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A shelf full of books is always a treat to watch. People who are fond of books are very particular about bookshelves. As times change, modern bookcase designs are getting wide attention. The floating bookcase designs come customised for different regions like offices, libraries, living rooms and even bedrooms.

Custom-made Floating Bookshelves are now in trend as you can have plans from simple wooden floating bookshelves to wall mounted bookshelves. By bringing a floating bookshelf, you can enhance your storage features and keep your books safe. Here we discuss some of the unique floating bookshelves ideas that you may find interesting.

Desk and Study Unit Storage In combination of Beige Grey Lorenzo Oak and Canadian Maple
Study Desk Unit in Stone Grey and Antique Brown Borneo and Grey Odessa Oak

Personalised Floating Bookshelves Designs for Each Interior

Have you thought about incorporating a floating bookshelf into your living room? We always think of a stylishly organised living room, and floating bookshelves are always the better choice. Floating bookshelves will help to make your living room looks stand out from others. It speaks with your guests with the first impression that it creates. Modern design options are now available in the market, and all you have to do is find some designs that suit your interior. Let’s have a look at some design options.

Bedroom Floating Bookshelves

If you don’t have much space in your bedroom and can utilise the space in walls, you can go for a personalised Bedroom Bookshelves Set. The ceiling space could also be used where floor space is not available. The colours and shades used would be matching the living room interiors. You can even have the freedom to keep your hanging plants in the bookshelves, which will enhance the beauty of living rooms.

Desk and Home Study Unit Storage in Combination of Aluminium and Beige Grey Lorenzo Oak
Floating bedroom bookshelf in Combination of Aluminium and Beige Grey Lorenzo Oak

Symmetrical Box Bookshelves

If you love to see symmetric boxes in bookshelves, you can opt for wooden symmetrical box bookshelves. These balanced boxes would be fixed on the walls within a distance to make them look uniform. Above these boxes, you can keep your indoor plants to make them look more beautiful.

Corner Floating Bookshelves

We can alter the designs of the corner floating bookshelves in the living room according to the room’s layout. You can have multiple Small Fitted Bookshelves if you have numerous free corners. While we keep the books in corners, it would help them be free from moisture and dust. The colour and decor of each living room would be different, and We will customise corner floating bookshelves in the way you need.

Children room fitted wardrobe storage with study and alcoves in alpine white and danim blue finish
Children Floating Bookshelf in alpine white and denim blue finish Alpine white matt

Plywood Floating Bookshelves

Lightweight plywood bookshelves have been an excellent option for keeping your books. Since it won’t take any floor space, it will be perfect for home offices and study spaces. 

Floating Bookshelves With Led Lighting

We would enhance the beauty of every bookcase by using LED lighting features. Modern Bookshelves with LED lighting features are better for small rooms. You can go for a floating wooden shelf that can come with a recessed light strip on each frame. You can go with wooden finish options like dark grey, golden brown, medium brown, grey and much more shades according to your choice.

Oak Floating Bookshelves

Oak floating bookshelves are one of the most selling models. Along with their durability, oak floating bookshelves bring in a stunning, classy feeling inside your living room will alter the size of the Oak Bookcases according to the wall space you have. In addition, you can choose distinctive shades of oak from lighter versions to dark ones based on your tastes.

Glass Floating Bookshelf

Glass bookshelves have been in the market for quite some time. The advantage of glass bookshelves is that you can easily spot the book you wish to have. In addition, it gives more of an arranged look without much material used. Glass floating bookshelves can come in opaque shades. Also, order from our new collection of Children’s Bookshelves Units & get your kids’ theme-based bookshelves at Inspired Elements!

Modern White Gloss Bookshelves

Modern white floating bookcases have been an instant trend in the market. White floating bookcases come in off-white and pure white shades that we can alter according to your interiors. You can also opt for LED lighting and custom shelves. These designs can be incorporated in almost every home interior, regardless of the decor.

Study Office Finished in Light Woodgrain Fleetwood Finish and White Matt
Floating Bookshelf Finished in Light Woodgrain Fleetwood Finish and White Matt

Rustic Floating Bookcases

Many of us like the plain or straightforward type of bookcases. If you are a fan of such bookcases, Rustic Bookcases could be the best pick. Using the rustic bookcases, you can stack your books in a neat pile against the wall.

You won’t need to make much effort in cleaning and maintaining the rustic bookcases. The best thing about rustic floating bookcases is that they can come in budget-friendly options. If you wish to have less expensive floating bookcases, you can go for rustic bookcases.

 Unfinished Wooden Floating Shelves

If you think out of the box and try something bold, you can go for unfinished wooden shelves. You can put them in your bedroom or even in your kitchens as it would give you a different feeling at all. You can go for a space for plants on the shelves too, to make it look quite natural.

Floating Bookshelves With Storage

You can go for floating bookshelves with storage if you have a better wall space comparatively. You can have a few drawers in addition to the bookshelves, which can help you keep your stuff, including pens, notebooks, markers and much more. Book Your Free Home Design Visit with our executive and design and plan your dream home furniture with Inspired Elements!

Why Should You Go for Inspired Elements in Creating Floating Bookshelves?

Bookshelves are the focal point of a room, and we have to keep them always attractive. When looking for the most beautiful floating bookshelf in London, the first option is to go with Inspired Elements. All our custom-made floating bookshelves are built to be solid, functional, stylish, and effectively used space. Our innovative floating bookshelves customised according to your tastes will display the homeowner’s personality.

You don’t have to worry about the installation process as our expert team will do it properly within the estimated time. If you have a tiny nook where you wish to have a space to keep your books, we can help you with that. Visit our portfolio to know more about our products.

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