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Sliding door wardrobes have pretty much taken the wardrobes industry by storm. Sliding wardrobe doors are becoming an ever-increasing feature, not just in the bedroom but for all the rooms. Whether you’re looking to refresh your room, create some storage space or open up a smaller room to create the illusion of more space – sliding wardrobe doors could be the answer. Innovative design options have now reached the market, and people are looking for stylish designs. You won’t lose a centimetre of floor space to swinging doors, and there is no wasted space inside the wardrobe. Here we are discussing some of the trending Sliding Wardrobe designs that would be apt for your home. 

Mirrored Sliding Fitted Wardrobe With Frame Doors in Oak Finish and Mirror Doors
Mirrored Sliding Fitted Wardrobe With Frame Doors in Oak Finish and Mirror Doors

Top Five Things to Keep in Mind Before Having a Sliding Wardrobe in Your Home?

If you are opting for a sliding door wardrobe, the chances are that you have good reasons for doing so. When designing a new wardrobe for your home, installing sliding doors or replacing your wardrobe doors can give your home a brand new look. Before start making a sliding wardrobe, here are some tips to keep in mind

1. Aesthetics

A sliding wardrobe should enhance the visual beauty of your interior. In modern times, the visual beauty of furniture has its relevance. While having a Glass Sliding Wardrobe, make sure that they are pleasing to your eyes. We can alter the look and feel of the room if you bring the right design onboard.

2. Materials Used

From MDF to oak, one can use a range of materials in designing sliding wardrobes. While choosing fabric, think of your budget and the layout you have. Then, you have to select the appropriate material that suits your tastes. 

3. Size of Wardrobe

Don’tDon’t go for too many bulky models if you don’t have the space for that. The modern trend is less bulky and smart storage sliding wardrobes which would be apt for every room.

glass sliding door wardrobe
glass sliding door wardrobe

4. Design and Finishes

In the current scenario, there are a lot of design options and finishes to choose from. You can go for innovative Framed Sliding Door Wardrobe designer options if you want to think out of the box. According to your tastes, you can have matt, laminate and glossy finished interiors. The finish determines the beauty of the room and should be selected according to the room’s decor. In addition, you can try out unique colour options as new stylish designs are now available.

5. Keep an Eye on the Budget

While considering a bespoke sliding wardrobe, it’s mandatory to keep in mind your budget. You won’t have to go for too many fancy items if you are a little short on budget. Nowadays more budget-friendly options are available in the market which could be perfect for you.

Top Design Sliding Wardrobe Design Options in 2021

The trend in designs keeps changing according to time. Since wardrobes are a long-term purchase, weighing every aspect makes sense and makes a wise decision. Having a Fitted Wardrobe in your home is the perfect option to solve your storage issues. Here we are listing out some sliding wardrobe designs that you would like to try out.

Made to Measure Top Hung Frame Less L Shape Sliding Wardrobe in Grey Finish
Made to Measure Top Hung Frame Less L Shape Sliding Wardrobe in Grey Finish

1. Metal Sliding Wardrobes

Metal sliding wardrobes bring in a rustic look to your interior. If your room has wooden flooring and is looking for a rugged look, you can try out the metal doors. We can customise the finish according to the layouts. You can try out the high gloss finish and the low gloss versions.

2. Multi Door Sliding Wardrobes

Multi door sliding wardrobes could be an excellent option for better storage options. You can choose multiple panel doors and colours and finishes, including wood effect, painted white, glass and more. This is an innovative approach that is particularly suited for large rooms. So you can keep all your essentials within your home. There are many designs, including three doors, four doors which we could customise according to the needs. 

3. Traditional Wooden Sliding Wardrobe Doors

You should have traditional Wooden Sliding Wardrobe Doors for those who love to have a classy finish inside their homes. While wood double door wardrobes are pretty standard in most homes, many homeowners opt for spacious 4-door solid wood wardrobes for their master bedrooms. 

Bespoke wooden sliding wardrobe in Woodgrain finish
Bespoke wooden sliding wardrobe in Woodgrain finish

4. Scandinavian Sliding Wardrobes

Scandinavian sliding wardrobes provide a calm and relaxing feel inside the interiors. In Scandinavian sliding wardrobes, white always has prominence. The white colour reflects the natural light falling to the bedroom to create a bright interior. To make the white room more splendid, we can have White Wooden sliding Wardrobes with glass doors. They are super cool and create a positive vibe inside the bedroom.

5. Vinyl-Covered Sliding Door

The doors of these wardrobes are gyp rock panels covered with vinyl for a smoother and glossier look. They are coupled with aluminium frames and tracks. Because these doors are very light weighted, they slide very easily.

6. Blue Sliding Wardrobes

You may not be familiar with blue sliding wardrobe designs, but they are stunning. The colour shades may range from classic cobalt, dreamy turquoise, vivid blue, royal blue and much more. The shades are unique and will bring in a positive feeling inside the bedroom. Check out our Built-in Sliding Wardrobes Collection and order your bespoke sliding door wardrobes at Inspired Elements.

7. Sliding Mirrored Wardrobes

Sliding wardrobes with mirrors are always stylish. We can add them to any room regardless of the layout. Of course, the interior of a Glass Door Wardrobe will depend on the design and size that you prefer. Still, they are typically divided into more than just a single section and have a spacious hanging rail, shelf space, and drawers at the bottom.

Glass Framed Sliding Door Wardrobe With Grey Frame and Tinted Glass Front
Glass Framed Sliding Door Wardrobe With Grey Frame and Tinted Glass Front

8. Boutique Style 

 You may have seen beautiful wardrobes in boutiques. You can try those sliding wardrobes if you think you have space to do that. The boutique design would have fancy rods, shelves, hangers and much more to make your home look beautiful.

9. Opti-Panel Glass Sliding Door 

This wardrobe gives the effect of frosted glass, which looks very contemporary. The doors are commonly available in light green or white colours. The opti-panel wardrobes are paired with silver frames and tracks.

10. Double Shaded Sliding Wardrobes

When you can go for two colours at a time, why should you go for one? You can add two shades to the wooden sliding wardrobe to keep it different. You can go for even distinct shades of white to keep it classy. The dual colour designs are so stylish and could be created bespoke to your layout.

Sliding wardrobe with study desk
Double Door Sliding wardrobe with study desk

11. Minimal Sliding Wardrobes

If you have comparatively a small space in your home, you should look at the minimal sliding wardrobes. The wardrobes come with innovative storage features that help you save space and keep your essentials. Moreover, they can be created with customised drawers and hanging rails according to your needs.

12. Top Hung Glass Sliding Wardrobes.

The Top Hung Sliding Doors are hung from the ceilings with sturdy tracks or beams. When we think about the most attractive features of top hung sliding doors, it would be an effortless sliding motion while opening and closing the sliding doors. The top hung sliding door tracks are created in such a way to make the daily operations smooth. The stunning designs and colour options of top hung glass sliding doors makes an impeccable storage solution.

Fitted Sliding Wardrobe With Frameless Top Hung Doors in Combination of African Walnut and White Levanto Marble
Fitted Sliding Wardrobe With Frameless Top Hung Doors in Combination of African Walnut and White Levanto Marble

Final Thoughts

We can install sliding doors to suit virtually any situation and in a wide choice of colours and finishes. Having a professional team in designing the sliding wardrobes could be the most advisable thing. When you are looking for an ideal companion in creating a perfect sliding wardrobe for your bedroom in London, the most prominent name that you hear would be Inspired Elements. Being the finest makers of sliding wardrobes in London, we must serve you better. We believe in providing premium quality services to our customers, and so we only use original and high-quality materials in making each product. If you are looking for a clear and organised wardrobe exactly matching any room type, then our sliding wardrobes would be the better option for you.

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