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A bedroom is the most personal space in your home, and you wish to make it more beautiful. Most of us are fond of shopping and always want to have a better storage solution in our bedroom to keep all these essentials. Cosy cottage bedroom designs are a popular option, mainly because they are genuinely timeless. We can create comfy Cottage Bedroom furniture in a wide range from finely crafted shelves to beds.

The versatility of Cosy Cottage Bedroom Furniture has made them a popular option as they can come under unique price ranges and styling options. Finding better wardrobe furniture and other bedroom furniture is always quite challenging. Here we discuss some of the unique cosy cottage bedroom design ideas that could help you enhance your bedrooms’ overall look and feel. 

Cosy cottage bedroom set with wooden sliding door wardrobes, Wall mounted wooden tv unit with fireplace, & display cabinet in Sand Orleans Oak & Alpine White finish
Cosy cottage bedroom set in Sand Orleans Oak & Alpine White finish

Key Elements To Add In A Cosy Cottage Bedroom Set

Cosy cottage bedrooms are now getting hype. If you want warmth, comfort, and wish to escape from reality for some time, bring home unique, comfortable cottage bedrooms. While picking colour schemes in the cosy cottages, you can choose soothing, muted and vibrant colours. Let’s look at key elements to add to English cottage bedrooms.

1. Choosing Vibrant Colours

If you want to think out of the box, you can go for vibrant colour options inside the bedroom. You can have blue, turquoise, green or even yellow shades according to your need.

2. Bring in Some Antiques

If you are a fan of antiques, you can bring some antiques to your home. For example, you can bring in a vintage style gramophone, painting, or even a vintage musical instrument to enhance the beauty of the Fitted Bedroom Furniture.

3. Bring In A Fireplace

You can introduce a cosy fireplace inside your bedroom to create a vintage-style vibe if you have space.

Cosy Cottage wooden bedroom with small wooden cupboard in Cleaf Pembroke & Matera finish
Cosy Cottage wooden bedroom with small wooden cupboard in Cleaf Pembroke & Matera finish

4. Have Wide Windows and Open Spaces

If you have a spacious bedroom, you should go for this. If you have large windows, you can have stylish curtains on them. You can also have space for indoor plants to create a positive vibe inside the room.

4. Surround With Some Throws

You can bring in some throws inside the bedroom to make it look cosy; you can design them yourself if you have time.

Cosy Cottage Bedroom Ideas For Bedrooms That You May Like

Cosy cottage bedroom styles often create the impression of a traditional home. However, every bedroom defines the character of the individual who owns it. English cottage bedrooms are now available in many options, from budget-friendly to luxurious ones. Here we discuss some stylish cottage bedroom ideas that you may wish to bring home.

1. Traditional Cottage Style Bedroom

A traditional style cosy cottage bedroom can be one of the most acceptable design options for your home. You can bring in colours including browns, golds, reds, and cream, which brings a warm feeling inside the bedroom. In addition, you can bring in a classic brass bed frame with a Fitted Sideboard to have a vintage style layout.

Cosy cottage bedroom set with glass hinged wardrobe, wall mounted wooden tv unit with fireplace, wooden dressing table & display cabinets, & wooden small cupboard/sideboard in Grey Beige Gladstone Oak & Bronze Mirror finish
Cosy cottage bedroom set in Grey Beige Gladstone Oak & Bronze Mirror finish

2. Grey Cottage Bedrooms

Grey colour is often considered relaxing and neutral. We can incorporate it with shades to give it warmth and comfort, making it an ideal option when you think of bedroom remodelling. The grey bedroom designs with a gorgeous bedframe will have stylish wardrobes accompanied, which will help you keep your things organised.

3. Cosy Farmhouse Style Bedroom

How about trying out a farmhouse style bedroom in your home? You can add wooden crates as side tables along with a small bed. You can make the room look more beautiful with a rustic style wardrobe. The wooden finish will be a rustic one with darker shades or even the lighter shaded version, from which you can choose the one you need. You can add vintage accessories or display your antiques in the space above the bed to make it look more classy.

4. The English Cottage Bedroom Design

English style cosy cottage bedroom styles are the perfect mix of luxury and cottage style design. Here you can go for stylish white and cream designs to bring a chic style feel inside your bedrooms. The English style cream side tables and high gloss wardrobes will give a luxurious feeling inside the bedroom.

5. White Cottage Bedrooms

It’s better to go with white bedroom designs for people who need a bright, cosy cottage style living room. We can have vintage style White Floral Cosy Cottage Bedroom furniture inside the living room. You can go for a white sliding wardrobe inside the bedroom, which helps you keep your essentials organised. You can go for a dressing table near the cupboard to make it look more convenient to get ready every day.

Cosy cottage bedroom set with wood & glass hinged wardrobe, leaning bookshelf, wooden small cupboard/sideboard, small in Dark Select Walnut & Grey Mirror finish
Cosy cottage bedroom set with wooden small cupboard/sideboard in Dark Select Walnut & Grey Mirror finish

6. Minimalistic Cottage Bedrooms

Don’t worry that you have a small space inside your bedrooms? Minimalistic cottage style bedroom designs are just the one for you. For example, you can have a small bed frame inside your bedroom, accompanied by a small bedside table. You can go for a corner wardrobe to keep your essentials in one place. Try out the bay window storage area with a small sitting space if you have space near your window space.

7. Dual Shades In Cosy Cottage Bedrooms

You won’t have to settle down with a single shaded cottage style bedroom. You can try out grey and white shades in your bedroom. If you wish to experiment, you can try out Blue & White Cottage Bedroom Designs. The storage options and customisations we make will be according to the size of your bedroom. You can freely mix and match colours or styles in our cosy cottage. 

8. The Distressed Wooden Style

If you want to try out something unique, you can consider distressed wood furniture designs for your cottage style bedrooms. For example, you can have a small table with drawers or Bespoke Corner Cabinets made of distressed wood and a cosy bed. We will suggest a wardrobe, particularly a small walk-in wardrobe, along with this design to keep your clothes and other accessories.

Cosy cottage bedroom set with leaning bookshelf, wooden small cupboard/sideboard, small dressing table set in Sable & light grey finish
Cosy cottage bedroom set with leaning bookshelf, wooden small cupboard/sideboard, small dressing table set in Sable & light grey finish

9. Cottage Bedrooms With A Coastal Touch

You can bring the coastal elements to your cosy cottage bedrooms to make them look comfier. How about a Shades of Oak Bedroom Unit with white wood panelling and light blue interiors? Even if you are away from the bay, you can feel the same inside your bedrooms. You can have crisp turquoise accents, light blue shaded tables, along with some coastal artwork and blue hues to make the bedroom look more stylish.

Bottom Line

The cottage bedroom designs have been famous for generations. However, many innovative cottage bedroom designs have reached the market. Inspired Elements is here to help you if you wish to have a personalised cosy cottage bedroom for your home. Each element we use in creating the cottage bedrooms come from a high-quality background, and you don’t have to worry about durability. So even if your space is a little awkward, our designers can help you design the finest cosy cottage bedrooms that you would love to see!

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