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Bedrooms are arguably the essential room in your home. After all the hurdles in your daily life, this is the place that you wish to reach the most. In modern times people are willing to bring innovative design options and styles to bedrooms. A bedroom reflects your unique personality and tastes. In the last decade, the money people spend on bedroom designs has drastically increased. In the last decade, the money people spend on bespoke bedrooms has risen drastically. Now Fitted Bedroom Designs come in unlimited colouring options and shades. They can come in all budget ranges, and all you have to do is choose the one that suits your layout. If you are confused about selecting the ideal bedroom design for your home, we can help you. We have gathered some top designs that would convert your bedroom into a dream space.

Urban Grey loft bedroom
Urban Grey Loft Bedroom Set

Personalised Bedroom With Inspired Themes That You Can Try Out

Interiors define the beauty of a bedroom. Having stylish interior designs can enhance the bedroom’s aesthetics and make it look appealing to your guests. Here we are discussing some bedroom themes that you could try out in your home.

1. Shades of Oak Bedrooms

Shades of oak designs are a popular option when you think of bedroom designs, mainly due to their genuinely timeless design. From finely crafted shelves to beds, shades of oak furniture are available in a wide range of options. They have been considered as an attractive and rich-looking furniture solution that every home can adopt. It can also be stained, painted or coated to match your colour schemes, from which you can create cabinets, drawers and wardrobes needed for a rustic bedroom. If you live in a high-density apartment block in a city, you may wish to foster a sense of nature in your bedroom. And our Shades Of Oak Bedroom Designs are the perfect way to achieve this through both its wide-ranging colour spectrum and the fascinating patterns of grains and fibres; they are way more versatile.

Bedroom With Frameless Sliding Wardrobe With Full Panel in Combination of Woodgrain and Mirror
Bedroom With Frameless Sliding Wardrobe With Full Panel in Combination of Woodgrain and Mirror

2. Silver White Bedrooms

If you’re looking for a colour palette for your bedroom that’s both luxurious and easy on the eyes, silver-white may be what you’re looking for here. Silver-white bedroom ideas can make a darker space appear much brighter. White and silver bedrooms will come in various budget ranges, and you can select the customisations you need. You can have unique textures in silver-white designs with different contrasts that we can use according to your varied surfaces. Those who love chrome finish can bring chrome white, and silver bedroom designs. Here the bed frames, chandelier lights and tables will be made of silver-white finish. It’s preferable to have a white wooden wardrobe inside the bedroom. You can prefer the sliding wardrobes here as they will have aesthetically better looks.

For those who need a luxury looking bedroom, you can have the options for that in Premium Silver White Bedroom Set. Behind the bed, you can have a mirrored wall panel along with a nightstand covered with mirrored surfaces. We can accommodate the room with a luxurious silver-white wardrobe with ample space to keep your dress, jackets and even a separate area for your shoes. You can have a dressing spot in the closets if you wish. We could alter the textures and intensity of the silver-white designs based on the layout. You can have soft, muted and even matt finished looks, making the interior look stylish.

Alpine white bedroom unit
Alpine white bedroom units

3. Gloss Galore Designs

Gloss galore bedroom designs create a homely feel inside the interior with its warm finish. The glossy finish will sink in with any decor, from traditional to a modern one. The White Gloss Bedroom Furniture reflects a lot of light, and hence it creates the illusion of having more space in your room. How about a black gloss wardrobe? We usually have a doubt when it comes to the case of a black gloss finish. The design could be so stylish for modern home layouts. While choosing Gloss Themed Furniture for the bedroom, you may have doubts about its practicality. Nowadays, unique polished designs are available, which could be minor subject to fading. You could alter based on your preferences.

4. Bohemian Bedrooms

Bohemian bedrooms are a bright, patterned, multi-cultural melange of memorable layers and elements. They are always on top of the trend list in modern Hinged Wardrobe Bedroom decor ideas. Bohemian bedrooms offer a legitimate classic appearance that stands apart from time. You can also enhance the visual beauty of the rooms with houseplants and natural lighting to give life to feel. You bring in excellent lighting features inside the bedroom, including chandeliers, hanging lights, led lighting features and much more. Finally, you can try woven texture to finish the bohemian designs to give them an unorthodox look.

Hinged Fitted Wardrobe With Open Shelves in Light Grey High Gloss and Indigo Blue Matt Finish
Hinged Fitted Wardrobe With Open Shelves in Light Grey High Gloss and Indigo Blue Matt Finish

5. Cosy Cottage Bedrooms

The wooden finish will be a rustic one with darker shades or even the lighter shaded version, from which you can choose the one you need. You can add vintage accessories or display your antiques in the space above the bed to make it look more classy. You can try out multi-shades along with white, including a mix of white & pink or white & blue. The contemporary designs could bring in an artistic touch inside the bedroom.

Cosy Cottage Bedrooms are now getting hype. If you want warmth, comfort and wish to escape from reality for some time, you may try out the cosy cottage bedroom themes. How about an attic bedroom design in your home? If you have a sloped ceiling inside your room, this design is applicable. You can use this idea to create a kids bedroom or a guest bedroom. It’s not mandatory to try out standard colours only, as you can experiment with various colours and shades. You can have shades from white to green, each customised according to your needs. You can also try out sunny-yellow paint and exuberant green in your designs, giving a unique style statement. The vintage style cosy cottage designs are getting a comprehensive response.

6. Art Deco Designs

Art deco bedrooms always come on the top when you think of the most influential bedroom furniture designs. The art deco styles will suit the interior of every room regardless of the size. Graphic decorative elements, straight lines, horizontal geometric patterns are incorporated inside an art deco bedroom. The best thing with art deco designs is that you can experiment with the design as it’s highly versatile, and you can try out various textures, shapes and colours. For example, you can bring in an art deco interior with a darker colour palette to customise mirror panels, giving out an ultimately luxurious look.

Hinged Fitted Wardrobe with full bronze mirror in Maya Bronze finish
Hinged Fitted Wardrobe with full bronze mirror in Maya Bronze finish

7. Eclectic Bedroom 

Eclectic bedroom designs display the personality of the homeowner with unique design patterns and customisations. You can use contrasting patterns in the same room. How about an eclectic blue shade bedroom with white wooden furniture? If you think out of the box, you can bring funky colours to the interior. A yellow shaded bedroom with white wooden furniture will make the bedroom look different. You can have storage spaces in the ceilings and the window sides if you have one. Eclectic Bedroom Designs won’t follow a strict pattern, and you can customise them according to your tastes. According to the layout and passion, eclectic designs could come in unlimited customisations.

8. Coastal Style Bedrooms

Coastal bedrooms help in producing a relaxed atmosphere inside the home. Who wouldn’t like to have the feeling of waves to relax in your bedroom? From coastal bedrooms of budget ranges to luxury coastal style bedrooms, the choices are unlimited. You can try out a range of unique colour options from dark blue, turquoise, sand, and white splashes. Each design is created concerning the decor you want to make. Whether it’s Coastal artwork or blue hues, we’ll create the perfect way to achieve that nautical feel. Try out a stunning white furniture range with a fitted White Entertainment Set to have a perfect coastal sense inside. You can boost the look of the coastal bedrooms with some board walls arranging them vertically and horizontally. It’s possible to make nightshades, cabinets and dressers on a seaside theme.

Bespoke Dressing Table Units to enhance your bedroom decor

9. Mid-Century Modern Bedroom 

Mid-century Modern Bedroom Ranges have been popular since the 1950s, and the style took the test of time. The practicality and look of mid-century modern bedrooms are always popular among homeowners. If you have to design a Small Bedroom, you wish to see clean lines and need a modern design, and then mid-century contemporary bedroom collections are just the thing for you. You can have customised wooden platform beds, perfect for your bedrooms. Try to bring in natural materials to make the mid-century bedrooms look more classy. You can have wooden panel walls or even a stone finish to make the bedroom look more natural. For the wooden beds and Bespoke Dressing Table, tapered legs would be great. This style will be so unique and stay timeless. If you are looking for a stylish chair, go for a mid-century model armchair. They are perfect for relaxing after a long day in the office.

10. Scandinavian Bedroom 

Scandinavian bedroom designs focus on practicality along with aesthetics. Scandinavian designs are made by keeping in mind the ever-changing needs of modern families. So even if you are looking for a Scandinavian cottage-type or modern Scandinavian bedroom with Dressing Table Set in a dark shade, you could customise according to your space. In Scandinavian bedroom designs, white always has prominence. This is because the white colour reflects the natural light falling to the bedroom to create a bright interior. To make the white room more splendid, you can try White Wooden Wardrobes with glass doors. They are super cool and create a positive vibe inside the bedroom. You can also have the colour options like dark purple, pale pink, and faded blue. They will not overpower the other colours inside the bedroom to opt for any furniture designs. For unique looking designs, you can have rustic Bedroom Bookshelves Furniture inside the room. To know more, Call us at 0203 397 8387 and book your free design visit now!

Final Thoughts

Every bedroom is the reflection of people who are living in the home. With unlimited design options available, you can select the ideal design that suits you. We are well known for our customisations and space utilisation. Based on the theme, we have unique fitted bedroom designs that would transform every interior. So if you’re planning on building a new home or willing to renovate your bedroom, we can help you with the most delicate designs. No matter your design idea, we can bring the right fitted bedroom theme for you that you would love to see again and again. We can personalise every piece and design according to your interests, from Scandinavian to coastal bedroom themes. So to transform your bedroom, we are here to help! Visit our London showroom to know more.

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