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Black kitchens are not just a common thought when you wish to have a kitchen. Most people stereotype black and miss their uniqueness of black. Now, as times have changed, people understand how cool it is to have a black kitchen. Black Kitchen designs redefine every cooking space with their sophisticated looks and luxurious feel. For those looking for a dramatic and unique kitchen, black kitchens are the perfect option. Here we are discussing some luxurious black kitchen designs that could be an asset to every home.

Redefine Luxury With Black Kitchen Design Ideas

Creating a luxury kitchen in your home could be on your wishlist. When you think of sophisticated design, the black kitchen ranges are getting much attention. Being less sterile than white kitchen designs, they can seem more intimidating. However, the deep and striking tones of black can bring a calm and majestic feeling to your kitchen. Being the experts in black kitchen designs, we are bringing you some luxury black kitchen designs, which every home deserves. 

1. Black I-Shaped Luxurious Kitchen

The luxurious black I-shaped Kitchen provides the golden triangle functionality. They utilise three walls in your kitchen to form the shape of an I. You can have multiple countertops and kitchen appliances as you have separate space for everything. You will have many work areas here, allowing multiple people to work in the kitchen simultaneously. In addition, if you have space inside the black kitchens, you can have a breakfast bar or sitting space, making it even more versatile.

handleless black & grey kitchen with quartz worktop in Onyx Grey & Black finish
handleless black & grey kitchen with quartz worktop in Onyx Grey & Black finish

2. The High Gloss Kitchen

A black gloss kitchen set is genuinely attention seekers. Your guests and friends would be amazed by the designs in black kitchens as they break the stereotypes. You can design the black gloss kitchens according to your preference and requirements, with whatever features you like and details you want. You can add metallic accessories, including brass cabinet knobs, chrome faucet and nickel pendant lights.

3. Futuristic Handleless Kitchens

Well! Who doesn’t like handleless kitchen designs in theirs? A black handleless kitchen is a bold move that can transform the way your kitchen looks. For example, you can go for a push-open handleless kitchen door design or a routed pull handleless kitchen door, making the kitchen look stylish and streamlined. Additional features like matt black cabinetry, Kitchen Island with Seating and pendant lighting could be added to make the kitchen look more stylish. 

4. The Retro Touch 

Going for a retro look in your kitchen can be incredibly affordable for anyone on a small budget. From colourful splashbacks to melamine accessories, retro-style kitchens will have a lot of customisations. You can add red accessories, including ovens, cooktops and more, to the black kitchens to make them unique. To spice up, you can go for black metal pendant lights and a black barn-style door. 

Shaker style L shape Kitchen in Black finish with Island
Shaker style L shape Kitchen in black finish with Island

5. A Kitchen With A View

If you have ample window space inside your kitchen, you can go for creating a luxurious kitchen with a view. The marble countertops will be a perfect addition to these black kitchen units. You can have golden door knobs, space for an oven, an extra sink and more. The view will make you feel better during your work hours. 

6. Cream Galley Kitchens

Galley kitchens are exquisite and luxurious design options. Cream Kitchen Ideas & design is perfect for transforming any space beautifully. The layout resounds that of a ship kitchen with parallel storage units. The stylish cream galley kitchen comes with wood cabinets, marble countertops, and stainless steel appliances. In addition, the lighting features, including spotlights and pendant lights, can create a positive feeling inside the kitchen.

7. Modern Kitchen With Island In Black Matt 

Redesign your interiors with an island made with the combination of an Alabaster white & black matt finish. For example, the Straight Line Kitchen with an extended dining area has a wood grain finish with a metal leg. It also has a black texture Quartz Worktop along with a profile handle.

8. Black & Gold Makes It Look Better!

Golden shade could create a memorable impression in every kitchen. Black and Gold would be a perfect combination of class and elegance. Moreover, they can warm the contemporary feeling inside every kitchen. The golden finish is ideal for both small spaces and large spaces as it brings more of a kind of rich interiors. In addition, you can go with golden handles on the countertops and classic LED lighting features to make the kitchen look more stunning.

Kitchen Worktop Glass Black
black glass worktop, kitchen island light grey LED light

9. Handleless Kitchen With Gold Profile in Levanto Black Stone

In a Peninsula Kitchen, you can have another luxurious option. Here the kitchen design comes with Levanto black stone finished cabinets, the worktop, and splashback in black grains Quartz. The accurate Black Kitchen Set creates a contemporary feeling inside the kitchens. In addition, the stylish glass cabinets come with LED lights below wall cabinets, making them a more stylish option.

10. Hybrid Black Kitchens

Hybrid black kitchen islands have been popping up in kitchens, looking like tables with extended legs rather than places for food preparation. These hybrid designs allow for better seating in the room, which could be a casual space for dining too. Even if your kitchen is small, a counter extension into the adjacent room can be an island. In addition, the glossy black finish brings in a contemporary feel inside the kitchen, making it more aesthetically pleasing.

11. The Black And White Luxury Finish

The monochromatic scheme, created using a blend of black and white, gives you a gorgeous look. The black cabinets and backsplashes will look great in white coloured kitchens. You can go for a black island which has cabinets in white finish. The handleless approach will also be perfect here, as the monochromatic look will match that. 

 12. L-Shaped Grey & Black Fusion Handleless Kitchen

Try out our Grey Kitchen Ideas, a premium line handleless collection showcased in beautiful Onyx Grey & black fusion with a quartz worktop. In addition, the kitchen set includes integrated appliances such as an oven & microwave compared with an under-mount sink. You can add a wall-mounted kitchen cabinet, an Inbuilt Pantry Set, and a bespoke seating stool set matching the theme.

Handlless Kitchen withisland in black matt and woodgrain finish gold handleprofile_2 (1)
Handleless Kitchen with an island in black matt and woodgrain finish gold handle profile

13. The Scandinavian Touch

You can bring in a Scandinavian touch with the black kitchen designs to give it uniqueness. The kitchen will look gorgeous by adding old and new elements, which blend in quite easily with the black cabinetry. 

Bottom Line

Create a statement in your home with the exquisite black kitchen designs! A black kitchen set is genuinely attention seekers. Your guests and friends would be amazed by the designs in black kitchens as they break the stereotypes. If you want to try out a luxurious black kitchen for your home, we are here to help you. Talk to our experts, who can guide you with the perfect plans based on your tastes. 

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