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When you think of renovating your home and looking for a better storage option, the ideal choice is to have cupboard storage. Modern homes usually lack space, and we always wish to create practical storage solutions to keep everything organised. The Fitted Cupboard Designs, how it looks, what it’s made of, where it is placed, etc., are all crucial aspects that affect the room’s overall look. We mostly think of their practical side rather than their decorative side, which also has its relevance. The requirements of each individual are different as some lean toward an absolute minimum and simplistic one.

Everyone has their ideas and thoughts about Fitted Cupboard Solutions. Fitted cupboards could be a practical storage option in bedrooms, living rooms, and even your home offices. If you are thinking to bring a newly fitted cupboard to your home, this blog might be helpful to you.

Hinged Wardrobe with Dresser Unit Storage in combination of Pebble grey and Cleaf Engadina
Hinged Wardrobe with Dresser Unit Storage in the combination of Pebble grey and Engadina

Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing Fitted Cupboards

Having a properly organised home will create a positive balance in your lifestyle. Now you may have understood how cupboards could help you in decluttering your house. However, bringing in new Fitted Cabinets to your home is a significant decision, and we should be careful in choosing the perfect one for our home. 

1. Think of the Space You Have

When you think of it, the first thing you should keep in mind should be your space. Don’t go for more extensive cupboards if you have a small space. By considering the space you have, you can choose options no matter how unique your area is. 

2. Think of the Usage

It would be best if you chose Bespoke Dressing Table With Custom Shelves cupboards based on your usage. Don’t go for too many fancy extensions if you don’t have the use. Based on the usage, you can opt for small or large cupboards.

Hinged Wardrobe with Dresser Unit Storage in combination of Cleaf Matrix Dust Grey and Lincoln Walnut
Hinged Wardrobe with Dresser Unit Storage in a combination of Cleaf Matrix Dust Grey and Lincoln Walnut

3. Design Style

Multiple design options are available in markets for cupboards and cabinets. You can select the design based on your preferences and the room’s layout. Choosing a plan that won’t match your interior will affect the entire room’s beauty. Check out our Living Room Cabinet Collection and order your bespoke home decor at Inspired Elements.

4. Keep an Eye on the Budget

While considering a Bespoke Dressing Cupboard, it’s mandatory to keep in mind your budget. You won’t have to go for too many fancy items if you are a little short on budget. Nowadays more budget-friendly options are available in the market which could be perfect for you.

5. Think of Options You Have

Before having cupboards, you should have a look at the options available. You can have oak cupboards, high gloss cupboards and even elevated Corner Cupboards based on your tastes.

single drawer open bedside cabinets in Antique Brown Borneo
single drawer open bedside cabinets in Antique Brown Borneo

6. Keep an Eye on Lighting Features

Having customised lighting features inside the room, especially bedrooms, could enhance the visual beauty of the room. You can go for under cupboard lighting options that are stunning to see and help you find things even at night. You can go for stylish LED strips around the cupboards for a relaxed look.

Stylish Cupboard Options for Modern Homes

The majority of people believe that their home doesn’t have enough space available to store their belongings. Having a bespoke cupboard in your home would be undoubtedly the solution for all your storage-related queries. Let’s have a look at some of the stylish cupboard designer options.

1. Free Standing Cupboard

The most basic and traditional type is the Freestanding Cupboard. This type is found almost in every household as they are easy to move around. The only drawback of a free-standing cupboard is that it consumes room space for easy operation of doors.

Top hung Frame less sliding wardrobe in dark walnut finish
Top hung Frameless sliding wardrobe in dark walnut finish

2. Built-In Cupboard

A built-in cupboard is a storage space that forms part of the room’s design and is not free-standing or moveable. It is not the same as a cabinet. Built-in cupboards not only look beautiful but can also be customised easily. They can be made of various materials, including wood and iron.

3. Red oak cupboard

If you are ready for some experiment, you can opt for Wooden Cupboards. They are visually very appealing and provides a luxurious feel inside the bedroom. They could be made with single and multi-door features. It gives the interior an overall contrast look which is better for bedrooms.

4. Small Cupboards

Many of us have the issue with the lack of suitable storage spaces and effective space utilisation. Here comes the relevance of Bespoke Small Cupboards specially customised for small spaces. If your bedrooms have alcoves and awkward spaces, you can bring small cupboards with better storage options.

framed bedside cabinets in natural walnut finish
Framed bedside cabinets in natural walnut finish

5. Shaker Cupboards

Shaker doors offer several ways to customise to suit your style. They’re offered in two, three and four-panel designs, and both the panels and the frames come in a range of finishes, such as wood effects, mirrors and glass.

6. Mirrored Cupboard

How about incorporating a contemporary full-length mirror on the wooden cupboard. You can use the Linear Glass Wardrobe as a personal beauty apparatus. The mirror in the cupboard would reflect ample light to keep the room bright and make it look bigger.

7. Wall Mounted Cupboards

People are bidding goodbye to traditional free-standing cupboards and are opting more for wall mounted ones. The primary reason behind this is space. Compared to traditional ones, they use less space as they are wall-mounted and offer a graceful look to any room. 

White Fleetwood display cupboard
White Fleetwood display cabinet

Final Thoughts

Bespoke finished cupboards can determine the beauty of the room and help to keep them organised. Book Your Free Home Design Visit with Inspired Elements, and People are looking for innovative design options that could be helpful for them to have stylish designs inside their homes. No matter how different your requirements are, we have the perfect fitted cupboards for your needs. If you think of bringing new cabinets to your home, you can get in touch with Inspired Elements, as we have every design option that suits your taste.

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