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Modern-day space has become so premium, and everyone faces the lack of proper space in our homes. We are primarily checking for innovative techniques that can help solve our storage queries. While doing all these, we forget about some unused spaces, which we can use positively. Alcove space in one area mostly gets unnoticed. Fitted Alcoves Designs are a great option to enhance your storage options in modern homes, where space is limited. Here we list a few alcove designs you would love to bring home.

Living Room Alcove Design in Sherwood Woodgrains and Onyx Grey Finish
Living Room Alcove Design in Sherwood Woodgrains and Onyx Grey Finish

11 Unique Alcove Designs Ideas To Keep An Eye On 

Alcoves are often tricky spaces and often a logistical nightmare for arranging furniture. Nowadays, it’s possible to bring in alcove designs that could be specifically suited to the needs of your room and would utilise each inch of the available space in your room. So we can look at some attractive fitted alcove designs that could be an asset to your home.

1. All White Wooden Alcove Wardrobes

Alcove spaces may not always be perfect. For those looking for a storage option in the alcove, you can go for Bespoke Wooden Wardrobes. If you are a fan of white, you can have an all-white wooden wardrobe. They are solid and durable and could have customised drawers in them. The drawers will have aluminium handles which can perfectly fit your alcoves. You can go on with lighting features, including a led strip inside the cabinets.

2. The Reading Nook

We all wish to have a reading nook inside our home, and often you may find it difficult due to the unavailability of space. How about a small customised round table and vintage-style wooden rocking chairs in your alcove space? The reading nook could have a small storage space too! You can have more than one chair if you have ample space here. You can customise the nook according to the space you have inside and add the necessary accessories. 

Children room fitted wardrobe storage with study and alcoves in alpine white and indigo blue finish
Children’s room fitted wardrobe storage with study and alcoves in alpine white and indigo blue finish

3. Alcove Workspace

You can go for a Small Alcoves Workspace by bringing a small desk with dual drawers and an ergonomic chair. Then, when you are bored working from other spaces in the home, you can use the alcoves space to do your work. The space won’t be ample, but enough to keep your laptop. In addition, this space will help you be away from the more traffic areas in your home and do your work.

4. The Kid’s Study Space

If you are looking for a space-saving study room design, you can create one in your nook. You can utilise the dedicated space in the alcove to create a small study room for your kids. For example, you can have bespoke small study tables with two drawers and a small chair. You would fit the table across the wall, and you may have a ceiling space above the table for storage.

5. The L-Shaped Alcove Cupboards

The L-shaped small alcove cupboard is perfect if you have uneven space. They mostly can come in white and grey colours with plain doors. However, you can go for doors with aluminium handles. Depending on your decor, the finish can be either matt or high gloss. The L-shaped cupboards use the available wall space to create better storage space.

Children room fitted wardrobe storage with study and alcoves in cashmere grey finish
Children’s room fitted wardrobe storage with study and alcoves in cashmere grey finish

6. White Floating Alcove TV Console

Alcove TV Storage in Mountain Larch could be the one for you if you are a fan of small tv units in your home. The white floating TV console is the latest type of TV unit design. It keeps your floor clear while providing storage and style with its cabinets and easy wipe, gloss finish. It won’t have more extensive storage options but will be aesthetically pleasing. The floating tv unit won’t take up much of your space and will give you a better experience.

7. Sports Alcove Wardrobe 

We may have thought of having a small space to keep our sports gadgets. A small sports wardrobe in your nook lets you have a separate space for racquets, bats, balls, and sports shoes. In addition, the wardrobe helps keep them organised, and you don’t have to keep them in multiple places.

8. Alcove Bar Space

How about a bar area inside your home? You can have a Built-in Bar Unit with pull-out storage for your cocktail hour essentials. If you wish to have a little drinking space, you can even have that. You can go for a wine rack and small refrigerator space if you have much more room in the alcove. The oak-finished bar units could create a vibe inside the home too.

Bar area in white matt finish
Alcove Bar area in white matt finish

9. Vintage Coat Hanger 

Creating a vintage-style coat hanger could be a great option to make your alcove space look more adorable. The coat hanger can help you hang your coat when you come from outside, especially during the wintertime. It could also benefit your guests as they can hang their hats, coats, umbrellas, or sling bags on the coat hanger.

10. The Alcove Bookshelf

You can design a Built-in Alcove Bookshelf in the available space in your alcoves. You can create wall shelves in your nooks and artistically arrange them to keep your books organised. It’s possible to alter the design of the frames according to the layout you have. The alcove bookshelf may not be fancy but will be good for keeping everything organised. A small seating can also be made here, and a customisable long bench to do some writing work.

11. Alcove Entertainment Unit

An entertainment unit in the alcove space may not be perfect for all alcove spaces. The units come in customisable variants, so the corner TV units can do the magic even if you have an unusual space. The viewing angles will be adjusted according to your tastes. These tv units have four drawers that we can use to keep your essentials, including books,ps4 or other gaming consoles or much more. You can even have a small space to keep your small indoor plant.

Children room fitted wardrobe storage with study and alcoves in alpine white and danim blue finish
Children’s room fitted wardrobe storage with study and alcoves in alpine white and denim blue finish

Bottom Line

Every alcove space needs intelligent design options to make them look beautiful. We bring an excellent collection of storage options, accompanied by every accessory you need for a perfect storage solution. Our uniqueness in designs is always evident in each storage option we make. Our trademark storage systems are built to adapt according to your lifestyle. We specialise in creating alcove storage units, from elegant, luxurious ones to classy yet budget range ones. So when you are thinking of creating a better alcove storage unit in your living room, you can get in touch with Inspired Elements.

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