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People who want to update storage and aesthetic appeal always wish to have personalised wardrobes in their homes. However, times have changed as people are now looking for bespoke fitted wardrobes instead of freestanding wardrobes as hundreds of designer options are available in the market. Finding the perfect balance between style and functionality between your closet and the rest of your bedroom furniture can be tricky. The size and design of each wardrobe would be different, which is also reflected in their usage.

Modern and contemporary wardrobes have evolved over the years into more user-friendly and attractive pieces of furniture. Linear Glass Wardrobes are one such wardrobe type that has recently received a lot of appreciation. They are versatile, aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly. With new designs and ideas floating everywhere, it is evident how far customers can go for their personalised Mirrored Wardrobes. So if you are thinking of buying a new glass-hinged wardrobe for your bedroom to make it unique, you must go on reading.

glass framed sliding door wardrobe with grey frame and tinted glass front
glass framed sliding door wardrobe with grey frame and tinted glass front

What Are Linear Glass Hinged Wardrobes? 

Linear Glass hinged wardrobe can revolutionise your space, making it tidy, clutter-free and more relaxing. Primarily made with high-quality glass, they can be the perfect addition to every home, whether contemporary or traditional. Linear glass-hinged wardrobes are known for making the room look spacious and appealing. In addition, they can create the illusion of space, making a room appear larger than it is. The Linear glass Hinged Fitted Wardrobe in Kensington Chelsea works exceptionally well in small or cramped rooms, as they reflect the light and are pretty minimal in design so that they can open up the room seamlessly. Furthermore, linear glass-hinged wardrobes can come in unique shapes & designer options based on your personality and space. 

How A Glass-Hinged Wardrobe is The Best Way To Enhance Your Room?

Modern living conditions require practical and stylish storage solutions, and there comes the relevance of Linear glass-hinged wardrobes. They have a range of functionalities and customisations which are not found in your typical wardrobe options. If you are considering having a stylish Linear glass-hinged wardrobe for your home, you must transform the look of your interior. Even explore our Modern Bedroom Collection and get a comprehensive look for your bedroom and wardrobe at once at Inspired Elements.

Linear glass and linear wood wardrobe range in wood grain walnut finish
Linear glass and linear wood wardrobe range in wood grain walnut finish
  1. Creates The Illusion Of More Space

Glass wardrobes are so unique that it creates the illusion of more space inside your room. Even though the room is small, the glass wardrobes make it appear bigger. If you have a small or unusual area, you will go for Linear glass-hinged wardrobes.

2. Aesthetic Appeal

Regarding beauty and style, Linear glass-hinged wardrobes are incomparable. The glass-fitted wardrobe will help reflect ample light in the room, enhancing the room’s overall beauty and giving a pleasant feeling when we enter from outside. Furthermore, the wardrobe can blend in with almost every interior type and layout to enhance its looks instantly. So imagine you waking up every morning in a pleasant room with ample brightness! Furthermore, you have the freedom to personalise the wardrobes according to your beauty concepts, making them even more attractive.

3. Maximising The Storage Space

Who doesn’t need more space inside the room to store your clothes and accessories? A linear glass wardrobe can be Custom-Made Accessories according to your area, even if you have an unusual or small room.

4. Easy To Clean And Install

You don’t have many hassles with cleaning a Linear glass-hinged wardrobe as it’s easy to clean. You may need a cloth & cleaning liquid to clean it and may not require professional help. The installation process is also not that complex, as the measurements are done before the wardrobe is made.

Linear glass fitted wardrobe with wood grain finish
Linear Glass fitted wardrobe along with a chest of drawers with aluminium Handle profile with woodgrain Sepia Gladstone Oak finish; Warm Recessed LED, Angled shoe rack, luminous glass shelf

5. Multiple Designer Options

 Linear glass-hinged wardrobes have unlimited designer options at Inspired Elements. You can select the perfect one that suits your decor based on your preferences and personalities. Every minimum detail will be subjected to your taste, including panels, internal storage options, colours, design etc. From having the option of mixing and matching any materials, colours and structures to designing your bespoke glass wardrobes, Inspired Elements provides an open field to get that perfect wardrobe to each one of its clients. You can have small linear glass wardrobes, a Bespoke Glass Sliding Wardrobe for your bedroom, or a fancy extensive wardrobe to keep everything in one place. You can do all the personalisations you want, and no one will judge you. They can blend in every room, from bedrooms to living rooms to your hallways and loft areas.

6. More Floor Space

We all love to have more floor space inside our room. Compared to the old-fashioned hinged wardrobes, Linear glass hinged wardrobes use less floor space and allow you to utilise the available space effectively. In addition, we give you the option of extra space in the room for other furniture. They can build directly into the wall and reach ceiling heights. The wardrobe interior door, for example, can be organised into a fantastic internal storage solution with hanging rails, shelves, boxes, racks, and drawers. We make it a perfect storage option when compared to other wardrobes.

Hinged wardrobe with full mirror wooden finish glass open shelf
Hinged wardrobe with full mirror wooden finish glass open shelf

7. Easier Access

Linear Glass Wardrobes are user-friendly and are perfect for a busy lifestyle. You can easily organise your essentials inside the cabinet, and it’s easier to locate them. The doors are so easy to use as you won’t have any hassles in daily usage. You can match it with our Silver White Bedroom Collection and get cohesive home furniture at Inspired Elements.

Why Choose Inspired Elements For Linear Glass Hinged Wardrobe?

While considering buying a Linear Glass Hinged Wardrobe, most people are confused about whom to approach. Inspired Elements have decades of experience designing the most delicate glass-hinged wardrobes. We know the latest innovations in this field and try to implement those while creating each wardrobe. Our specialists put significant time and effort into every Linear Glass Hinged Wardrobe design and creation. Select the perfect glass wardrobes that fit your bedroom design and feel the luxe and elegance of Inspired Elements Wardrobes in London, UK. Every Italian designer wardrobe we manufacture starts from scratch, and each method would be novel. You can add your personal touch and get a suitable configuration to suit your needs. Get your bespoke framed glass-hinged wardrobe with personalised finishes and materials from the best in business!

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