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The most confusing thing about buying a TV unit is to buy a perfect TV unit. We usually wish to watch television and make that experience better and when you think of buying a new TV, you would probably think of where to keep it. If you are looking for a more aesthetic feel and saving some space, you can go for floor TV units. Floor TV units were in the picture for a lot of years.

Our Custom-made Floor TV Units act as a space-saving option, accompanied by essential storage features and a better space to keep your TV. An organised area, solely for the TV units, is the need of modern times. Floor TV units are perfect for every indoors, irrespective of the space due to their streamlined functionality and minimalistic look, Here we discuss some unique floor TV units you would love to bring home.

floor tv set in combination of dust grey & sand orleans oak
floor tv set in combination of dust grey & sand orleans oak

Design Ideas For Floor TV Furniture Set in London

An entertainment unit is the focal point of a living team. Families now wish to have a built-in TV unit in their room to incorporate large TV screens, music systems and video players in one place. In addition, you can have adjustable shelves to keep your essentials and drawers to keep your books, remotes or other gadgets. We have some suggestions if you think of having some floor TV units in your home. 

 Azalai-Nero Finish Classic Floor TV Units

If you are looking for a classic floor standing TV unit, you can go for our classical style floor Morden TV Units in Azalai-Nero finish, and light grey shade finish with customised drawers. These custom-made drawers are ideal for better storage options and added to living rooms with light shades.

Alpine white floor tv set
Alpine white floor tv set

Aluminum Grey Finish Units

Those with less space could try out the small aluminium grey finished floor TV units. They are small and practical, which fits in almost every room. We can mix the premium aluminium finish with the Chicago style to look more stylish. The storage options here could be minimal but effective. 

Stylish Matt TV Units

Matt TV Units are innovative and aesthetically pleasing. These units have clean lines and better storage space making them a perfect competitor for the best TV units. The premium matt finish helps keep you away from scratches and smudges to make the floor TV unit look beautiful throughout the years. In addition, the matt finishes tend to enrich the interior due to their ability to diffuse light reaching the surface. These non-reflective features make the floor unit look more smooth and consistent

Aqua Blue TV Unit

You can try out the innovative aqua blue floor TV unit for those looking for a change. The aqua blue TV unit is perfect for white interiors as the colour is so soothing. Moreover, they have clean lines, compact design and perfect viewing angles.

floor tv unit in azalai nero finish
floor tv unit in azalai nero finish

Alabaster-White Finish

Alabaster-White finish floor TV units are essential and are among the most selling TV units as they come in all sizes and budget ranges. The white high gloss finish with led light features is a luxury variant. If you have a small space, you can have the Alabaster-White finish TV units, creating a pleasant feeling inside the living room.

 Grey Vicenza Oak

If you are looking for a unique finished TV unit, you can go for grey Vicenza oak floor TV units. These Grey TV Designs can come in a dark Iberian Olive finish with storage space for gaming consoles. They can be created, matching almost every interior style. If you wish to try out more unique finishes, you can go for Dust grey light Lakeland Acacia, Silver grey, and Sand Orleans Oak.

Black Gloss TV Unit

Even for furniture, a black gloss finish gives a modern feel. On the other hand, the black Gloss TV Unit gives a high luxury feeling when installed in a room with light coloured interiors. In-floor TV units, black gloss finishes could be altered based on the interiors, including the low gloss variants.

Monochrome Floor TV Units

A monochrome floor TV unit gives a classy look to fit almost all kinds of interiors. These finishes have been in the household for a long time, but the floor TV units have more innovative features. The monochrome feature is ideal for medium-sized TV and works best in white interiors. In addition, you can bring in more drawers to keep your essentials. 

Full Wooden Floor TV Unit

An entirely Wooden Floor TV Unit is the traditional one that everyone liked. However, this design never gets old as it gives a classy overall feel throughout. The best thing about this unit is that it has ample storage space compared to other TV units and has a considerable size. So if you have a great space in your living rooms, you can go for this. You can also try a glossy finish on the wooden unit to look more elegant.

oak finish floor tv unit
oak finish floor tv unit

Maple and Cream Floor TV Units

Maple wood and glossy beige finish are perfect duos that set up your interiors’ mood. The subtle finish creates an impression among the interiors and can be adjusted according to your viewing preferences.

Rustic Floor TV Units

You can bring in the weathered Oak floor TV unit, which has a rustic feel inside the interiors. The rustic finish is perfect for modern apartments and minimal storage options. 

Scandinavian Style TV Units

Scandinavian style floor TV units are minimalist design options with two drawers and two sliding doors. They come under the budget variant but with better storage options. This version would be a perfect choice for those who wish to try out something standard. Also, explore our wide variety of Scandinavian Living Room Set in London & order your bespoke TV Units fitted to your interior & style.

Final Thoughts

If you want a new and innovative TV unit in your home, we suggest our personalised floor TV units. We have a unique collection of floor standing TV stands, from luxurious ones to budget ones. Creating an aesthetically pleasing entertainment unit in the UK will depend upon the expertise of TV unit designers. We design each floor TV unit from scratch, and our TV unit designers know what to implement at the right place. To learn more, feel free to call at 0203 397 8387.

floor tv set in light grey chicago concrete finish
floor tv set in light grey chicago concrete finish
Bespoke Floor TV Set in Light Grey & Dark Iberia Olive
Bespoke Floor TV Set in Light Grey & Dark Iberia Olive
Alpine white floor TV set in cleaf sable finish

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