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In modern times, dresser set and table have quickly become an accessory that has become an integral partner in our bedrooms. Dressing tables, also known as vanities, are most often found in a girl’s bedroom or the master bedroom. This decorative piece of furniture allows you to get ready with all your accessories on hand. A mandatory thing that completes a girl’s bedroom is a dressing table which is a vital part of our daily routine, from getting ready for work or a party to checking yourself quickly before heading out. Today, the Dressing Table Set with Mirror serves elegance and functionality in the soundest way possible and helps the user check their appearance anytime. The latest innovative design ideas are popping up on dressing tables nowadays. Here we are discussing some design styles and approaches that you can bring into your homes.

Dressing table in cashmere high gloss and sherwood finish
Dressing table in cashmere high gloss and Sherwood finish

Why should you have dressing tables in your home?

While most people know the importance of a dressing table in the bedroom, some people don’t consider them an important furniture item like a sofa or chair. In modern times a bedroom without a dressing table is incomplete. We need to take care of ourselves in this busy life, and the dressing table could be our partner on these occasions. Let’s have a look at the benefits of having a dressing table in your home.

  1. A More Organised Space

A bespoke dresser set and table can help you in keeping your things organised. You can keep your clothes, make-up items, and other accessories in an organised manner, allowing you to find them easily.

2. Stylish Interiors

A stylish dressing table can transform the look of the entire room. The room will look more luxurious and appealing when you add a dressing table to the room. You have multiple options in selecting dressing tables based on your aesthetic choice. You can have luxurious dressing tables with full-length mirrors, led light strips and fancy accessories. For simple designs, you can have white dressing tables and light grey designs.

3. Get A Personal Space For Yourself

Dressing tables can usually act as a dedicated space for you to spend some ‘me’ time from busy households. You can do your make-up, keep your essentials, do your daily beauty routines and much more. You can even use the dressing table to read and write if you wish, as it’s a dedicated space inside your bedroom. It can also be used as multi-purpose furniture to perform various tasks, even as a space for your office work.

Bespoke dressing table with custom storage in Grey Anthracite gloss acrylic finish
Bespoke dressing table with custom storage in Grey Anthracite gloss acrylic finish

4. Works Well With Other Furniture

Dressing tables will work well with almost every furniture design. They can be created matching your wardrobes, bed and cupboards in your bedrooms. In addition, you can make them corresponding to your vanity tables, bay window storage and much more.

5. Designs Can Be Made Bespoke

Even if you have an unusual space or small room, dressing tables can be made bespoke according to the area you have. For example, if you need more brightness in the room, you can go for full-length mirror designs or white dressing table designs. If you have a vacant space in the corners, you can even use the space to create bespoke dressing table designs.

6. Latest Dressing Table Designs for Modern Apartments

dresser set and table are a homage to the modern era in which presentation is essential with a wide variety of uses and purposes. There are a variety of dressing table designer options from which you can choose according to your choice. Let’s have a look at some of these modern dressing tables.

7. Extra-large Dressing Table

When you expect a lot from your dressing table and have much space to accommodate a large table, the perfect option would be a large dressing table. Even though they are bulky, we can include more drawers and help you store more. If you have a large bedroom, go for this option to give a luxurious feel to your room. In addition, the large dressing can incorporate full-length mirror and multi-drawer options, which helps you keep your essentials safe. 

8. Floating dressing tables

Floating dressing tables are perfect for Small Bedrooms as it takes only less space inside the bedroom. They can bring an aesthetically pleasing look to your bedroom with a small vanity mirror inside. They are super light and can be mounted anywhere in your home, even in corner spaces.

Dressing table with floating drawers in white fleetwood light oak and concrete finish
Dressing Table With Floating Drawers in White Fleetwood Light Oak and Concrete Finish

9, Luxury Dressing Tables

Those who love to have luxurious looking dressing table options have stylish full-length mirrors, curvy leg chairs, and a classy chandelier on the top. These dressing tables are perfect for large rooms and give you a royal feel inside your bedroom. Get comprehensive home furniture set at Inspired Elements and check out our Luxury Walk-in Wardrobes to complete your desire for luxe.

10. Minimalist dressing table

We would suggest a minimalistic design with sleek drawers, a circular mirror and a simple chair for those who love simplicity. These designs are ideal for any room irrespective of the space and always comes within the budget. Modern homeowners mainly choose this budget variant.

Dressing unit in indigo blue gloss finish
Dressing unit in indigo blue gloss finish

11. White Dressing Table With Drawers

How about our modern white dresser set and table with drawers with flip-up side panels? White is probably a colour which we want to see on our dressing tables. They are elegant and look clean, making them perfect for small rooms. The white dressing tables also come with better lighting options, including customised led strips making it look gorgeous. To continue with the theme of white, we also provide White TV Units in unlimited styles, designs, finishes, & materials.

Bespoke dressing table with custom Storage in Alpine premium white
Bespoke dressing table with custom Storage in Alpine premium white

12. Corner Dressing Tables

Those who don’t have a customised space for dressing tables can use the vacant space in the corners to create better-dressing tables. The Corner Dressing Table contains a round mirror, and two sleek drawers made close to the corners and a simple chair. They use less time and are effective.

13. Vintage Style Oak Wood Dressing Tables

The vintage style dark shaded oak dressing table with four drawers may take you back to the ’90s and is one of the best selling versions. The dressing tables are made with premium quality wood, and it stands the test of time. In terms of aesthetics, they are always on the upper hand as it transforms your bedroom into something beautiful. The mirrors here will come in an oval and round shape from which you can choose the perfect one. If you wish to select a luxury dressing table, you should select this vintage style oak wooden dressing table.

Dressing Table With Floating Drawers With Wardrobe in Graphite Matt and Light Oak Finish
Dressing Table With Floating Drawers With Wardrobe in Graphite Matt and Light Oak Finish

14. Kids Dressing Tables

You may find this interesting! Nowadays, kids dressing tables are getting a lot of attention, giving them a dedicated space to get ready by themselves. These are small and will look sleek, which would help the kids to build their personalities. The design will be kids friendly and will be made with sophisticated materials.

15. Antique Style Dressing Tables

Dressing tables can come in antique luxury designer options and eye-soothing colours. The cream finished antique style dresser set and a table will enhance the elegance of your bedroom. 

16. Fancy Coloured Dressing Tables

While most people prefer white and simple colour shades, dressing tables can now come in funky colour options. You can opt for yellow, lemongrass, pink and orange shades according to your tastes. These styles are mostly preferred by teenagers and are unique.

Final Thoughts

Bringing in a stylish dressing table to your home may create a new style statement in your bedroom. They could be a natural artistic addition to your bedroom if chosen wisely by browsing various dressing table designs such as traditional, modern, contemporary, etc. However, apart from the looks, it is essential to check out other aspects while buying a dressing table. Inspired Elements bring you the perfect collection of dressing tables with drawers which helps you to have a better storage option. We believe in detailing every design, from the stool for the dressing table to the shape of the mirror used. Browse through our unique range of dressing table units and choose the perfect one for you.

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