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Aesthetically pleasing home furniture designs are the need of this generation. If you want to sense someone’s fashion sense, you can have a look at the furniture which they choose for their home. When your friends or guests come to your home, they can judge you by seeing your furniture. When you think of redecorating your home or wish to create a new home, you should always give space for experimenting. Here we list some unique home furniture designs we created for our clients in Stanmore. 

Personalised Home Furniture Designs In Stanmore

According to the latest findings by Vileda, 80% of people looking to buy a new home wish to have better storage spaces and personalised furniture options for their home. Buying Fitted Wardrobes for your home requires many considerations to ensure it fits perfectly and blends into the room’s theme. You can design home furniture in Stanmore with all the features you want and all the details you would use. You can omit any features that would not be useful to you. Let’s look at the custom-built home furniture units we designed for clients in Stanmore.

wooden hinged wardrobes in Stanmore
wooden hinged wardrobes in Stanmore

1. Wooden Hinged Wardrobes With TV Cabinet Unit

Wardrobes with TV spaces are perfect for modern bedrooms. You can have a look at this bespoke wooden hinged wardrobe with the TV unit we designed for the client in Stanmore. The rustic look wardrobe is perfect for large bedrooms, and the TV units are an additional plus. 

2. Study / Office Area With Hinged Storage

A customised study space is the need of the hour. So we have created simple and practical study room designs in Stanmore. We made a desk to keep essentials like computers and printers and to keep the files. For further storage options, we also made drawers along with the hinged storage option. We also initiated adding a bespoke bookshelf to keep the books in one place. We made the hinged wardrobe storage in a light grey finish to match the room’s decor.

3. Glossy Loft Wardrobes 

Glossy Loft Wardrobes are aesthetically pleasing and practical. Here for a client in Stanmore, we created a personalised loft wardrobe with a white gloss finish with a profile handle. The wardrobe comes with convenient storage options and great looks.

4. Lounge Area With TV Unit

How about a lounge area with a TV unit for your living room with a premium finish. We created a Fitted TV unit with a combination of matt white and iron flow wood grain finish in the interior for the client in Stanmore. We made the handle as a CNC groove recessed handle so that the operation was relatively easy.

5. Classic Home Temple

We excel in creating the most refined home temple units as we did for the Stanmore client. We created a personalised mandir unit in the available space, which looked perfect. The unit we designed had a gloss finish with thick shelving and an ideal storage solution for the idols.  

6. Sliding Wardrobe in Grey Concrete Finish

A sliding wardrobe creates more space inside the home to keep your stuff correctly. In Stanmore, we created a made-to-measure sliding wardrobe with a high-end perfect white matt finish with an aluminium profile. We also made a soft opening and closing system for easy operations. The wardrobe is ideal for everyone looking for ample storage space inside the home.

7. L-shaped White Kitchen 

A retro style L-shaped white kitchen could be perfect for modern homes. For the client’s Fitted Kitchens Project in Stanmore, we installed a Made to Measure Sliding Door with three panels of wooden and gloss combined finish for better storage inside the kitchen. Everything from the lighting features to storage matched the premium white finish to have a stylish-looking kitchen.

Kitchen design
Kitchen design

8. Hinged Wardrobe With A Wood Grain Finish

Hinged wardrobes are a convenient and practical storage option for every home. The Hinged Wardrobe we designed in Stanmore had a dark brown and light brown wood grain finish. We then made the handles with a satin finish for a premium look. 

9. Wooden Hinged Wardrobe Set

Wooden wardrobes have always gotten the attention of people for a long time. Since we create all the furniture from scratch, you can have your wooden hinged wardrobes fitted for any measurement and design you want. We created the rustic sizeable wooden wardrobe in Stanmore to fit the decor.

10. Small Loft Walk-in Wardrobe

Creating a small wardrobe for your loft space could be sometimes confusing. You can have a look at our small loft wardrobe, which we designed for the client in Stanmore. With a custom-made luxurious shoe rack and a personalised island for accessories, we included glass-fitted shelves and LED internal lighting to the wardrobe units.

loft small walk in wardrobes set in Stanmore
loft small walk in wardrobes set in Stanmore

11. Small Walk-in Wardrobe with Home Office

 A small home office is an integral part of your home should have. So we helped transform the empty loft space in Stanmore into a functional wardrobe set with a small home office. We here brought in a personalised set of small white Walk in Wardrobe in oakwood finish, which comes with internal shelves and other storage accessories.

12. Hinged-Fitted Wooden Wardrobe 

Hinged fitted wooden wardrobe designs are the go-to for Stanmore homeowners. So we brought in a greyish wooden finished wardrobe, with all the additional accessories for the space. The greyish wood finish could match almost every interior’s decor and have a better look.

Fitted grey kitchen unit with quartz worktop in jasper moke Azalai Nero finish stanmore
Fitted grey kitchen unit with quartz worktop in jasper moke Azalai Nero finish stanmore

13. Bespoke Grey Handleless Kitchen 

Grey handleless kitchens provide a sleek and stylish look in your home. Our Stanmore Grey Handleless Kitchen Project is finished in jasper moke Azalai Nero. We paired it with a black quartz worktop island with a seating area. Along the island and storage area, you’ll find LED lights at the borders giving the kitchen the final chic look it deserves. We have also added integrated appliances, including an oven, microwave, and an under-mount sink.

14. Sliding Wardrobe In Cool Grey Finish

Sliding doors are the most in-demand wardrobe selection in Stanmore today. So here comes the stylish range of sliding wardrobes which comes in a fantastic grey finish along with a sleek track system and soft-close guide. You can choose a combination of storage options for your wooden finish wardrobes, and our team will create them as designed.

15. Bathroom Vanity Unit

A vanity unit inside the bathroom creates more storage space. We made a vanity unit with a white gloss finish and profile handle in Stanmore. The vanity unit design looks excellent in indoor lighting and perfectly matches the bathroom interior.

Bottom Line

Personalised home furniture units define the character of the people in the home. We wish to make each Home Furniture in Stanmore warm, inviting, and different. Whether you have a small or big space or need a traditional or modern one, we have just the home furniture ideas ideal for you. Our experienced artisans know just what is needed for your home and will listen to ideas or thoughts to work on it. Visit our London showroom today or book a free design visit to redesign your home in Stanmore. 

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