5. Walk-in Wardrobe in Bronze Mirror & Brown Orleans Finish

 Say yes to luxury with our high-end linear walk-in wardrobe with bronze mirror & brown Orleans oak finish, shirt organisers and stylish open side panels. In addition, you can add cool white LED strip Light, adjustable shelving, hanging storage, and drawers as additional fittings. 

6. Luxury Walk-in Wardrobe in Confront Penelope Textured Finish

Try out the Linear Small Walk-in Wardrobe Ideas in Confront Penelope Textured Finish. The open walk-in wardrobe has the perfect space for everything, including hanging rails, customised drawers and a space to keep your shoes. We can arrange the wardrobe on two sides of the room with spotlights and glass partitions.

7. Glass framed in Wardrobe in Copper Stone High Gloss Finish

You can check out the stylish walk-in wardrobe with copper stone high gloss finish with mirror back, personalised dressing island with Knob Handles, stylish chest drawers and cool white LED lighting features, ideal for modern bedrooms with space.

8. Walk-in Wardrobe White Matt & Woodgrain Oak

You can order the Modern Walk-in Wardrobe in white matt and light woodgrain oak finish with customised LED lighting features and better storage options. The matt design with the oak wooden finish would create a luxurious-looking interior.

Walk-in wardrobe white matt and woodgrain oak finish with LED_1 (1)
Modern walk-in wardrobe

9. Muted & Soft Wooden Walk-in Wardrobes

If you are looking for a less gloss yet luxury-looking walk-in wardrobe, you can go for muted and soft design. The Wooden Wardrobe gets a soft and muted look when grey undertones are used. This look will be best with a light-coloured interior, giving it a tender look. The lighting features, including automatic lights, could be brought here. We could alter the design based on the space you have.

Bottom Line

A high-end walk-in wardrobe is an aspirational aspect of home design–especially when it is spacious, well organised, and kitted out with a bespoke closet system as stylish as the clothing collection it holds. We create designer walk-in wardrobes in the modular floating structure lines, making them fitted for all bedroom types in London. So please book your free design visit with Inspired Elements, and let’s start with your next dream luxurious walk-in wardrobe.

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