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We know that the first impression is not a small thing. However, first impressions have great value, and so do your hallways. When someone first comes to your home, the primary thing they notice would be the hallways. Initially, people may often be left behind these spaces and losses to exploit a remarkable space inside their home. Now, as times have changed, hallway designs have entirely impacted the home furniture designs.

Modern Hallways Furniture Set have versatile designs which could be applicable for every home. Everything can be customised according to the space you have, from clever storage options to unique lighting options. In addition, we can have a look at how we can effectively use the area in hallways.

Hallway Unit With Storage, Hangings With Cushion Seating Finished in Onyx Grey
Hallway Unit With Storage, Hangings With Cushion Seating Finished in Onyx Grey

Modern Hallways Storage Furniture Designs

There has been an impressive change in the home furniture designs in the past decade, applicable for hallways. From keeping your shoes to creating a reading nook, we can effectively utilise hallways. When you are planning to decorate your home, you should also focus on the hallways. Most of us have a busy household and often feel it’s better to have storage in a hallway. Here we are discussing some unique hallway design options that you may find interesting.

Vertical Mini Cabinets

Vertical mini cabinets could be a space-saving as well as a style storage option in your hallways. You can go for mini cabinets made with wood which can help you to keep your essentials. By making use of the wall space, we can add better storage options. For example, the Fitted Display Cabinets could be made according to the height and length of the wall. You can go for more cabinets which would be beneficial for you. We can alter the colour and shade of the vertical cabinet according to the layout. You can have grey, white and even blue shade cabinets for the hallways.

Hallway Unit With Small Storage and Hangings With a Cushion Seating Finished in Dark Walnut
Hallway Unit With Small Storage and Hangings With a Cushion Seating Finished in Dark Walnut

The newspaper reading nook

Reading the newspaper every morning has become a habit of every individual. How about a small customised round table along with vintage style wooden rocking chairs in the hallways? The newspaper reading nook could have a small storage space too! If you have ample space here, you can have more than one chair.

Slimline Storage Units

Slim storage units are in! You can have a small space to keep your shoes, a space for newspapers and magazines and a small space for your plants or antiques. These adjustments will bring a positive feeling to the hallways. In addition, you can add LED lighting options inside the storage units to make them more unique. The LED strip lights are also an excellent option for creating a bright interior that helps you quickly locate things. Finally, add your own bespoke Hinged Wardrobe Set & design your made-to-measure wardrobes with Inspired Elements.

Sports wardrobe

We may have thought of having a small space to keep our sports gadgets. By having a small sports wardrobe in your hallways, you can have a separate room for racquets, bats, balls and even your sports shoes. In addition, the cabinet helps keep them organised, and you don’t have to keep them in multiple places.

Hallway Unit With Storage and Cushion Seating in Pembroke Finish
Hallway Unit With Storage and Cushion Seating in Pembroke Finish

The shoe wardrobe

We may not wish to take our shoes to the bedroom. However, everyone is looking for an exact space to keep their shoes comfortably. Having a shoe wardrobe in your hallways could help you keep the shoes and sandals of your family arranged. You can even have a separate section for each shoe like sneakers, sports, office and much more.

Mirrored bench

How about a comparatively large round Glass Wardrobe in your hallway along with a slim bench to keep your antiques. The mirror will bring more beauty to the hallways. When natural light falls on the space, it may even look beautiful. This space could be adequate to checkout or touch up once more when you are going out or even waiting for your family member. You can also go for a chandelier here which would enhance the overall looks of the hallways. 

Hallway With Cushion Seating, Storage and Hangers in Rovere Vanilla and Light Grey Finish
Hallway With Cushion Seating, Storage and Hangers in Rovere Vanilla and Light Grey Finish

Hallway Bench 

If you have comparatively less space in your hallways, you should consider having a hallway bench. The hallway bench could be used as a space to sit as well as a small storage option. You can go for a traditional wooden bench here as it will be aesthetically pleasing. Hallway benches can be created in unique finishes matching the decor. Even though the storage option is small, it could be worth it.

The hallway bookshelf

If you are a fan of books and won’t have enough space to keep your books, you could always go for a hallway bookshelf. The hallway bookshelves won’t be huge but could effectively store your favourite books. Or you can add your own dream Modern Bookshelf Unit with new designs & finishes with Inspired Elements.

Hallway unit with storage, hangings with a cushion seating finished in Pebble Grey and Amazonas
Hallway unit with storage, hangings with a cushioned seating finished in Pebble Grey and Amazonas

The coat hanger

Creating a vintage style coat hanger could be a great option to make your hallways look more adorable. The coat hanger can help you hang your coat when you come from outside, especially during the wintertime. It could also benefit your guests as they can hang their hats, coats, umbrellas, or sling bags in the coat hanger.

Waiting area

We may have seen waiting for areas in front of offices but may not have one in the hallways. You can bring in a cushion sofa to the hallways to make it a waiting room along with a small table to keep newspapers or magazines. If someone is coming to your home and you are getting ready, they could wait in this space like in your office. Explore our Our Portfolios & Projects and wishlist & book your free home design visit today.

Final Thoughts

The hallway space in every room would be unique. Versatile hallway design ideas are available, which helps you choose the exact one based on your preferences. We can help you in making your hallway furniture attractive as well as functional. We customise our hallway furniture sets to convert the space to the reading room, hallway storage cupboard, open storage and much more. These space-friendly customisations in hallway storage furniture make us the UK’s most wanted bespoke designers of hallway units. To know more about our designs, feel free to visit our portfolio. 

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