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Everyone wishes to make their kitchens look beautiful. In the past decade, kitchen designs have changed a lot. As technology has advanced, more innovative kitchen designs have arrived, creating a lot of buzzes. Shaker kitchens are one such model which has gained immense popularity in recent years. Shaker kitchens are incredibly versatile and give quite a simplistic feeling.

They never look outdated and stands the test of time. Shaker Style Kitchens have a great fan following due to their clean lines, timeless style and endless design options. Regardless of rustic and modern interiors, they are perfect for almost every type of interior. With so many designer shaker kitchen styles available in the market, often it may be not very clear for you to find the perfect one for you. Let’s have a look at how shaker styles are getting more appreciation.

Why Are Shaker Kitchens Getting So Much Appreciation?

Shaker style kitchens have been widespread across London for many decades. Regardless of your tastes and layouts, we can add shaker style kitchens to every home. Today as time has changed, innovative design approaches have been coming up in shaker style kitchens. So let’s have a look at the benefits of shaker style kitchens. 

Shaker style L-shaped Kitchen in white finish with Island
Shaker style L-shaped Kitchen in white finish with Island

1. Timeless Design

When you think of the most critical benefit of shaker kitchens, it definitely would be the timeless look and feel. The simplicity of shaker style kitchens catches the attention of everyone. 

2. Less Maintenance

We all have a busy life, and we won’t find time to maintain our kitchens. Shaker style kitchens follow a minimalist approach and hence are easy to maintain. These designs won’t easily catch debris or dust, and you can clean them easily by just wiping them. The cleaning process won’t be a tiresome job for you. Our I-shaped Kitchens also are available in bespoke shaker finishes.

3. Versatile Styles

Shaker kitchen cabinets come in various styles and options, customised according to your surroundings. You will have a range of colouring and shading options. We can quickly transform them according to your traditional, country, modern kitchen layouts. 

10ft Easyline kitchen with handle in dark grey matt finish
10ft Easy line shaker kitchen with handle in dark grey matt finish

4. Budget-Friendly Options

While remodelling a kitchen, mostly, you may be worried about the budget you have. Shaker style designs come at affordable prices compared to other cabinet styles. If you are looking for budget-friendly options, this is just the thing for you. 


Availability is one factor that gives more acceptance to shaker cabinets. They are readily available in the market with various finishes and styles, and all you have to do is find a perfect designer. Our Kitchen Designs are made on-demand for our clients in London, where you can choose your favourite designs, colours, and finishes and book your

Shaker Style Design Ideas For Your Kitchens!

The shaker style kitchen designs are primarily symmetrical and shy of complex carvings and decorations, making it one of the most purchased. The timeless design of shaker kitchens suits the traditional spaces and the modern ones alike. Here we list some stylish shaker kitchen designs that you may love bringing home. 

1. White Shaker Kitchen With Pendant Lights

White shaker kitchens provide the feeling of more space in your room as it reflects the light. So every time you enter the kitchen, you will feel it as a spacious one. The white colour is inviting and pleasant, which helps in creating a positive vibe in the interior. You can try out different shades of white according to your kitchen.

L-shaped Shaker Kitchen Kitchen units in Alpine-white & Cleaf Pembroke Finish
Alpine-white & Cleaf Pembroke Finish L-shaped Shaker Kitchen Kitchen units

2. Oak Shaker Kitchens

Oak Shaker Kitchens offer a contrast to white shaker wardrobes, which will look more beautiful with customised lighting. Even if you are looking for a modern or a traditional kitchen, our oak shaker kitchens could exactly fit your purpose. The oak wood creates a natural feeling inside the kitchen and is apt for standard kitchen layouts.

3. Blue Shaker Kitchens

Shaker kitchens won’t be limited to typical colours. You can have blue shaker kitchen designs in your home if you want a contemporary feel. The richness of deep blue shade creates a stylish feeling inside the kitchen. You can even go for shades from navy blue to turquoise paired with white countertops to have a vibrant kitchen. Finally, you can go for the powder blue shade for a minimalistic view, perfect for small spaces.

4. Grey Shaker Kitchens

If you love to have an exquisite modern kitchen, you can opt for a grey shaker kitchen range. The grey shaker kitchens with white countertops will enhance the feel of the kitchen. You can introduce a traditional design with soft tones to any space by bringing in the grey shaker style kitchens. They have more versatile options, from simple pale greys to bold dark finishes, including contrasting hues from which you can choose your desired shade.

Shaker style L shape Kitchen in dove finish with Island
Shaker style L shape Kitchen in dove finish with Island

5. Paintable Shaker Kitchens

Everyone loves to have a personalised kitchen style that matches their home. Paintable shaker kitchens are for those who wish to have a customised design for their kitchens. This style will help you adopt the desired colour schemes that match the layout and are currently in trend.

6. Multi Shaded Shaker Kitchens

Why stick with a single shade when you can try out contrasting yet attractive colour options for shaker kitchens. You can mix up cabinet colours to provide a stunning result. How about pairing stylish black and White Shaker Cabinets for your home? If you have ample space, you can go for grey shaker kitchen styles with white quartz countertops and a large kitchen island that acts as a breakfast bay. 

7. Black Shaker Kitchens

With the new Black Shaker Kitchen styles, you can add a modern touch to your traditional layout. They can help you create a perfect balance between contemporary and vintage style features. You can go for bold charcoal tones with contrasting white countertops to give a luxurious feel inside the kitchen. We can alter the black shade based on the layout you have to create matching shaker kitchens for your home.

Shaker style L-shaped Kitchen in Black finish with Island
Shaker style L-shaped Kitchen in Black finish with Island

8. Cream Shaker Kitchens

Cream shaker kitchen designs are often underrated. The cream is a neutral colour that would match the majority of interiors. For those who wish to have a traditional kitchen, cream shaker kitchens can provide all the warmness you want to have. The pleasant atmosphere that cream shaker kitchens create will invite your guests and family members. They would blend in with every furniture type, from glossy to matte finish ones. 

Final Thoughts

Shaker kitchen designs are known for their versatility, and most homeowners wish to bring them to their kitchen. However, with so many shaker cabinet styles available in the market, it’s always hard to choose the right one. Inspired Elements have everything for you, from providing you with the matching kitchen handles and rails stand to designing your bespoke shaker kitchen accessories. Visit our portfolio and filter out your favourite made-to-order shaker kitchen designs. 

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