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 The trend of walk-in wardrobes has been in the market for a decade. A walk-in wardrobe should be a perfect option for those looking for an attractive storage option and an aesthetic feel. Modern walk-in wardrobes are available in beautiful finishes and gorgeous accent pieces that will surely be an asset to every home. They can work exceptionally well in small or cramped spaces. They are versatile, aesthetically pleasing and user friendly. With new designs and ideas floating everywhere, it is evident how far customers can go for their personalised walk-in wardrobes.

Once, the luxury walk-in wardrobes were the dream of many, as they were not available in more designs in the market. Now things have changed as Fitted Walk-in Wardrobes have become accessible to everyone. However, with innovations and ideas floating everywhere, you may be confused about choosing an ideal one that suits your tastes. Here we discuss some unique luxury walk-in wardrobe designs that you may find interesting.

small walk-in wardrobe in sand woodgrain finish with island
small walk-in wardrobe in sand woodgrain finish with island

8 Walk-in Wardrobes To Look Out For This Season!

A personalised luxury walk-in wardrobe design is undoubtedly a dream of every household. You have the freedom to personalise the wardrobes according to your beauty concepts, making them even more attractive. Whether it’s matching end panels, wood framing, angled ceiling blocks or opening height reducers, luxury walk-in wardrobes can be created by including everything. So let’s start with some gorgeous luxury walk-in wardrobes that you would love to bring home.

1. High Gloss Glass Walk-In Wardrobe

As the name suggests, the high gloss glass Small Walk-in Wardrobes look remarkably bright compared to the typical low gloss wardrobes with a regular finish. Gloss facades look luxurious, which undoubtedly attracts attention. You can choose dark tones like dark brown, blue, and purple as they will perfectly blend in with traditional and modern layouts. The high gloss finish creates the impression of more space inside your interiors which will be more beautiful with the stunning lighting features added to them.

Fitted walk in wardrobe in Maya Bronze & Penelope Beige Linen finish
Fitted walk-in wardrobe in Maya Bronze & Penelope Beige Linen finish

2. Traditional Style Oak Walk-In Wardrobe

If you are a fan of traditional-style wardrobes, you can go for the vintage-style luxurious oak wardrobes. They come with matching accessories and thicker shelves with CNC shelf fixings. The oak wardrobe interior, for example, can be organised into a fantastic internal storage solution with hanging rails, shelves, boxes, racks, and drawers. You can add as many customisations as you want as the interior sides of the doors can be used to hang belts, jewellery, small narrow shelving or a tie rack. The oak used here is of top-notch quality, which would be evident in the finish. You can customise the textures according to your choice, and we can make those alterations based on your layout.

3. Maple Wood Open Walk-In Wardrobe

Open walk-in wardrobes have gained a lot of attention recently. Here the wardrobe may not have cabinet doors. Instead, the wardrobe is made of laminated maple wood, which looks stunning. Our Modern Wardrobes have customised space to keep everything, like shoe racks and hanging rods for coats. The customised mild led lighting enhances the beauty of the room. The maple wood has a naturally creamy texture with attractive grain patterns, which would be beneficial while making the wardrobe. When considering the hardness factor, they have the upper hand, which helps avoid scratches and smudges, thereby increasing the durability of the wardrobe.

Walk-in wardrobe white matt and woodgrain oak finish with LED_1 (1)
Walk-in wardrobe white matt and woodgrain oak finish with LED

4. White Laminated Walk-In Wardrobe

When you think of luxury inside your home, white is a choice. If you are a fan of the white finish, you can go with the white laminated walk-in wardrobe. The presence of a white wardrobe enhances the brightness in the room as it reflects natural light. The white wardrobes have to push open drawers along with led panel lights. These lights enhance the beauty of the wardrobe. Different shades of white are available, from which you have to choose the ideal one that matches your decor.

5. Pearl White Glass Fitted Walk-In Wardrobe With Oak Shades

Pearl white walk-in wardrobes could be your option if you want a Luxury Walk-in Wardrobe Set for your kids’ room. The cabinet is a compact one that keeps everything organised. The oak shades along the white glass make it look bright and beautiful. Every component used in making the wardrobe is constructed with kids-friendly sophisticated materials so that your children would like them. The gloss finish creates the impression of a large room, with the LED lighting features making it look gorgeous. 

Luxury Walk in fitted wardrobe with hinged wardrobe in combination of Sable wood and dark grey
Luxury Walk-in fitted wardrobe with hinged wardrobe in a combination of Sable wood and dark grey

6. Multi-Shaded Walk-in Wardrobes

Do you want to think out of the box while creating a luxury walk-in wardrobe? When you can go for colours at a time, why should you go for one? You can add multiple shades to the walk-in wardrobe to keep it different. You can go for even distinct shades of white or any particular colour to keep it classy. We can incorporate the multi-shaded wardrobe with artistic textures and other elements that could stand apart.

7. Grey Luxurious Walk-In Wardrobes With Island Drawer

If you have a large room and are looking for a spacious storage option, you must try out the grey walk-in wardrobes with the island drawer. Here a separate island is created along with the cabinet with customised drawers to keep your essentials. It is helpful if multiple persons are using the same wardrobe. The lighting features here will be unique and aesthetically pleasing as it blends in with the grey shade to give a unique feel. You can add strip lights on the top to bring in a bright space near the Luxury Walk-in Wardrobe in Kaisersberg Oak Finish. The best thing with a grey finish is that it can blend in with all types of decors.

Small walk-in with bronze mirror sliding door wardrobe in SABLE_FITTIPALDI_LR29-Bronze Mirror
Small walk-in with bronze mirror sliding door wardrobe in Sable Fittipaldi & Bronze Mirror

8. Spacious Floor To Ceiling Walk-In Wardrobes

If you have much space in your interiors, you can go for a floor to ceiling walk-in wardrobe. You can have a custom vanity area with a dressing table with makeup lighting and a cultivated velvet chair for better looks. In addition, you will have shoe storage shelves with slanted racks to display all of your footwear. The open shelving allows you to plan to keep your accessories and clothing stored and see them at a glance.

Bottom Line

A luxury walk-in wardrobe is an aspirational aspect of home design–especially when it is spacious, well organised, and kitted out with a bespoke closet system as stylish as the clothing collection it holds. London has become the centre of custom-made luxurious wardrobe accessories with Inspired Elements as an industry-leading manufacturers company. Our team offers a walk-in area that speaks your style and requirement, from providing you with a spacious walk-in space to designing a functional yet chic storage space. In addition, explore our internal lighting facilities for your luxury walk-in wardrobes to give them the classy look it deserves. Visit Our Portfolio to learn more about our luxury walk-in wardrobe designs.

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