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In recent years when you think of a home renovation, the first thing that would pop up in your mind is Loft Conversion. For many homeowners, the loft is used as a storage solution for anything from family heirlooms to old furniture, making it a hoarder’s heaven! Loft conversions offer extra space for storage or an additional room, are attractive, require no planning permission and can help to increase the value of your home if you go to sell. The building process is rarely affected by the weather; ideal if you plan to do your conversion work in winter. It can be effortless to begin to outgrow a home, not only when new members arrive but also as the younger generation reach their teenage years. With this in mind, lack of living space remains one of the main reasons homeowners consider moving to a larger property that meets their ever-growing needs.  Loft conversion wardrobes are ideal for better storage needs. But what are the ways to make your Loft Conversion Wardrobes more beautiful? Here we are listing out some ideas that could help you while designing a loft conversion wardrobe.

Bespoke Loft conversion with full mirror doors
Bespoke Loft Conversion With Full Mirror Doors Silver Mirror Profile Handles Push Open Doors Angle Wardrobe Loft Storage

Why should you convert your loft?

What should be the primary reason that makes you convert your loft? Indeed, it’s space. By utilising existing rooms within the home, families can obtain far more usable space without going through the time-consuming and expensive process of moving home. The added floor space can be used for just about any purpose – a main or guest bedroom, study, studio or children’s playroom – often with less disruption than a significant extension to an existing living space. One of the essential advantages of loft conversion is its effect on the value of your home.

Those that incorporate a Fitted Bedroom and bathroom can add up to 21% to a property’s value. Lofts can be one of the minor energy-efficient parts of the home. Around 25% of the heat produced in our houses will escape through the roof without proper insulation. Converting your loft gives you the option to add roof windows, which let in more natural light without being overshadowed by buildings and trees. If you’re thinking of getting an extension, a loft conversion can be a more time-saving and cost-effective alternative for several reasons.

Loft Fitted wardrobe in Light grey matt finish
Loft Fitted wardrobe in Light grey matt finish

What are the top loft conversion wardrobe design ideas that you can have at your home in 2023?

A Loft Fitted Wardrobe is the best way to solve your Loft Beginners Guide storage queries with the available space. Converting loft space can not only provide much needed extra space, whether it be an additional living room, home office or bedroom and bathroom, but when done well, can provide financial rewards, should you ever sell your property. Here we are listing some loft conversion ideas that could help you bring out your lofts’ beauty.

More space for the bathroom

 Wrong dimensions and bulky beams don’t have to be a limiting factor in creating a bathroom in a loft space.  While showers require a minimum amount of headroom and easy access, a freestanding bath can be sited under a low ceiling. Simple shapes and a traditional colour palette work well with period architecture.

Allow daylight

Taking time to think about the size and position of your windows is an essential aspect of a loft conversion design. The shape of the roof will often dictate the position of the windows. Arrange the windows next to loft conversions in such a way that more daylight enters the room. 

Colours could be the change

Create an accurate statement with your eaves by painting your shelving in a contrasting colour. When we implement different colours and shades, the overall look and feel of the loft conversion are changed. 

Usage of glass

Adding the elegance of glass to the loft conversions would help in enhancing the looks. Maximising the glasses is an excellent idea for a loft conversion and being up high provides a perfect opportunity to take advantage of your views.

Folding Doors

How about a folding door for a small loft conversion wardrobe. The most significant benefit of folding doors is that they will provide more space between a bed and a bathroom door and leave your new loft conversion room feeling less cluttered. 

Go for a loft cupboard

A Loft Cupboard is a common design seen nowadays and actually is quite useful. You can use the cupboard to store your essentials and it would make effective use of the available space.

Child bedroom from the loft

It’s common for the loft to be converted into a master bedroom. But when you’re dealing with a narrow space, it may be more practical to turn your attic into one or two smaller kids bedrooms.

A bespoke Walk-in wardrobe

If you section off the eaves area of the loft with full-height wardrobes that face towards the slope, as here, you can make your own Walk-in Wardrobe in Bronze Mirror in Moorpark, even in a narrow space.

Fitted Attic Loft Wardrobe in Sephia Gladstone Oak

Office Inside Home

If you have extra space you can transform it into a Home Office. In order to maximise productivity, a home office requires plenty of natural light, so steer clear of black-out blinds and heavy materials. This space would be perfect if you have children at home or you find yourself working at home on a regular basis.

Go bespoke

Maximise every corner of your Loft Makeover with Fitted Bedroom Set in Kingsbury with bespoke joinery. Really think about what you want to use the space for and have cupboards and drawers built to your requirement.

Reading room with a small bookshelf

If the loft space could not be transformed into a living space, you could choose to create a reading room. The reading room could have a window through which light comes and a small bookshelf to keep your essential books.

Frame a view

One of the best things about being up in the rafters is the panoramic views you’ll have from your new vantage point. Make the most of them with strategically positioned windows.

Create low-level storage

 Sometimes it’s tricky to know what to do with the Awkward Low Space between the slope of the roof and the floor. We can use the space just as a storage space rather than wasting the same.

Customised dressing Area

Most of them wish to have a customised dressing area in their room to try on their outfits. The issue comes when there is no separate space for creating such an area inside the house. The best thing was that we could convert the loft into a dressing area. Since no extra space is wasted for the same, this is an excellent option to create a customised dressing area.

Fitted Attic Loft Wardrobe in Urban Grey Finish

Kids study room

You don’t have to search for another space to create a study room for your kids if you have a loft to convert. Even though the space is small you can design a bespoke space for your kids.

Open out balcony

If you have a loft space which you need to make creative, you can choose an open out balcony. The open out balcony will give you a peaceful place to relax in your day to day life. 

A luxury bathroom

This might be interesting when you hear it for the first time. But is it possible to convert your loft to a luxury bathroom? The answer is yes as we could convert the available loft space into a spa-like retreat space fully customised for you.

Guest room

Often when guests come to your home, there always exists a problem on where to accommodate them. If you have a loft and are willing to convert it, you can change it into a guest room. You can get in the space to keep a bed and a Fitted Wardrobe for your guests to keep their essentials. 

Entertainment area

With more time at home, having a dedicated space for entertaining is on the wish-list.  You can customise the entertainment area with a luxurious Tv and media unit. You can also add a fancy shelf along with the Bespoke TV Units to keep your essentials.

Home Gym

Nowadays, people are becoming more health-conscious and are trying to have a customised space inside their house for exercise. The loft space could be converted into a gym space by keeping some space to keep the exercising systems like dumbells, workout cycle or a treadmill. This won’t take a huge space but actually fits in with the home.

An extra bedroom

People always like something extra! How about an extra bedroom by converting your loft?  Most loft conversions are used for an extra bedroom or two with an en suite bathroom. So an extra bedroom would be beneficial for you as it won’t take that much money than extending your room.


Adding a loft conversion to your home could also increase the value by anything from 10-20%, making it an excellent investment for those who are looking to expand their living space for the time being but also plans to sell further down the line. If you have bespoke specifications in mind, it could be better for you to choose a designer. At Inspired Element, we specialise in visualising, designing and manufacturing loft wardrobes to suit your angle and slope dimensions. Our custom building technique allows us to create and fits into awkward spaces to maximise storage and make your ideal fitted bedroom furniture. We know that working with lofts is always difficult, yet we are the most prominent loft wardrobe makers in London without the expertise. Visit our London Showroom to discuss a project. 

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