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Kitchens are always a hot topic in homes, and we all love to have a better one. While we scroll down through the internet to see the kitchen designs, we may have come across endless options. When people are trying to invest in fitted kitchens london, they are confused. With more kitchen brands entering the market, we must make sure that we always choose the best. Nowadays, people are more conscious about the colours as more unique colour options are available. Before jumping into the regular kitchen models, you must take some time to look at the available options. Here we discuss some of the unique kitchen designs by the colour you would love to bring home this year. 

Indigo blue kitchen set
Indigo blue kitchen set

Kitchen Colours: Pick Your Dream Kitchen Units

We may have come across endless designs while searching for kitchen options for our home. But, while thinking of all other factors, we may mostly forget to keep an eye on the colours. The colour palettes keep changing, so as do the tastes of individuals. People are now willing to bring in unique shades, which has opened the doors for endless colour options. Let’s have a look at some of the prominent designs and Kitchen Colour Ideas for your homes.

White Kitchens

White Kitchens go well with every interior regardless of grey, beige or even black. White kitchens stand the test of time and will never go out of trend. You will get a crisp and standard feel inside your interior with White Kitchen Cabinets ranges. If you genuinely want a brighter kitchen, you can have White Kitchens as they reflect the right amount of light to create a vibrant interior. From white shaker kitchens to white handless kitchens, you can have unlimited designs options to choose from. We can give a kitchen an entirely new personality just by keeping a plain white cabinet.

The simple look and feel of white kitchens make it a favourable choice among homeowners. You can bring in different shades, add glasses, white wood or anything that fits your taste to make the kitchen beautiful. When thinking of the resale value, white cabinets have the upper hand. So if you wish to sell your house shortly, it’s an intelligent decision to have white kitchens.

Fitted kitchens in white & Indigo blue
Fitted kitchens in white & Indigo blue

Blue Kitchens

The blue colour triggers the feeling of quietness and grandness, and so as the blue kitchen designs. The range of shades used in blue is different, and there is a large variety in colour itself. The colour shades may range from classic cobalt, dreamy turquoise, vivid blue, royal blue and much more. All these colour shadings have uniqueness and could be used in any home, from Contemporary Kitchen Designs to traditional ones. If you want a timeless and classic finish, you can go for our navy Blue Kitchens. The coastal theme would come in cool shades of blue with shaker kitchen styles and glass countertops. You could also go for Oxford Blue and Midnight Blue kitchen styles for those who like darker shades in the kitchens.

Indigo blue kitchen set
Indigo blue kitchen set

Grey Kitchens

Grey kitchens have been in trend since the 1950s. Grey colour is often considered relaxing and neutral. However, when shades and lines are incorporated, these designs will give the feeling of a luxurious kitchen. The Grey Kitchen Design comes in several options: handleless, high gloss, grey shaker style, and much more. For an exquisite looking kitchen, you can opt for grey & brass-finished kitchens. The brass architectural fittings and the matt grey kitchen shades would give you a classic looking interior.

Fitted grey kitchen unit in jasper moke Azalai Nero finish
Fitted grey kitchen unit in jasper moke Azalai Nero finish
Handleless Kitchen with island in black matt and woodgrain finish gold handle profile
Handleless Kitchen with island in black matt and woodgrain finish gold handle profile

Black Kitchens

Unlike the bland colours, black kitchen cabinets would give a sharp appearance to give a stylish feeling inside the kitchen. If you are looking for a sophisticated kitchen with universal appeal, you should look at black kitchens in high gloss and matt variants. A black kitchen set is genuinely attention seekers.

Your guests and friends would be amazed by the designs in black kitchens as they break the stereotypes. Black Kitchens Ideas don’t show smudges and grains to an extent. However, they are difficult to get dirty due to the finish in them. If you don’t wish to stay behind cleaning your kitchens, this is one for you.

Green Kitchens

Green Kitchens are calm and dramatic. We can have green shades from light green to dark green, each with its specialities. There are options like sage, lemongrass and forest green which can be designed based on the room’s decor. You can also go for subtle green and mint green designs for more flexible options, perfect for light-coloured interiors. Mint green shade takes back the kitchen to a mid-century style, and if you are thinking of a vintage kitchen option, you can go for this.

Premiumline kitchen with brass handleless profile in cashmere gloss finish
Premiumline kitchen with brass handleless profile in cashmere gloss finish

Cream Kitchens

The cream is often an underrated colour. Cream Kitchens would give your home an elegant look with many shades and design ideas we can develop. The cream kitchens would blend in with every furniture type, from glossy to matte finish ones. The cream kitchen cabinets are so classy looking as it provides the look of a wooden finish.

Dual Tones Kitchen Designs

 Dual-tone kitchen designs are now catching attention as it has redefined the aesthetic appeal. From Kitchen Countertops to cabinets, you can mix and max these two colours. The combination of a dark tint and light one is unique and will suit any interiors. Wood grains and matte finishes also could be used according to the relevance. 

Neutral Brown and White

You can try out neutral brown and white shades for those who think of having a classic mix. It creates a natural and raw finish for a more earthy appeal inside your kitchens.

Green and Grey Kitchen

For an eye-soothing experience, you can try the perfect blend between green and grey. The combination creates an elegant vibe inside the kitchen, along with a trendy design.

Yellow and White Shade

Those who think out of the box can try out the unique blend of yellow and white shades. The vivid yellow shade brightens up every interior, and the white gives an elegant finish. Check out our Gloss Kitchen Collection and order your bespoke kitchen units in London today.

Indigo Blu Galley Kitchen set
Indigo Blu Galley Kitchen set

Final Thoughts

Currently, most kitchens are created from scratch, and we have the freedom to start fresh. Therefore, the components and detailing of each kitchen should meet your expectations. Before choosing the colours and shades, make sure that it would match your layout. You should also check the colour of the wall before opting for the kitchen colour. The colour should not be contrasted, or everything would go wrong. n London, most people believe in Inspired Elements and their first option while designing the kitchen would be naturally us. For Unique Kitchen Design Ideas, visit our portfolio and know more; visit our London showroom. 

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