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A kitchen is always the hotspot in a home. From families dining together to social gatherings, you make a million memories around your kitchen. While thinking of a new home or redesigning the existing home, we primarily emphasise kitchen designs. Irrespective of the trend, people are still looking for practical storage and beautiful interiors in the kitchen. In the current generation, new innovative and intelligent kitchen design options have created a buzz. A perfect kitchen may contain bespoke kitchen wall units, islands, cabinets, cupboards, etc., which we can make according to the way you need. Before jumping into the regular kitchen models, you must take some time to look at the available options. Here we discuss the different types of Fitted Kitchens based on design, finish, worktop colour and shape. Let’s start. 

Premiumline Kitchen With Aluminium Handleless Profile in Premium White Matt Finish
Premiumline Handleless Kitchen L-shaped Kitchen Finish -Premium White Lacquered matt Worktop

Fitted Kitchens by Design

You deserve a kitchen that reflects who you are, does everything you need and inspires you every day. The kitchen is no longer a space for just cooking as it’s the space for creativity. Each kitchen unit can be custom designed to your specifications with a wide range of colour palettes, finishing touches and storage options. 

1. Small Kitchens

If you have comparatively less space in your home, you can go on with Small Kitchen Designs. We will customise small kitchens according to your area with the right accessories that help you save space. For example, you can have small glass kitchens, small shaker style kitchens, and even L shaped kitchens which we will create according to the area.

2. Modern Kitchens

Modern kitchens are ultra-luxury contemporary kitchens with exquisite designs and premium craftsmanship. In addition, modern kitchens bring in innovative designs and creative storage options that enhance the elegance of the kitchen. The design options include matte designed modern, all-white kitchen and modern grey kitchens, which bring a new feel inside the kitchen.

Modern Kitchen in Charcoal Flow and Alpine White With Pocket Door System
Modern Kitchen in Charcoal Flow and Alpine White With Pocket Door System

3. Shaker Kitchen

Shaker kitchens are incredibly versatile and give quite a simplistic feeling. These kitchens feature a flat centre panel and square edges, with minimal detailing or profiling. The versatility of shaker style kitchens means they can look great in wood-grain, matt and even gloss coloured finishes. In addition, there are white shaker, cream shaker and c-shaped options, and high-end oak shaker kitchen designs.

4. Galley Kitchens

Galley kitchens consist of a three to five-foot corridor or walkway between two parallel walls or cabinetry runs. The name “galley kitchen” is derived from the kitchens on ships, in which everything is in a straight line. If you have a suitable space and are looking for narrow kitchen ideas, a galley kitchen could be the right choice for you,

5. Handleless Kitchens

Handleless Kitchens Set have been the talk of the town in the last decade. Whether you go for a push-open handleless kitchen doors design or a routed pull handleless kitchen door, we will streamline, minimal and stylish. The lack of handles will undoubtedly help to save some space. Handleless kitchen doors can fit in with contemporary and classic designs alike due to their versatility in designs. They come in a range of options from white, grey and black, and shades in matt or gloss.

Premiumline Kitchen With Black Handleless Profile in Matt Light Grey Finish
Premiumline Kitchen With Black Handleless Profile in Matt Light Grey Finish

6. Traditional Kitchens

Traditional kitchens always have a position among homeowners around the globe. These classic kitchens are incredibly simple and fresh and provide attention to detail in every minute of features. With an emphasis on wood, and natural materials, traditional kitchens can remain in style for the year. A conventional kitchen can come in a variety of wood finishes, from oak to maple. In addition, you can have endless colour options, themes and shades in traditional kitchen designs.

Fitted kitchens By Finish

When we scroll down the internet, we may come across kitchen designs of different finishes. We may wish to bring them home but often are confused to choose the right one. 

1. Wooden Kitchens

Wooden Kitchens have always been a classic option in kitchen designs for more than two decades. Whether you choose our oak kitchen or beech wood kitchens, it is always pleasing to see them. The wooden finish is versatile which could match almost every interior type.

2. Gloss Finish

Gloss is the finish of choice for kitchens of many flavours, with a clean and sleek veneer that lends a subtle sophistication to any design. The high gloss and low gloss variants can come in shades of your choice. The colour options could range from black or white to vibrant colours. 

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3. Lacquer Kitchens

When dried, lacquer paint is a clear coating that produces a solid, durable finish perfect for kitchens. While designing modern lacquer kitchens, you can experiment with colours, and you don’t have to stick with white and black. They are available in ranges from high-gloss to ultra matt.

4. Matt Kitchens

Matt kitchens absorb light and provide a solid look from every angle. The advantage of Matt Kitchen Units and designs is that they blend well with your existing high gloss kitchen. We will add more texture and character to the kitchen space. Of course, we will alter the texture of the finish according to the decor of your room.

5. Laminate Kitchens

Laminate kitchen cabinets are made of MDF particle boards and wrapped in a waterproof laminate wrap. If you are looking for a kitchen with low maintenance, you can choose laminate kitchens. They can come in matt laminate and gloss laminate versions in which both are easy to clean.

6. Polyurethane Kitchens

Polyurethane finishes have been designed to stand the test of time with extraordinary resistance against scratches and chips. The PU kitchen finishes consist of paint and hardener that provides a protective coating like in vehicles, making it durable. In addition, you can have different colour options based on your tastes, from white to blue.

Fitted Kitchens by Worktop

The last decade saw the rise of many functional worktop materials. While selecting the worktop, people go for durable and stylish ones. Let’s have a look at the type of kitchens based on worktops.

1. Granite 

The beauty and timeless aura of granite worktops make them impeccably the best option while thinking of kitchen worktops. Granite is a natural stone and is one of the most rigid materials used as a worktop. They are strong, durable, heat resistant and will not absorb much water.

2. Wood

Every wooden worktop will have uniqueness. The grain on every wooden piece will show its elegance and class. In addition, wood is an environmentally friendly material. Wooden Worktops have a natural resistance against germs, and they are non-toxic too. The antibacterial properties of wood are excellent, and our finishes avoid unnecessary rusts.

3. Quartz 

Quartz is made with the most natural stone and some polymer stains, so it’s not entirely realistic but has the same properties as a natural stone. The colour and pattern of quartz are consistent. The consistency provides an excellent finish in the worktops making the kitchen look beautiful. The uniform appearance of the quartz finish makes it a better competitor among materials like marble and granite.

4. Glass

The durability of glass worktops is one of its most prominent advantages. The glass worktops last long inside your kitchens and can endure high heat. In addition, the glass worktops create a bright interior and will reflect the light falling to them. For people who choose an eco-friendly lifestyle, a glass worktop is an option.

5. Ceramic 

Ceramic worktops are made with solid and durable natural stones that will last long. If you are looking for a tough worktop for your daily use, ceramic worktops are the perfect choice for you. The material is solid and able to withstand daily wear or tear that may happen to your worktops.

6. Laminate

 Laminate worktops are created using impregnated paper bonded to MDF or other similar substrates. As a result, the laminate worktops have a non-porous solid surface. In addition, the water-resistant capacity of laminate worktops is also strong making them an ideal competitor among kitchen worktops.

7. Stainless Steel

 If you are looking for a heat resistant worktop, stainless steel worktops are the best. The worktops are perfect for moist and humid conditions due to their waterproof properties. You can place them near your sinks without any doubt, as even water spills on them, nothing would happen. To order your personalised kitchen units, call us at 0203 397 8387 or Book Your Free Design Visit with our team today!

8. Corian 

Corian worktops are solid surface materials. They are made with the perfect mix of acrylic polymers, natural stones and other materials. Corian is a durable and robust material that is perfect for making worktops. They are excellent and will have a luxurious feel inside your kitchen.

Fitted Kitchens by Shape

Most bespoke kitchens are now made from scratch, and we have the privilege to choose the shape. So let’s have a look at fitted kitchens by shape.

1. I-shaped Kitchens

I-shaped Kitchens are also known as Pullman’s kitchen, which is designed to fit along the length of the wall. The single-wall kitchen design would depend upon the design of the adjacent rooms and could be modified according to the space.

2. L-Shaped Kitchens

L-shaped kitchens use only two walls to use the remaining open spaces to create better storage spaces or even a tiny dining space. This design would allow your family members to spend time in the kitchen and even help prepare meals. Explore our extensive collection of Bespoke L-shaped Kitchens and order your favourite designs today!

3. U-Shaped Kitchens

U-shaped is also known as the kitchens of horseshoe kitchens. This is because they utilise three walls in your kitchen to form the shape of U.

4. G-Shaped Kitchens

G-shaped kitchens are an expansion of the well-appreciated U-shaped kitchens. The G-shaped kitchens give you the freedom to experiment with lengths. The size of the wall used, and the kitchen cabinet space can be bespoke according to your tastes.

5. Peninsula-Shaped Kitchens

The Peninsula Kitchen Units will efficiently connect to a kitchen island. They have similarities with U-shaped and L-shaped kitchens in which the peninsula in the kitchen acts as a dividing space between the kitchen and the rooms.

Fitted Kitchens by Colour

Modern kitchen designs are never short of colours as innovative design options are now getting appreciation. Here we can have a look at some prominent colour options.

1. White Kitchens

White kitchens go well with every interior regardless of grey, beige or even black. White kitchens stand the test of time and will never go out of trend. You will get a crisp and standard feel inside your interior with white kitchen cabinet ranges. 

Handleless g shape Kitchen in Brass handle profile with high gloss white and concrete finish_Wine rack_1 (1)
Handleless G-shaped Kitchen in Brass handle profile with high gloss white and concrete finish with a Wine rack

2. Blue Kitchens

The range of shades used in blue are different, and there is a large variety in colour itself. The colour shades may range from classic cobalt, dreamy turquoise, vivid blue, royal blue and much more. All these colour shadings have uniqueness and could be used in any home, from Contemporary Kitchen Designs to traditional ones.

3. Grey Kitchens

Grey kitchens were in trend since the 1950s. When shades and lines are incorporated, these designs will give the feeling of a luxurious kitchen. The Gloss Grey Kitchen comes in several options from handleless, high gloss, grey shaker style and much more.

4. Black Kitchens

Unlike the bland colours, Black Kitchen Cabinets would give a sharp appearance to give a stylish feeling inside the kitchen. If you are looking for a sophisticated kitchen with universal appeal, you should look at black kitchens in high gloss and matt variants.

Handlless Kitchen withisland in black matt and woodgrain finish gold handleprofile (1)
Handleless Kitchen with island in black matt and woodgrain finish gold handleprofile

5. Green Kitchens

Green kitchens are calm and dramatic. We can have green shades from light green to dark green, each with its specialities. There are options like sage, lemongrass and forest green which can be designed based on the room’s decor. You can also go for subtle green and mint green designs for more flexible options, perfect for light-coloured interiors.

6. Cream Kitchens

The cream is often an underrated colour. Cream kitchens would give your home an elegant look with the number of shades and design ideas we can develop. The cream kitchens would blend in with every furniture type, from glossy to matte finish ones. The cream kitchen cabinets are so classy looking as it provides the look of a wooden finish.

Handlless Kitchen in cashmere gloss finish with LED lights (2)
Handlless Kitchen in cashmere gloss finish with LED lights

Final Thoughts

The modern generation is willing to experiment and try to bring innovative kitchen designs to their home. Inspired Elements is regularly updating with the current trends in the market and bringing out the best to customers in modern kitchens. Our expertise has gained popularity among people, and they refer us to their friends & families. We always use the best quality materials while designing each fitted kitchen. We know your interests and always bring the best to you. For knowing more about our exciting deals visit our London showroom. 

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