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Every home needs stylish and efficient storage spaces. In the current generation, most people are facing a shortage of space in their homes. They are looking for ideal storage options which could help them in solving the storage issues. Now for all these storage queries, you have excellent options like loft wardrobes and understairs wardrobes. A Loft Fitted Wardrobe is the best way to solve your storage queries with the available space.

Converting loft space can not only provide much needed extra space, whether it be an additional living room, home office or bedroom and bathroom, but when done well, can provide financial rewards, should you ever sell your property. We will create an under-stair wardrobe under the vacant space of stairs, where you can keep your essentials. The Understairs Wardrobes could be an excellent option as they could be custom made according to the rooms you have. Here we are comparing loft wardrobes and under stairs, wardrobes to analyse their benefits. If you are thinking of new storage space in your home, you must go through this. 

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What Are the Benefits of Having Loft Wardrobes in Your Home?

A loft conversion or an Attic Conversion transforms an empty attic space or loft into a functional room, typically used as a bedroom, office space, gym, or storage space. For example, a loft wardrobe is considered an adequate storage space in modern times, which successfully utilises the available space. 

1. More Space in the Room

Loft wardrobes help you to have more space in your room. The available space is effectively utilised, and we will waste no extra space here. Be it a small loft wardrobe or a spacious one; we will alter the storage options according to your area.  

2. Enhances the Value of Your Home

 A loft conversion can reward you with extra features in the present day and the future if you do ever decide to sell up. It is thought that a loft conversion can add up to an extra 20% to the value of your property, making it a valuable investment.

Understairs Fitted Study Area Home Office in Natural Walnut and Silver Grey Finish
Understairs Fitted Study Area Home Office in Natural Walnut and Silver Grey Finish

3. Unique Styles Available

Loft wardrobes are available in different shades and designs which you would like. You can have luxurious loft wardrobes with led light patterns and a golden finish. If your space is small, you can have a minimal Loft Fitted Wardrobe Bookshelf. Those who wish for a bright room can opt for white loft wardrobes or glass-finished Loft Conversions. The shades can range from matt finish to gloss finish, from which you can choose the one that suits your layout. Every design could be custom-made, and we will waste no space.

4. Save Time and Money

If you’re thinking of getting an extension, a loft conversion can be a more time-saving and cost-effective alternative for several reasons. Firstly, any related building work is not reliant on factors such as weather, which means the work can be scheduled for any time, and you’re less likely to be affected by delays. It also requires less labour simply because the external walls and roofing are already there. Book Your Free Design Visit with our team and get a free no-obligation design visit and call Inspired Elements.

5. Multiple Options in the Same Room

Aloft wardrobe could help you in having multiple options in the same room. For example, you can have a small reading room near your living room or home office storage in your bedroom. As loft wardrobes effectively utilise the space, your room will be more organised. Even if you need multiple storage options for different persons, loft wardrobes could be an option. 

Loft angled fitted wardrobe with Dust grey finish
Loft angled fitted wardrobe with Dust grey finish

Trending Loft Wardrobe Designs to Keep an Eye On 

Modern times require modern solutions as innovative loft wardrobe designs are launching in the market. So here we are listing out some loft wardrobe design ideas that could help you bring out the beauty in your lofts.

1. Loft Wardrobes With Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a perfect way to organise your stuff without taking up much of your available space. In this design, the loft wardrobe is created along with floating shelves on the side. The design mainly comes in a wooden finish. We can alter the colour and shades according to your choice.

2. L-Shaped Loft Wardrobes 

The L-shaped loft wardrobes are perfect if you have uneven space. They mostly can come in white and grey colours with plain doors. We will create the doors with aluminium handles. The finish can be either matt or high gloss, depending on your decor.

3. Loft Walk-In Wardrobes

The loft Walk-in Wardrobes have better storage options compared to other designs. The loft angles, wardrobe fitting, wardrobe interior and decoration would be according to your choices. The oak wood loft walk-in wardrobes are substantial and are selling designs.

Loft Fitted wardrobe in Light grey matt finish
Loft Fitted wardrobe in Light grey matt finish

4. Minimal Loft Wardrobes

The minimal loft wardrobes are perfect for modern homes. The design is created based on the space by utilising less floor space. Sloping ceilings and angled alcoves bring out the shape of the loft. Here sliding doors are used to save space. Even though the design is compact, the storage space is adequate.

5. Hinged Mirrored Loft Wardrobe

A Hinged Mirrored Wardrobe gives bedrooms a look of being twice their size, bringing a feeling of space and lightness. Natural daylight and artificial lighting fall on the mirror will give the room a brighter and more spacious feel. You can have an entirely bronze mirror with a profile handle for easy usage. 

Understairs Fitted Bar Area in Lincoln Walnut and Cream Finish
Understairs Fitted Bar Area in Lincoln Walnut and Cream Finish

What Are the Benefits of Having Stairs Wardrobes in Your Home?

The space commonly understairs is not used up to the level typically or is wasted. Moreover, check out our blog on Loft Conversion Ideas for 2021 and learn all the latest design ideas for your next wardrobes! We give you the option to create bespoke storage space without having to sacrifice any of the areas in the rest of your home, termed as an under-stairs loft wardrobe. So what could be the benefits of having stairs loft wardrobes? Let’s have a look.

1. Bespoke Finishes

The understairs space in each home would be different. Having a pre-built wardrobe for this space would be of no use. We will create our understairs loft wardrobes according to the layout of the space you have. No matter how irregular the area you have, the stairs’ wardrobe coils serve the purpose.

2. Better Styling Options

Under stairs, wardrobes come in different styling options. You can have an Under Stairs Bookshelf or a minimal understairs cloth wardrobe in the space. If you are a fan of mirrored cabinets, you can have hinged under-stairs mirrored wardrobes. You can mix and match many materials, colours and structures. For those who wish to have a vintage style oak under-stairs wardrobe, that is also possible. Or add a Bespoke Bookshelf and Bookcase Collection to your understairs with Inspired Elements.

3. Budget Options

The understairs wardrobes come in almost every budget range. Those who wish to try out luxurious designs, they can have that. If your budget is minimum, you can go for simple under stairs wardrobe designs with plain cabinets. Every design could be made according to your preferences. 

Trending Under Stairs Wardrobe Designs of 2021

Modern stairs wardrobes combine functionality with aesthetics in every design. As a result, new innovative methods are getting popular among homeowners. Let’s have a look at some of them. Check out our Under Stair Home Office Set & transform your Understairs into a bespoke Home office with Inspired Elements!

1. Vintage Oak Under Stairs Cabinets

We all love oak cabinets or wardrobes in our homes. We could use the space under the stairs to create beautiful vintage-style wardrobes with better storage space. The drawers could have room to keep your jewellery and clothes alike. We will make the design based on the shape of the available space.

2. Under Stairs Linen Closet

You can convert the under stairs space into a small linen closet by adding bespoke shelves. This acts as an additional storage space for towels, guest dresses, and your sportswear.

3. Under Stairs Wardrobes With Pull Out Drawers 

An understairs wardrobe with pull-out drawers would be the best option for those who wish to have more storage space. These pull-out drawers are easy to use and would be effective in keeping your essentials. Also, since the wardrobe uses the height maximum, you can add more pull-out drawers.

Fitted Folding door wardrobe under staircase area
Fitted Folding door wardrobe under staircase area

4. All White Wooden Under Stairs Wardrobe

If you are a fan of white, you can have an all-white wooden wardrobe. They are solid and durable which could have customised drawers in them. The drawers will have aluminium handles. If you are a fan of lighting features, you can have a led strip inside the cabinets.

5. Under Stairs Miniature Wardrobe With Shoe Storage

You can choose this option if you want a customised space to keep shoes and some room for your dresses. The wardrobe will have a stylish door and knob which looks elegant. Furthermore, you will have a separate room for sneakers and formal shoes if you need them. In addition, the wardrobe can have customised racks for your belts and to hang your coats.

Final Thoughts

When you lack storage spaces in your home, it’s better to seek the help of loft and under stairs storage solutions. If you have the most acceptable storage options in London, you can go for Inspired Elements. When it comes to awkward storage units, we can guarantee that you will never be short of ideas to complement your home perfectly. We can individually tailor every under stair storage unit and loft wardrobe unit to meet your requirements and the theme you aim to convey. We help you create bespoke storage options without sacrificing any space in the rest of your home. To know more about our design options, get in touch with us.

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