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Everyone wishes to create a perfect work environment in their home. Post pandemic, as everyone was supposed to work from home, people looked for ideal home office designs. New innovative work-friendly home office designs have come up during this period, and more people are looking for a change. More small businesses are promoting home office setup as rental costs increase. Home offices have allowed employers to continue their business operations while prioritising staff health. Recent studies state a substantial increase in Fitted Home Office Furniture sales since the pandemic. Before you start creating your new home office, here are a few things that you should keep in mind

Bridge Bedroom Wardrobe, Corner Wardrobe, Home Office Study Area
All White Home Office Study Area

Things To Keep In Mind Before Creating A Home Office Space

Space constraints often pull us back from having a home office space. You can concentrate on your work without getting distracted if you have a separate space for working. Rather than space-consuming solutions, everyone is looking for intelligent solutions to utilise the available space. Let’s consider some factors to keep in mind before starting making a new home office.


Mostly we may have the typical type of furniture in our home, which may not have proper ergonomics. Therefore, while selecting home office furniture, you must be careful in choosing ergonomic designs, as they will be good for you in terms of health.

Think Of The Space

While creating the home office, you should be cautious about the space you have in your home. Don’t go with too much bulky furniture if you have space constraints. Instead, you can go with space-saving furniture designs. Check out our Wooden Home Office Desks variety and order your favourites now!

Think Of Storage Options

Even if we spend too much time thinking of style and seating, we may forget storage options. It would help if you had better storage options, including office wardrobes, cupboards and even tables with drawers. This allows you have a customised space for your office files and other essential things to keep organised.

Design Styles

No home interiors would be similar. Based on the decor you have, you can choose the design options. You can select wooden, mirrored or even minimalist designs based on your preferences. The styles, including midcentury, eclectic and Scandinavian, can also be added to the office units to make them look perfect and stylish.

Trending Space Saving Contemporary Home Office Decor Ideas

The comfort levels in your home office designs can significantly influence your productivity and even your health. But, of course, you shouldn’t feel so cosy that you fall asleep in your chair while working. The home office designs were minimal a decade ago, but things have changed. Let’s look at some of the top trending space-saving contemporary Home Office Decor Ideas.

1. Understairs Office Nook

If you have a space under the stairs, you can convert it into an office nook. Depending on your space, you can create stunning understairs office space. You can have a customised office desk and an ergonomic chair in the room. You can also opt for our Small Home Office Ideas if you have more space. 

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2. Bedroom Office Space

You can go for bedrooms for those who don’t have a space inside the home. The bedroom office designs can be created perfectly matching the interior. You can choose a corner in your bedroom or bring in some customised office furniture to make stylish home office designs. We can create the furniture based on the decor. You can opt for matt finished or laminated furniture if you like.

3. Industrial Home Office

If you have a space in your home with exposed bricks, you can create a stylish industrial home office there. For example, you can go for vintage style oak cabinets or shelves to keep your office items. You can also go for an industrial style movable table and an armchair for easy usage.

4. The Corner Office

We can utilise the dedicated space in the corner to create a small office space for you. For example, you can have a bespoke Wooden Home Office Design with a corner office table with two drawers and a small ergonomic chair. You can fit the table across the wall, and you may have a ceiling space above the table for storage.

5. The Hallway Minimal Office

If you have a small space in your hallways, you can create a temporary office layout in the room. You can have a small, Customisable wooden desk and a comfy chair with minimal storage space. You can go for grey or white shades depending upon the room. Even though you only may have a small space to keep the laptop, it would be the perfect space to work peacefully.  

Study Office in White Matt and Cashmere Grey Matt finish
Study Office in White Matt and Cashmere Grey Matt finish

6. The Partition Office Space

A small partition wall could help you create a home office inside your home. You can go for a walnut finish table and a tiny swirl chair in the space. We will do the partition even in your living room, which allows you to use this space for other purposes when you don’t have office space.

7. Midcentury Loft Office

Mid Century office designs have always been a favourite for modern homes. How about converting your loft into a retro-style Mid-century Modern Home Office? Mid-century designs focus on comfort, practicality and artistic touch. The contemporary patterns bring in natural materials and create a seamless flow between indoors and outdoors. You can bring in artistic touch by introducing a painting to the room. The desk will remind you of a retro-style design, along with you can add an ergonomic chair to make your work effective.

8. Creative Workspace

If you think out of the box, you can bring in creative style office room designs. For example, you can have oak cabinetry, pendant lamps and sleek contemporary bookshelves in the room. The room will have more space and more miniature furniture making it more work-friendly. You can go for a bean bag here, near the windows. You can bring in a small floor couch if you wish to relax for a bit. If you have space near the bay windows, you can also utilise the space to create extra storage space.

Fitted Office storage
Fitted Office storage

9. Loft Office Space

Most of us have a space in a loft which is often wasted. You can convert the loft space into a small home office. Based on your area in the attic, you can go for a loft bookshelf, an office table, an ergonomic chair, and a loft cupboard. Since it won’t take any other space in your home, it could be a better choice to create a home office space. You can go with our Loft Walk-in with Home Office Set based on the loft space. You can add additional storage options or multiple chairs if you have ample space in your loft.

Bottom Line

Don’t let space concerns spoil your home office ideas! Inspired Elements is here to assist you if you have minimal space and think of a perfect designer to help you design the most delicate home office designs. We have a range of space-saving home office designs that would brighten up your space and enhance your productivity. Before creating each home office space, we will have a complete analysis of the available space and come up with ideas. You can visit our portfolio to learn more about our small home office designs https://www.inspiredelements.co.uk/portfolio/. 

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